A suggustion For Better Use of Death Penality, I Think!

Although Lance,Angelico,Southern Dem and some others already know before I became Disabled my background was in Emergency Services and 7 years in Law Enforcement. Although I had various duties K-9 handiler for one, the other was to run the system based on what the US Marshals Service does and transport prisioners from here in the far west to Central Prison on Western Blvd. in Raleigh & other units.

In all Honesty, I can saw I only met one felon convicted of murder that got the Death Penality that actually came out to admit he deserved it. I have met up with a lot of inmates here & from Fla. who had their convictions overturned and actually have become totaly different people. And they arent pulling a con job.

I have met those who I could feel in my gut they got a raw deal, and those I knew got what they deserved. But take this into account. The average inmate who receives the Death Penalty will spend a average of 20 or more years on Death Row before his/her execution. A life sentence is considered 30 years before parole. This includes all the appeals we the taxpayer pays for. I have thought on this subject for several days now before writeing this to be sure of my convictions.

While We Are Discussing Creditability of Republicans!

LOOKIE, LOOKIE, What I found!

Name: George W. Bush (R-TX)
Born: 1946
Employer: The U.S. Taxpayer
Conflict Avoided: Vietnam
Notes: You know when a guy walks away from a National Guard obligation during wartime and gets away with it, he must come from "a good family." Not that his daddy had anything to do with his getting a Guard slot in the first place - oh, no ...

Name: Richard "Dick" Cheney (R-WY)
Born: 1942
Employer: The U.S. Taxpayer
Conflict Avoided: Vietnam
Notes: Says he had "other priorities." You bet he had other priorities. Imagine how early in life you must begin scheming to get away with what this guy has. He was too busy thinking about Halliburton to go fight Charlie.

Judge Parker Signed an Order Denying DNA Testing for Jerry Conner

Today the Judge signed an Order denying Jerry Conner's request for DNA Testing. The Order that was signed was the one submitted by the District Attorney with his motion opposing the testing. The Judge's decision was made without giving Mr. Conner's attorneys even the opportunity to argue the merits of his request in open Court.

Read more about this case

Kissell Wins Two Major Endorsements

I have received a press release from the Kissell campaign and there is good news. He has received the endorsement of the AFL-CIO and the NCAE, the North Carolina Association of Educators.

While it isn't unexpected for a progressive to earn either endorsement it is a huge feather to receive it so early in the campaign. Both endorsements will probably be followed with PAC contributions to the campaign.

Kissell: "My campaign is on the move. In just a few months we've gone from an upstart grassroots campaign to a well oiled machine that is hitting on all eight cylinders."

Rest on the flip side...

How to Turn a Republican

This started off as a comment.

When I argue politics with my Republican Dad, I focus on a position that he feels strongly about, which is Veterans care. He is a Vietnam vet and so I bash him over the head every time we talk about how Bush is slashing Veteran's benefits, refusing to give armor, paying mercs 100K to drive trucks full of "sailboat fuel", and anything else I can remember.

I never let him get the last word on these topics, I always leave him with a clear-cut image that Bush is against Veterans.

Then, I also tell him the latest Republican hypocrisy every time we meet. However, I think the thing that finally sunk the ship was this. He always says that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans, just as dirty, just as unethical, just as self-serving. I was in the car with him and we had the following conversation:


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