Duke Equestrian Team Involved in Own Scandal

I don't know what to say, so I'll just quote:

"We've done nothing wrong, veterinarians will find no evidence—DNA or otherwise—showing that horses have been assaulted, and of course no charges have been filed," said senior Nat Hennerty, captain of Duke's equestrian squad and a two-time Most Valuable Rider, in a prepared statement to the press Tuesday. "I urge the media, the alumni, and the people of the community to remember that we at Duke are an elite university and disregard any obvious hearsay."

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Richard Moore and the NYSE Regulatory Board

Our own Richard Moore is going to sit on the New York Stock Exchange Regulation board. According to the Triangle Business Journal, "[t]he board is charged with regulating the activities of NYSE-listed companies, investment bankers and other NYSE member organizations by enforcing marketplace rules and federal securities laws." Sounds good, right? We'll have to see whether Moore will be able to make a dent in the notoriously intractable problems of corporate governance. This isn't a day job, and there's no reason that his spot on the board should be anything but good for his 2008 run for Governor.

True Heros for Sure! But We, Are Makeing History!

Man!, How time flys! I am trying to write this so it dosent sound screwy. There is fixing to be a major void in my daily routine. See, I have a friend ,who has for years reported for a major newspaper. I had invited him to come here for the 4th of July and then I got his e-mail that he was hanging his day job up and would not be able to make it because he was moveing back to Texas. He has kept our history alive for many years.

I guess that is why I enjoy being here with you folks so much. I consider each of you a friend and consider your writeing great work. I really appericate you putting up with my work even though it is sometimes mispelled. I want to make a challenge to those of you writers younger than me. Damn Lance, I stuck my foot in my mouth! OK, anyone younger than say, oh, 49. Keep on bloggin, Keep on writeing! Do everything you can to keep the stories & our history ,Political & other alive for years to come. Dont let people ever forget what we did in 2006 & 08! Im damn proud of the work of each of ya and of this blog. So keep it up!

In Case the Lottery Itself Was Not a Scam/Afternoon Open Thread

Roy Cooper warns North Carolinians to avoid lottery related scams:

“Lottery crooks are betting that North Carolinians will fall for their tricks,” Cooper said. “Don’t let these scammers get rich off of you.”

What is on your mind?

Duke lacrosse story deserves comment

I know Anglico said it was a slow news day when he posted the castration story but, still, I have to say it seems like fun and games in comparison to this horrible Duke lacrosse team debacle. At least there, the survivors were willing.

Maybe I missed the discussion of this topic. Or maybe we're all too repulsed to comment? I sure am. I just hope the sentence for rape in North Carolina is appropriate to these alleged crimes.


House considers nonprofit spending bill
Associated Press
WASHINGTON - Republicans expect a close House vote on legislation that would put contribution limits on the nonprofit political groups that proliferated during the 2004 presidential election, chiefly to the benefit to Democrats.

The legislation, which could come to a vote late Wednesday, would require groups known as 527s - made famous by the multimillion-dollar contributions of liberal businessman George Soros and the anti-John Kerry Swift Boat Veterans for Truth - to register as political committees and abide by the same contribution limits as those committees.

Drink Liberally Tonight!

Finally, it's time again for Drinking Liberally Chapel Hill! This whole "only meeting twice a month" thing is kind of a drag. Our goal for tonight has got to be to get enough people out to Tyler's to justify at least one more monthly meeting. And to show up the Repubbies who mocked—that's right: mocked—our flyer while I was at Kinkos. Yes, it's truly hard to be enlightened these days. For most folks, anyway. For the rest of us, there's Drinking Liberally. Who's With Mah!?

Oh, I almost forgot—don't forget the words of the dread Pirate Robert: Ye'll walk yourself home with heart heavy and black if ye forget the Speakeasy's in the back!


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