Interstate toll lanes are fascist

Yeah, I know, the headline sounds so ridiculous that you had to look to see what it really referred to.

But it's not symbolism, or some double-meaning play on words: it's genuine.

That's right, two of the people running to represent the state of North Carolina in the US Senate equate interstate toll lanes with fascism:

[Candidates] also united against public-private partnerships, particularly proposed toll roads. Brannon and Flynn suggested such partnerships were close to “fascism.”

And no, that wasn't the only breathtaking thing said at this gathering of scary nut jobs. In an apparent attempt to see who can be the looniest tea party nut job of all, we got these:

Harris said the election is “about the survival of the United States of America.”

Brannon added: “Woodrow Wilson’s dream is coming to fruition (where) we have a monarchy.”

Three candidates – Brannon, Grant and Flynn – called for eliminating the Internal Revenue Service. Flynn called it a “rogue agency.”

This is some really disturbing stuff. It shows just how crazy extreme the tea party -- and the GOP, with the tea party's stranglehold on it -- has become. And how they're using hatred, especially directed at the president, to rile up their base, which is sizable enough to do some real damage to our nation, as we've seen recently.

So we've gotta work extra hard. On second thought, Harris's hyperbole isn't too far off: elections in the near future just might be about the survival of our nation after all.


Hard to believe

But there's more nuttery reported in the article.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis


Did anyone ask them if they feel that water fluoridation is a communist plot?

It is hard to believe that nutcase John Bircher stuff is now being presented as mainstream views of the Republican party, simply because people like the Koch brothers, Pope, and the Waltons are throwing money at it and Limbaugh, Beck and FoxNews can make a buck getting suckers to believe it and stockpile gold. These were dumb, paranoid fantasies in 1950 that were soundly rejected by the American public. They're even more out of touch with reality today.

Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes for North Carolina or another state legislature to pass a resolution invoking secession because of some policy that Obama pursues in his second term? Think it couldn't happen? Think again about how deluded and paranoid the thinking of the Republican party has become.