Crashing the Gate Tour

For getting Markos and Jerome to North Carolina (I will explain why this is important below), it looks like May will be the date from this on MyDD:

We are also in the works of adding a more stops in the South in early May. For the east coast leg, we have a lot more cities to add, so if you are anywhere within 8 hours of DC, go at it with helping to organize a tour stop in May.

From my earlier post describing the tour's desire to add dates and associated poll, it appears that most of our readers would like to have a book signing with the possibility of Brad Miller stopping by. I would like us to have a united plan for the tour; since I have not contacted any bookstores or Brad about appearing, please leave suggestions and contact information below. I will contact the bookstores (or coffee shops) and then set up an action plan to get all of us to suggest the same stop.

Friday Morning Action Plan

Don't pop the corks yet folks! This is not a done deal. I just got off the phone with Tinathan in the Communications office at the USDA Forest Service. This is still on the table and the comment period is still open until the 30th of March.

WE HAVE NOT WON THIS YET! She urged us to please keep the heat on and get those emails in to them as quickly as we can.

Anyone here think that Charles Taylor's office intentionally put this little bit of misinformation out there? You betcha!

More below the fold

National Forest Sale [Not] Nixed [Yet].

[UPDATEx2: it ain't over yet. See the comments.]

[UPDATE: this isn't new news. See the comments.]

Word that the proposed sale of national forest land is dead just hit my inbox. Included in the email was this tidbit, which can be summed up as "Charles Taylor was for the sale before he was against it."

“I cosponsored the Secure Rural Schools bill because so many counties in western North Carolina depend on the revenues,” said Taylor. “We can-and we will- reauthorize the program this year, but we will not sell off national forest lands to pay for it.”

I'm at work, so I'll have to leave the fact checking to the BlueNC community. Take it for what it's worth.

To my Friends here, 2 new Blog's

To Lance & Targator and to everybody elseat Blue NC! I want each of you who frequent here to know I really enjoy your writeings. As you know most of my Post are on Veterans issues. So in order that I can stick to the issues here @ Blue NC I created 2 new Blogs. The first is called the North State Vet's Advocate where you can pick up , current news on Vets Benifits, It is at I usually keep it pretty straight fordwardt there as my fellow Legion & VFW members read it, But now the other, The Lone Gunman, well that is a whole different world. You can say anything on the issues you want that affect Vets & the Military.

Heath Shuler Press Statement!

Dear Friends,
Our campaign continues to gain momentum since my announcement to run for the Eleventh Congressional District. Since I last wrote to you I’ve received the endorsement of several groups including: the North Carolina AFL-CIO, the Blue Dog Democrats, and the Western North Carolina Central Labor Council. All of these groups strive to put the interests of working families first, and I am honored to have their support.
We’ve also continued to travel across the district – from Marion to Andrews – reaching out to voters, listening to their concerns, and connecting with them on the issues that affect their daily lives. I wanted to take a moment and share with you just one of those stories.


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