More climate change denial

After the hullabaloo that ensued when NC's Coastal Resources Commission previously predicted dire consequences from sea level rise, causing the NCGA to pass a law making sea level rise (or at least its scientific prediction) illegal, the CRC is at it again.

This time they're going to look only 30 years into the future, rather than about 90 years into the future, because...well...when they predicted what is likely to happen in the year 2100, developers and legislators got themselves all in a lather -- because there's money to be made, dammit!

Hoping to avoid a repeat of the uproar sparked in 2010 when a state science panel warned of a possible 39-inch rise in sea level by the end of this century, the N.C. Coastal Resources Commission decreed Thursday that the next official forecast will look no farther than 30 years into the future.

Never mind that their original prediction was most likely pretty accurate, according to scientific consensus.

More American exceptionalism

Yay us.

“Equality of opportunity — the ‘American dream’ — has always been a cherished American ideal,” Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel-winning economist at Columbia University, noted in a recent speech. “But data now show that this is a myth: America has become the advanced country not only with the highest level of inequality, but one of those with the least equality of opportunity.”

NC Supreme Court overturns injunction on private school vouchers

And the draining of public school resources continues:

The North Carolina Supreme Court has overturned a lower court’s order to halt the state’s voucher program. That means the program can go on – at least for now. It’s a program that gives low-income families scholarships of up to $4,200 to help send their children to private schools.

“We are disappointed by the Supreme Court's decision,” said Edwin Dunlap, Jr., the Executive Director of the NCSBA, one of the plaintiffs in the suit. “The prudent thing would have been to answer these important constitutional questions before the state started spending public money on private schools.”

Yes, it would. It's also frustrating that nearly every time a high-profile decision is rendered by the NC Supreme Court these days, there's no mention in the media what the Court's vote was. That 4-3 or 5-2 or whatever used to be exposed in the first paragraph or so, but it doesn't seem to be an important factor anymore, at least in the eyes of news editors. Here's a clue: it is important, because the vote count itself tells a story. How strong and well-prepared the cases are, whether the majority is pushing the envelope on constitutionality, etc. It matters.

Medical Child Abuse Perpetrators

Who are the medical child abuse perpetrators?

By current definition, the child's parents or guardians are the guilty parties. The term medical child abuse was originated by pediatrician Carole Jenny and her psychiatrist husband, Thomas A. Roesler.

In the Jenny/Roesler opinion, parents or caregivers are able to trick doctors into performing unnecessary surgery and prescribing superfluous medications. There is no doubt that some parents manipulate the system but it is not credible that the medical providers are innocent parties in the subterfuge because they establish the diagnosis and are compensated for services rendered.

Until such time physicians are charged in tandem with parents, medical child abuse practices will continue.

NC legislative committee changing rules for building

If you have a bunch of protestors pointing out your bad policies, what's the best way to solve the problem?

If you're Republicans in the NC legislature, the answer is simple - change the rules to make the protestors go away.

WRAL reports that a committee that hasn't met since the 90s has been convened to look at the rules for the legislative building. The ACLU and others are concerned that the new rules will allow police to do "selective enforcement" against particular groups or individuals.


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