Friday Morning Action Plan

.....because you just knew I wasn't going to let you sit around on your butts and let our Constitution get ripped to shreds.

Today we're playing catch-up. We are going to revisit any of this week's action plans we didn't have time to follow through with.

Monday's plan can be found here. We phoned our Senators, Dole and Burr. We asked them (or their staffers) where the Senator stood on the Feingold censure resolution and we gave them our opinion for support of censure. They need to know they have constituents who support this resolution even if there is a snowball's chance on a warm day they would vote for it. If you prefer, you may email.

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NCGOP: Dumb, Dumber, Dumberer

Well now, aren't they the clever little fellows. At least they think they are. I'm not some big campaign guru, but I've worked on my fair share and the last thing you want to do is get the opponent's name and face in front of the voters on your dime.

More on this not-so-intelligent design below the fold...

National News Roundup 3/17

From The Washington Post: Republicans in Congress revolt against the King. Now every man, woman, child, sperm and egg are in debt up to their eyeballs. Republicans whine about an abusive White House yet still don't have the balls to make the President obey the law. Ann Coulter cries about a bit of pie in her face then condones killing Supreme Court Justices. Do you think the lunatics who worship this witch were listening to her?

From The New York Times: Republicans see the light, yet still don't have the backbone to say no to the King. They figure if they can trust Chalabi, they can trust Iran because the commanders on the ground don't have a clue. Lawyer in Moussaoui trial messes up a gimme?

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Careless Kitty Captured, Crated Back to Carolina

It's my spring break, and I'm disinclined to blog on weighty matters. Which is why it's good that there are stories like this one about a cat from North Carolina who got lost in Phoenix. The cat is fine, though its encounter with a fan belt left it with some injuries. The family can't believe that it happend to Ashley (the cat), and not Bubbles (the other, more adventurous cat). Ashley is flying in on Friday, in case you want to go be a part of the reunion in Raleigh.

Execution Tonight

North Carolina has been executing prisoners so quickly this year that I cannot keep up with them. It looks like there will be one more tonight. Dent has a good roundup of the goings on here.

I think that I have said all I could against executions before, so I will not repeat it here. But every time I go to sleep on an execution night, something in my just shudders at the thought that our society cannot move past this method of punishment.


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