Tuesday News: The real HB2 bullies


OVERBEARING GOP LEADERS STOP RANK-AND-FILE LEGISLATORS FROM TAKING A STAND (Capitol Broadcasting Co. editorial) -- A majority of N.C. legislators won't say how they stand on HB2 repeal. The citizens they represent deserve to know. Barely a third of the 50-member Senate and 44 percent of the House of Representatives shared their positions on repeal when the Associated Press and eight newspapers asked. Overwhelmingly, those who refused to respond were Republicans. It is a sad and shameful display of timidity and fear. These Republicans are cowed by their leadership, particularly Senate boss Phil Berger, R-Rockingham and House Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland. They fear reprisal should they express opinions contrary to those dictated by their party caucus commanders.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Because being inclusive should also be a badge of honor:

Let's see if Trumplethinskin can keep himself from Twitter-attacking the Boy Scouts over this...

Democratic politics in black and white

Author David Mitchell and Ken Lewis will be at the Beyu Cafe in Durham tonight (Monday) and tomorrow night at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, both 7 pm.
Ken Lewis ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010. The Durham attorney hoped to win the Democratic nomination by following Barack Obama’s playbook from 2008: As a progressive African-American candidate, he would dominate with black voters—equal to one-third or more of the primary electorate—and win enough white progressives to prevail over any candidate the Democratic establishment might produce.

In other words, you need a two-step, as “Ron Johnson,” the fictional candidate in author David Mitchell’s thinly veiled account of the Lewis campaign, explains it. To “mobilize a supermajority of blacks,” Johnson says in Mitchell’s “We Hold These Truths,” you must first convince black voters that you’re viable—unlike so many black candidates who predated Obama and who, because of our state’s embedded racism, simply had no chance.

A key to showing blacks that you're viable, candidate Johnson continues:

The dangers of having a Liar-In-Chief in the White House

The downside could be fatal for many:

Lying from the Oval Office carries far graver consequences than fibs from the penthouse at Trump Towers. Presidential lies aren’t trivial quibbles over the size of the crowd at an event or how many votes won in an election. Imagined, or hoped-for facts cannot become the basis for policies and laws that have consequences beyond the stage-managed world of reality TV.

They are about life-and-death: which refugees will find safety when they flee their war-torn homes; which of our nation’s allies the U.S. will defend against foreign aggression and our nation’s armed service personnel will legitimately put into situations by a Commander and Chief who may require the ultimate sacrifice.

I did two hitches in the Army, and all except the last month or two were under Ronald Reagan. Many of us were certain that Ronnie would take us into a major conflict, but (luckily for me) that didn't happen until a few years after he left office. But Trump is no Reagan, and I can't imagine what's going through the minds of our active duty troops right now. War with Russia? Friends with Russia? We just sent some boots into Yemen and lost an American soldier, but the Liar-In-Chief was too busy attacking his imaginary enemies on Twitter to even acknowledge the sacrifice. The truth is, he doesn't care. He doesn't care about anybody but himself, and that does not bode well for any of us, even if you're not a Muslim or a military member with your rucksack packed and ready to go. That level of casual disregard puts us all in jeopardy.

Monday News: Resisting Fascism

ANTI-DEPORTATION PROTESTS HELD AT NC AIRPORTS (TWCN-TV) -- Outrage and opposition continues to President Trump's newly enacted restrictions on travel from some predominantly Muslim countries. Protests have been taking place all weekend at airports across the country. Six people were arrested at Charlotte Douglas International Airport Saturday night. Opponents to Trump's new travel mandate found the next best spot Sunday -- the median at the airport's main entrance. Standing with them in voicing outrage over what some say is a Muslim ban was Democratic Rep. Alma Adams. “I find it appalling,” said Adams. “I think it’s one of the most insensitive things we could do.”

NC 6th district - Facebook group forming

All 6th congressional district folks - there is a new Facebook group:


We currently have 446 members - consider joining if you are in CD 6. We will share info about our current representative, Mark Walker.

Dear Senator Burr:

Well, we're quickly coming to the end of the line. King Donald has all but shredded our Constitution, while delivering a healthy dose of "screw you" to Congress and the Courts. Short of assassination, there's not much standing in the way of a complete and insane takeover of our faltering nation. American carnage, it turns out, was an apt descriptor for the world in which we live.

Only a few people are in a position to stop this reign of terror. You are one of them. This is the time to step up, sir, for it will soon be too late.

Do the right thing. We're begging you.

Dallas rides the dark-money gravy train

He may not be driving, but he's riding shotgun:

Good work if you can get it:

Bad writing, bad reading, lead to confusion over Trump's NSC order

The latest outrage appears to be (at least partially) incorrect:

President Donald Trump is reshuffling the US National Security Council (NSC), downgrading the military chiefs of staff and giving a regular seat to his chief strategist Steve Bannon. Mr Bannon, formerly the head of the populist right-wing, Breitbart News website, will join high-level discussions about national security. The order was signed on Saturday.

The director of national intelligence and the joint chiefs will attend when discussions pertain to their areas. Under previous administrations, the director and joint chiefs attended all meetings of the NSC's inner circle, the principals' committee.

Before I proceed, I want to take a moment to reiterate the need for folks to take the time to find and examine primary sources. In this case, the primary source is the Presidential Memorandum itself. Accuracy is (of course) the main reason for doing this, but another big reason has to do with focus. When you take someone else's analysis as your only source, you may be missing other details that person didn't judge to be relevant or news-worthy. Anyway, back to the confusing memo:

Sunday News: Trump's Muslim ban already in legal trouble

2ND JUDGE HALTS DEPORTATIONS AS TRUMP ORDER CREATES CHAOS (McClatchy Newspapers) -- Two federal courts ruled late Saturday against part of President Donald Trump’s executive order barring citizens of seven Muslim nations from entering the United States. A federal court in Brooklyn granted a nationwide stay preventing the government from deporting people who arrived with valid U.S. visas. A second judge in Virginia, Leonie M. Brinkema who was appointed by President Bill Clinton to the bench, issued a temporary restraining order preventing the deportation of permanent U.S. residents who arrived at Dulles International Airport outside Washington.


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