The Way It Was Before Taylor!

The Way It Was Before Taylor

Well, Im telling on myself now. I grew up in what I will call the Pre-Taylor years. Back in the 60's & 70's.&80's I remember well what it was like. I grew up in Graham County in the 11th District. Back in those days our Congressmen were named Roy Taylor & then Jamie Clarke. Now, Roy Taylor was a whole breed apart from Charles Taylor! I can remember local folks needing help and receiving it from them.

Jobs were very plentiful for a young boy, I would unload fertilize off of box cars that the old railroad would bring in for $3.00 an hour and help put hay up in the summer for the same. We had a carpet mill going full steam that turned into a furniture mill. Under Taylor that furniture mill has been forced to cut back to one shift per day with a reduced work force. At one time logging was abundant and I can think of at least four sawmills running and employing local folk before Charles Taylor came along. I didn’t know what the unemployment line was till Taylor came on scene.

Bend Over Boys

It's time to kiss your asses goodbye. Russia has already said it will side with China On UN Security Council. Now we find out they passed our Iraq war plans to Iraq.

Didn't the chimpster in chief say something about looking into Putin's eyes and seeing his soul...or some crap like that? He has to be the single worst judge of character I've ever witnessed.

Just how much do we owe China? Anybody want to guess just how long before Russia and China are laughing over how they've pretty much emasculated our government. George W. Bush is the biggest dumbass on the earth.

The Civitas Institute's 7-Point Conservative Agenda for General Assembly's Short Session

The General Assembly begins their even-year short session on May 9, and the right is helping us out a little bit with the pregame show. Here's the (John William Pope) Civitas Institute's agenda, as laid out in this piece in the North Carolina Conservative:

  • Eliminate taxes that they call "temporary;"
  • Enact the Taxpayer Protection Act (is this just TaBoR by another name?);
  • Kill the Gas Tax (I think we've been over this already);


Despite what Chairman Marfussssss has to say about my back-sliding heretical ways, I do find a certain peace in acts of contrition. They are good for the soul.

I apologize to Chairman Marfusssss for saying he's disgusting.
I apologize to the young Pope puppet for making fun of his Carolina Journal story today.
I apologize to the person at the airport for getting mad when he wouldn't let me on the plane that was still sitting at the jetway.
I apologize to my wonderful wife for spending too much time in blogland.
I apologize for wishing the US military would stage a coup.
I apologize to the earth for driving 40 miles today in a car by myself.

Why Did Charles Taylor & Others Not Speak Out? What is the real Truth?

Ninety % of the American People were NEVER told about the following Documents. I didn't even know they existed! Charles Taylor has been in Congress since 1990, Coble since 84, Haynes, Jones & Myrick since the early 90's. Burr, Dole, Haynes, Jones & McIntyre all serve on the Armed Services Committie. How come Charles Taylor has not pushed the issue for final accounting of John Hunter Crews III of Asheville & Larry Carl Jamerson of Rosman whose crash sites upon examination by US Forces produced no bodies! These are in his district!

North Carolina currently has 45 natives listed as POW-MIA. How come none of these Politicans NEVER once told us of this report? They have sat back and accepted a Presumtive finding of Death or other awnser is why. They should be Demanding for inspection teams to be allowed into these areas. As a Note, Nothing has changed, Vietnam still ranks high on the list of leading countries with the most Human Rights Violations!

Once More Democrats Let Circumstances Control Them

BlueNC has been advocating dealing with the Jim Black issue before he destroys the Democratic Party's electoral chances in this state. For months, our calls have fallen on deaf ears. Now the Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that Democrats have finally awoken to the problem:

A Democratic member of the N.C. House said yesterday that his colleagues should start planning for the possibility that House Speaker Jim Black could be indicted.


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