More dismissals in Moral Monday trespassing cases

The fairness agenda might just be taking off:

"The evidence is that the General Assembly was able to do business without interruption. So, it clearly didn't disturb them," Salisbury said in dismissing the charges against the protesters.

Rulings by District Court judges aren't considered precedent in legal cases and don't have to be taken into account by other judges. Still, protester Evelyn White said she hopes the fact that two different judges have ruled the same way on cases will lead to more dismissals as the scores of pending cases go to trial.

In the interest of both fairness and government efficiency, the DA needs to go ahead and drop all the remaining charges. If I'm not mistaken, this can be accomplished relatively easily, without waiting for the defendants' individual court dates or their appearance. Make it so.

A nonpartisan video guide to voter registration

Though the Democracy Summer college interns have graduated from the program recently, they produced a lot of great materials along the way. With the legislative session setting and the voter registration season rising I thought it would be a great time to share this video starring Trenton, one of the Democracy Summer interns from the class of 2014. You can check out more content produced by the interns throughout the summer at the Democracy Summer blog.

Daily dose

Racial Profiling Trial For Alamance County Sheriff Set To Begin (WUNC-FM) -- A federal case against the Alamance county sheriff accused of illegally targeting Latino drivers is going to trial today. The U.S. Justice Department has accused Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson of illegally targeting Latino drivers as well as arresting and detaining people without probable cause.

Never underestimate the ability of political fodder

Political advertising in print, on television, or by way of the internets, is usually filled with half lies, a few lies, and full blown propaganda. And almost one hundred percent of the time (with the exception of the often cursory introduction) with a margin of error equal to this space, ----- those same ads are generated towards the opposition. Clever and like minded people rarely, if ever, attempt to eat one of their own. Occasionally it happens and then, the ulterior motive theory exists; especially in regard to absence of information, or excuses for absence of information; or maybe the dog ate it.

Spaulding agrees with AG on SBI

As much as I have disagreed and continue to disagree with many of Attorney General Roy Cooper's policies and actions, I am in full accord with him when it comes to his disapproval of the transfer of the State Bureau of Investigation to the N. C. Department of Public Safety by Governor Pat McCrory and the legislative Republicans.

In no way do I question the exemplary professionalism of the N. C. Department of Public Safety or it's Secretary, Frank Perry, who has a sterling reputation of professionalism and fairness. However, I do question why the Governor felt compelled to make this move at this time. For 77 years the SBI has been housed under the N. C. Attorney General's Office without interruption. The Governor’s actions were unwarranted and speak more to political mischief, rather than sincere governmental oversight and accountability.

More on fairness

I have come to think of fairness as a condition that is like unattainable pregnancy. Something is either fair, or it's not. And it never is.

There are likely no situations about which every human being alive will judge things the same way. Someone somewhere will not share everyone else's view that such and such is one hundred percent fair. The world is full of outliers. Nothing is unanimous in the the grand scheme. We will never all agree.

That leaves us operating in situations where conditions are, by definition, unfair. They may be only somewhat unfair, or they may be grossly unfair, but regardless, they are not fair. There is no possibility of things being otherwise.

Which raises this question: Given the fundamental truth that things cannot be fair, what level of unfairness are we willing to accept in our government and in public policy?

Why don't we start the discussion here?


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