We Are Free! Let's Celebrate!

We remain unfettered by the chains of government regulation, the shackles that would limit our free discourse and gag our brilliant and articulate rhetoric. Oh, OK, I'll cut through the mess. Friday night the Federal Election Commission agreed that bloggers and online activists will not be regulated in their political activities.

According to an article in The Washington Post, the only regulation agreed on at this point is that candidates for federal office must pay for internet ads with money regulated by federal campaign law. The biggest surprise is that the Republicans and Democrats were in agreement.

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National Guard Funding at Tax Time

Arica and I finished doing our taxes today. We were in Georgia for part of the year, so we had the pleasure of filling out two state tax forms. In Georgia, there are a number of charities and cause you can give to, and you get to select the amount per. One of them was a fund to support the GA National Guard. This seems like a really good idea, especially now. These are men and women who signed up for one thing, and got something very, very different (and worse).

Take Action: DNA Test Jerry Connor

I just wanted to highlight the post below about Jerry Connor, and to offer this compilation of contact information (based in part on attorney Mark Kleinschmidt's work at Justice for Connor):

State Refuses to Consent to DNA Testing for Jerry Conner

Jerry Conner is scheduled for exectution on May 12. Mr. Conner is asking the courts for permission to have the DNA sample that was found at the scene of the crime re-tested. The original testing in 1991 was inconclusive. DNA testing has evolved over the last 15 years and can clear any doubt once and for all.

visit here for more information.

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