Let's Try Telling the Truth About NC's Illegal Immigrant Population.

We all know that NC Republicans like scary stories about our Driver's License laws, particularly about how easy access means that terrorists are carrying ID cards. Never mind that there's no evidence that that's true. Never mind that the state legislature is already working on tightening license laws. Who needs facts when you've got ... Nate? Over at NC Rumors, Republican state senate candidate Nathan Tabor tries to increase the fear factor by relying on numbers that are just plain wrong. Some people might call that "lying," but the GOP's the party of honor, right?

Free speech flare up

Wonder of wonders. The Pope-a-Dope Center has sponsored a new poll that finds free speech restricted on UNC campuses. These wingnuts are so predictable it's like deja vu over and over and over again.

Aren't these the same jerks who plant students in classes to snitch on faculty that may be contaminating virgin minds with the horrors of progressive thought? Aren't these the same people who single out faculty members they disagree with for ridicule and harrassment?

The center goes on to say:

“UNC should treat this report the same way it would treat a report saying that there were hazardous conditions at many campuses,” Leef said. “It should act now, rather than waiting for trouble to develop.”

Off Topic: A Different Way to Approach Sex-Ed

From CNN:

A western Colombian town has angered the influential Catholic Church with a novel scheme to cut AIDS infections, threatening males over age 14 with fines if they fail to carry a condom.

Young men in the community, most of whom start having sex at about age 15, according to a poll, should carry condoms just as they have to carry identification cards, Tulua town councilman William Pena told El Tiempo newspaper.

And the best Bush can do is tell kids not to have sex. Where is our "man of action" when we need him?

Foxx Dodges Potential Challenger

Our chance of making NC-5 competitive this year has just taken a hit. The Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that Allen Joines, the popular mayor of Winston-Salem, will not be challenging Foxx. Apparently the race looked too "tough". From the article:

Allen Joines, the two-term mayor of Winston-Salem and whom national Democratic Party leaders had seen as the top potential challenger in the overwhelmingly conservative 5th Congressional District, is no longer a threat to Republican incumbent Virginia Foxx.

Discrimination Due to Sexuality in the Mountains

The Asheville Citizen-Times ran this piece about a couple that had their contract with a ski resort cancelled because they got married in Mass. From the article:

Scherer says the ski area owners told her and Balfour that their sexual orientation and marriage was part of the reason their agreement was terminated. Scherer said the Wolf Laurel work, which she had done the past two seasons, accounted for about $20,000 in income for her company, nearly half of her annual gross.

Wolf Laurel Ski Area owner Orville English declined to comment on the allegations Tuesday, while co-owner Rick Bussey said, “It’s not wise for us to get in a verbal battle.” He described Wolf Laurel as a family-oriented resort.

Myrick: Corruption? What Corruption?

So far, Sue Myrick is the only member of NC's Republican House contingent to publicly declare allegiance with one of the candidates for Tom DeLay's old job. Her pick: Roy Blunt. (Follow that last link to Blunt's bio at BeyondDeLay.org; you'll find a nice Charles Taylor bio as well.) That's the Roy Blunt who is now the House Majority Whip, who is acting as the interim Majority Leader during DeLay's troubles. This guy was elevated to power by Tom DeLay and has been his right hand for years. Blunt is as business-as-usual as business-as-usual can be.


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