Good news out of catastrophe

The Sudan presents such a bleak perspective on the cruelty of humanity, that it is nice when a story like this appears. It seems that the civil war has resulted in a surge of wildlife, including many species thought extinct or endangered. This is still a great big world that we live in, with unexplored places. I won't even bring up the bird/dinosaur fossil that was recently found in China. Oops, I guess I just did.

Jousting with the Propaganda Windmill

We've all gotten them ... the conservative propaganda emails on various subjects. For me, they're like small windows into an unmerciful, ungracious, ugly place that I would never voluntary choose to enter.

However, when my face is forced to this window and I can't help but look at the ugliness, my reaction is primal and visceral. I have to close my eyes and turn away before the scene makes me puke.

I got an especially disturbing anti-immigrant email recently.

After I read it, "I did NOT want to see that," was the brightest thought that ran through my mind. Next was, "But now that I have see it, what do I do, what do I say, what do I write? This cannot go unanswered."

Morgan Street

In a Nation book review John Powers writes about "All Governments Lie!": The Life and Times of Rebel Journalist I.F. Stone, by veteran reporter Myra MacPherson. Powers writes about "I.F. Stone's Weekly" the paper Stone started in 1953:

"boasting such early subscribers as Bertrand Russell, Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein. (J. Edgar Hoover read it compulsively, in order to be outraged--he downed Stone's words like Red Bull.)"

I often wonder if the Pope political empire is located along Morgan Street so that the name Morgan can act "like Red Bull" to the many Pope operatives, a constant reminder to eschew bi-partisanship and to persist in divisiveness with renewed vigor.

Where's Liddy?

Big news in Cherokee.

Dole representative visits county

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole today announced that a representative from her Western office will hold traveling office hours in Cherokee County on Thursday, June 14th, 2007. Constituents can use the office hours to hold individual meetings to discuss their concerns with federal agencies, case work, or issues pending before Congress. Appointments are not necessary, but can be scheduled by calling 828-698- 3747.

I know a couple of folks who have been to these "traveling office hours." Dole's mouthpiece isn't allowed to answer any questions about anything, which is exactly what you'd expect from someone representing Liddy Dole, who also never answers any questions about anything. But it's perfectly understandable that Liddy wouldn't show up herself. I doubt she could find Cherokee if her life depended on it.


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