Proposed Mercury Rules Don't Even Qualify as a Bandaid

This from a letter published by the News & Observer:

Debate has boiled down to a simple but vitally important equation: Does North Carolina protect higher profits for electric utilities or does it protect the health of our children?

On March 10, the state Environmental Management Commission proposed its answer, and while industry stockholders should feel safe, those concerned about children's health should be worried.

Read it and wonder how a commmittee—appointed by Democrat Mike Easley, Democrat Marc Basnight, and Democrat Jim Black—can blow it so badly.

National News Roundup 3/20

From The Washington Post: Bush remains blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to the war. Press is finally getting the right picture of a completely disorganized, inept Republican party. The Pentagon paid this man millions for useless technology thanks to the Republicans he bribed. Speaking of the they are outsourcing sensitive intelligence jobs.

From The New York Times: Bush and Cheney are the only two people in the world who think things are going well in Iraq. Iran, like America is a country where its people and its leaders sing a different tune. There is hope. Not all Bush cronies are incompetent jerks, but we're still going to give him time.

More great stories found on the flip side...

Kent Kanoy: On the record

“The purpose of my campaign is to give a voice to those who believe that the Bush administration has committed high crimes and misdemeanors which threaten our privacy, our liberties, and the very Constitution itself.”

—Kent Kanoy, 4th District Congressional Candidate

Kent Kanoy is challenging Congressman David Price in North Carolina's 4th Congressional District. He was kind enough to allow BlueNC to interview him about the journey he's undertaking.

C-R-O-A-T-O-A-N Spells Treachery

Remember the lost colony? English settlers were left on Roanoke Island (modern-day home of Manteo in Dare County) to settle the New World and when their successors arrived they found only the word "CROATOAN" carved into a fort post. Where they went is a mystery good enough to fuel an open-air drama for centuries.

It turns out that the colonists' disappearance may have been the successful result of a criminal plot orchestrated by people in powerful places in order to get a leg up in the race to own America.

"Duke student rescued from cave"

It's not a funny story, but does the title alone make anyone else think of Plato? I suppose that a student rescued from a life of shadowy illusion would try to transfer to Carolina.

And yes, we should strive to be inclusive on this website, but we can get away with making fun of Duke because I don't think they read us in New Jersey.


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