Happy birthday to us

BlueNC is six years old. Thank you all for helping to keep the fires burning.

The new ninety?

When I turned two I was really anxious, because I'd doubled my age in a year. I thought, if this keeps up, by the time I'm six I'll be ninety.

Steven Wright



Now what

Art Pope went mainstream this week, a bittersweet turn of events.

Sweet in the sense that his influence is now widely understood, yet bitter in the sense that nothing will change.

Money talks, and in North Carolina, the loudest voice is that of Mr. Pope's. He has penetrated the media and gamed the system through the sheer power of his pocketbook.

Rick Martinez, the husband of one of Pope's employees and an executive at WPTF-AM, will continue as a columnist at the N&O. Reporters there and elsewhere will continue to rely on JLF experts and Civitas polls in their coverage of North Carolina public policy. Pope funded campaigns will continue to lie with impunity. It is the nature of the beast.

Is it safe to say the mainstream media will keep Pope on their radar? Does it matter? Can I retire now?

What is the point?

PS Be sure to click that Steven Wright link. He is the funniest person on earth. Seriously.

We've got to keep up the work

We've got to keep up the work towards decreasing big money power and increasing people power. And that's an easier thing because you've exposed Art Pope.

And it's not all bad news. North Carolina has early voting and same day registration which has made a difference in elections. We've got public financing at some levels. And we've vetoed photo ID and kept it from being over ridden thus far.

We've got to keep the fight strong at least through the May amendment and the Nov 2012 election. But with the energy behind the Occupy movement, the Dem convention in NC, and Art Pope finally being exposed, we've got a shot.

Happy Birthday BlueNC

It's been a great six years

Vote Democratic, the ass you save may be your own.

Yes, it has

I've only been here for four-point-something of those years, but I've learned more in that time than any other four year period in my life. Except maybe the two-to-six-year-old period, with all the falling down stairs and burning my fingers on stuff. But other than that...