Trump admin specifically targeted migrant children as a deterrent

There is a special place in hell for people like this:

“We need to take away children,” Mr. Sessions told the prosecutors, according to participants’ notes. One added in shorthand: “If care about kids, don’t bring them in. Won’t give amnesty to people with kids.”

Rod J. Rosenstein, then the deputy attorney general, went even further in a second call about a week later, telling the five prosecutors that it did not matter how young the children were.

Aside from the inherent cruelty of Sessions' directive, it's also logically flawed. Who deserves amnesty more than small children? When your moral compass is so fucked up it points directly south, you have no business leading a barbershop quartet, much less the U.S. Justice Department. But while Sessions and Rosenstein deserve their own Nuremberg trials, it's the narcissistic sociopath Donald Trump who drove them to such inhumane actions:

Wednesday News: Occam's Razor

STANLY COUNTY SCHOOLS CLAIMS DECEASED TEACHER GOT COVID ELSEWHERE, FAMILY DISAGREES: The school district and the county health department are adamant that Davis didn’t get it from work, and have left no room for speculation. So why is it that her brother doesn’t believe them? “She was nervous,” says her brother, Stan Andrews. “But it was her job, and she was gonna do it.” “I said to her, ‘Julie, where did you get it?’” he says. “She said, ‘I got it at school. There was a student that had it.’ ...” He says she told him the student was not in her class, but he doesn’t think that matters. “The children are around each other, they spread it. ... I mean third-graders, you can imagine how touchy and everything they are.” Andrews says he firmly believes his sister would still be alive if her school hadn’t opened, and that “she died in vain.”

Tuesday News: Still lacking a sense of honor and decency

TILLIS SEZ HE'S GOT HIS SENSE OF SMELL BACK: Sen. Thom Tillis, who announced on Friday that he had tested positive for COVID-19, is now symptom-free, his spokesman said Monday afternoon. “Senator Tillis feels great and has regained his sense of taste and smell,” the statement read. “He is no longer exhibiting any symptoms and will continue to self-isolate. Senator Tillis and his wife Susan remain grateful for the outpouring of prayers and well wishes they’ve received from North Carolinians.” Later Monday night, Tillis tweeted that Trump had called him to say that “he’s feeling great.” “Told him I’m recovering and look forward to getting back to the Senate and confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett,” Tillis tweeted.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

I agree. His latest op-ed reads like a GOP press release, blaming teachers and principals. He should have focused on bringing more resources to lower income school districts, instead of whining about no progress.

Monday News: Tillis, the Superspreader

TILLIS HAD AN ACTIVE WEEK AFTER HE WAS LIKELY INFECTED: Last Saturday, Tillis attended an outdoor ceremony at the White House announcing Amy Coney Barrett as the U.S. Supreme Court nominee to succeed the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. On Tuesday, the senator tweeted a photo after visiting Parker's BBQ in Greenville for a roundtable discussion with local law enforcement leaders. On Wednesday, he met with Barrett on Capitol Hill. On Thursday, Tillis participated in a Senate debate sponsored by Spectrum News with Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham, who said Saturday he has tested negative for the virus. Cameron Wolfe, infectious disease expert at Duke University School of Medicine, said the Rose Garden event Tillis attended could be classified as a "super spreader event." "Unfortunately, we should expect there will be more people that turn positive in his inner circle," Wolfe said.

Day 203

When I went into quarantine back in March, I figured we'd be in for at least a year of misery. No one really knew how this new virus would behave and the misinformation coming from the federal government was mind-boggling. We still don't know as much as we need to know, and the misinformation has gotten exponentially worse.


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