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The evening started at the Park and Recreation building on Hillcrest Lane outside of Carthage. Billy Ransom, the director and Maria Morrison the Admin Asst were there to tell us about their department and give us a tour of their facilities.

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They have seven staff members and five facilities spread throughout the county offering Youth, Adult and Senior Activities. Their mission statement says,

(Moore County Parks and Recreation) Provides leisure service to the residents of Moore County with first priority to youth and senior adults.

Moore County Youth Activities include Basketball, baseball, softball, flag football, soccer for both boys and girls, Tennis, Volleyball, Cheerleading and Dance Impressions. The Adult and Senior Activities include Co-Ed Softball, 50+ Softball, Good Time Party at the Davis Center the 3rd Friday of each month and Dancing and Tai Chi at the Old West End Gym.

My Story (and maybe yours)

This post is somewhat graphic and may make some of our visitors feel uncomfortable. It takes an incredibly brave person to share something this personal as a means to motivate others to take action. Thanks, DQ.

My father was a child molester. I don't know what he did to random children. I don't even know the totality of what he did to me or my brothers. All I know for sure is that he liked them small.

My grandmother used to say how lucky I was. "You Daddy loves you so much. Did you know he bathed you when you were a baby?" He never "helped out" with my older brothers. Gee, I wonder why?

Stay Strong, Joe Hackney

The Dome and the Associated Press are reporting that the elation of homophobes in the House about getting their discrimination bill out of committee will be short-lived.

House Speaker Joe Hackney said he would use the power of his office to kill the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage.

This is why we coaxed and cajoled and fought for Joe Hackney to become Speaker. A lesser man might have succumbed to the pressures of hellfire and brimstone spewing out for the mouths of family-value Theocrats.

Robin Hayes' E85 Pump Stunt Goes Flaccid

Long time BlueNCers probably remember my post, "The Impotence of One", written last year after Robin Hayes pulled a campaign stunt to promote E85 and to announce legislation he was introducing that would promote the gas and ethanol blend. This is what I said last year after the stunt.

........Robin Hayes has been in Congress for almost eight years and this is the first time he has introduced anything that has to do with energy independence, consumer savings or environmental protection. I decided to check on his stunt to make sure he actually introduced the bill.


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