Monday News: Twelve thousand, one hundred thirty six


POSITIVE TEST RATE FOR CORONAVIRUS IN NC STILL UNDER 5%: At least 916,159 people in North Carolina have tested positive for the coronavirus and 12,136 have died since last March, according to state health officials. At least 985 people in North Carolina were reported hospitalized with the coronavirus as of Thursday, an increase from 957 on Wednesday. As of Tuesday, the latest day for which data are available, 4.4% of coronavirus tests were reported positive. More than 1.9 million people in the state have been fully vaccinated. For the first time since North Carolina introduced its COVID-19 county alert system, no counties were red. Parents who haven’t received a $335 COVID-19 relief check from the government to offset the cost of remote learning have until May 31 to apply.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


BIDEN'S OFFSHORE WIND PLAN A BOOST FOR NC: President Joseph Biden announced a plan to generate 30-gigawatts of east coast offshore wind power by the end of the decade. That would be enough to power more than 10 million homes. He will speed up permitting, provide low-interest loans, fund improvements to ports and pump more money into research and development resulting in the creation of “thousands of jobs.” This announcement comes a month after the state Department of Commerce released details of a study that showed the state was in a strong position to capture a good bit of the more than $100 billion that is expected to be invested in developing offshore wind over the next 15 years. Not only is there the potential from developing prime wind energy resources off the state’s coast, but North Carolina hosts researchers, manufacturers, equipment installers and others poised to address supply chain to developers throughout the east coast.

Saturday News: Every five minutes


MASS SHOOTING AT WILMINGTON HOUSE PARTY LEAVES 3 DEAD: Seven people have been shot in a mass shooting at 7th and Kidder Streets in Wilmington. N.C, according to Wilmington Police Chief Donny Williams. The shootings happened around midnight. “There was a house party that was taking place inside of a house,” Williams said. “At least seven people inside were shot and three are deceased. They are not being identified until the next of kin has been notified.” Williams says they do not have a motive for the shooting. “We do not feel the general public is in any danger at this time and we are working to get suspects identified,” Williams said. Until we get better background checks in place and red flag laws passed, of course the general public is in danger. Which is good for gun sales, ironically.

Mark Robinson's Carolina Teachers Alliance - A Closer Look

I did a “deep dive” into some Google searching this morning to find out more about the Board of Directors of Mark Robinson’s new Carolina Teachers Alliance. To be an organization for educators, it seems to mostly consist of folks who are conservative activists.

Here’s a rundown of what I found - others could likely figure out more, particularly with their connections to other “dark money” conservative and evangelical groups around the state.

It's not okay: NC's rape culture perseveres

But he's such a nice young man:

McGill, a senior at Ahop Christian Leadership Academy in Chapel Hill, was initially charged with first-degree statutory rape and statutory sex offense with a child in connection with incidents alleged to have occurred in November with a 12-year-old girl.

Following his arrest, two more girls came forward to investigators to report similar incidents involving McGill. According to the latest arrest warrants, the alleged crimes occurred in September 2019 and last November.

At the risk of turning this conversation into a debate about private school vouchers, just let me say this: When you have a K-12 school, a 12 year-old girl coming into contact with a high school (quarterback) is a daily occurrence. The fact it's a "Christian" school does not make it safer for young girls to be in that situation, and this nonsense should not even be uttered:

Friday News: Erosion of choice


GOP BILL WOULD BAN WOMEN FROM TERMINATING PREGNANCY OVER DOWN SYNDROME: “It’s time to face the issue head-on and ensure that every little North Carolinian is protected from discrimination before and after birth,” said the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Pat McElraft, R-Carteret. Rep. Dean Arp, R-Union, said he sees the issue as one of discrimination — foreshadowing what’s likely to be an emotional and bitter floor debate. “Abortion bans based on the reason behind a person’s decision have never been about promoting equality or ending discrimination,” said Tara Romano, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina. “Instead, these types of arbitrary bans are part of a larger campaign to stigmatize abortion care, and make it more difficult for people to access the care they need.”


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