McHenry update: suspicious finances, Iraq, Gonzales, & your hometown drug store

McHenry and unknownI know you haven't gotten your fix lately of my main man. Life is getting a little uncomfortable for the little guy. Here's the latest:

Caldwell County Republican Dennis Benfield (a Pat Go Bye Bye fan), has posted on his website and written to the Hickory Daily Record that, according to public documentation, Pat's recently acquired net worth far exceeds his reported income. It raises quite a few serious questions.

And Betsy Wells and Beth Sibley of Cleveland County wrote an exclusive report of McHenry's Thursday night town hall. How to sum it up? I'll list a few highlights

  • He said Bush should have dismissed Gonzales a long time ago.
  • He blew off local pharmacists anxious for his help but tried to get them to name the staffer who'd told them that protecting hometown pharmacies were not a priority of his.
  • He told the aunt of a three-tour Iraqi soldier that although he honored the troops (no idea how), it was not his career choice in his twenties. When she asked why didn't more congressmen have children serving, he just said, "I don’t have any children . . . yet." He said he hopes to have children some day "after I meet the right woman." [Yuuuuukkkk.]
  • He is confident oil drilling of the NC coast would have no leaks, be invisible to tourists, blames the lack of sufficient refinery capacity on trial lawyers. He supports a bill to limit appeals in such cases.

And my favorite weird moment: McHenry abruptly ended the meeting when a Viet Nam vet asked, "What does a terrorist look like? Describe a terrorist for me." Pat stared blankly for several uncomfortable moments and then indicated that he would take no more questions. The event was advertised to extend until 9 p.m.

[A prize to anyone who can identify the man with his arm around Pat.]

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I'm guessing here....

Isn't that Jeff Gannon?

Do I win?

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Would Jeff Gannon so lower himself?

After tasting the late-night joys offered by the White House?
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

One picture is worth a million dollars nowsdays in Politics

[A prize to anyone who can identify the man with his arm around Pat.]

1. Michael Vick's recent media adviser?

2. A stud dancer at the Gaston Golden Gay Biker Club?

3. A recent old lover who was confuse where the homecoming party was to be?

4. The President of the Xmas Tree Foundation who recieved a chunk of federal funds from Patty for keeping pagan customs and traditions alive in western North Carolina?

5. His evil republican twin bastard brother who recently came out of the closet?

6. A long lost friend who recently return from a South Pole research team who is hornry as hell for company.

7. The recent NBA official who pleaded guilty to fixing NBA games and meeting lonely congressman in Sports Bars?

8. A former Enron accountant who recently did his net worth statement?


9. The right woman?

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10# A short answer?

Oh, the meeting in Cleveland ended at 7:35*DQ

Well! That answer the short question and answer session about who the husband was in the picture.

Is Patty wearing

his lifts? He's almost as tall as the other dude.


Maybe he prefers short ones?

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

You guys should be ...

happy that your Congressman will meet with the people.

Mine won't.

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I wonder how it feels to be a laughingstock?

The guy can barely go out in public without embarrassing himself. I guess that's what happens when your career of choice is to be an apprentice liar to Tom duh Lay.

Report is in progress but last night in Lincolnton

Patty got asked about the unexplained increase in wealth. He denied it all (after a moment of shock) and then insisted all questions be in writing. HA!!!!

Look at the kool aid-drinking Lincolnton paper coverage. They surely went overboard. I've heard, but not had confirmed that the publisher had a company called Tech 5, with McHenry. They shut down their website after Lay was indicted but I've linked to the archived stuff.

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News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Oh, the meeting in Cleveland ended at 8:35

That got edited out by mistake. That's why it was so weird that he ended it when he did and after such an easy question.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,