New LGBT advocacy group forms

Greensboro's YES! Weekly comes out with a great article about the North Carolina Advocacy Coalition (NCAC), the new LGBT advocacy group I'm heading up, this week. The printed issue comes out tomorrow, May 24th, but the article is already up online today, May 23rd.

Check out the article at YES! Weekly... and here is a snippet:

Coalition forms to advocate for gay and lesbian rights
Amy Kingsley
Staff writer, YES! Weekly

Greensboro residents might be slogging through an election loaded with all the familiar faces, but this year they at least have a new organization to help guide them through the process.

Millions from Bill Gates for North Carolina Education: Good or Bad?

The big news today was that Bill Gates decided to aid an initiative in North Carolina to create new small high schools dedicated to more intense education to the tune of $10.4 million (one of many articles here). The gift was in addition to an $11 million gift in 2003. I love the idea, and the Gates have definitely done good with the $1 billion in total donations to education they have made through their foundation. But I see this development as a little troubling.

If we are going to rely on donations of private individuals to continue providing quality education, there may be a compromise of the integrity of the content. Also, it is a fundamental belief of mine that there are certain services whose burden should be shared by everyone through our government; since the quality of our education system has a bearing on the quality of life for everyone in the country, I believe that education should be something that we all pay for. Another way to look at it is that the education system is so important that all citizens should have a stake in it.

Sue Myrick Rules Out Run for Governor in '08

Sue Myrick has made an announcement to go ahead and quell the rumors that have been swirling about her possible run for Governor in 2008. Wow! That sure was out of the blue.

I'm thinking someone got some really stinky poll numbers back and thinks it might be because voters are writing her off for the other job.

The Charlotte Observer has the story.

Heath Shuler Ahead of Charles Taylor in NC-11 Poll

(This has been in the news for a little while now, but I wanted to keep attention on it and encourage folks to support Heath Shuler with their money or time)

Cross Posted from Scrutiny Hooligans

Since his first Congressional victory back in 1990, Charles Taylor has never trailed in a poll or in an election. That streak just ended.


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