We are a center right nation, you just didn't realize it.

We are still a center-right country and if you have any doubts about that just listen to the news. Listen to Morning Joe on MSNBC and Joe Scarborough and company will repeat it ad naseum throughout the morning. Watch CNN and every announcer will make mention of fact. Watch Hardball and you'll be sure to hear Chris Matthews talking about it. Pick up a newspaper and read the columns, it will be in there somewhere.

Center-right. What does that mean? I guess we'll have to figure it out based on what the country thinks.

Thank you for your service to our country - A Veteran's Day open thread

Dear Veterans,

Thank you for your service to our country.
Thank you for securing and ensuring our safety and the many freedoms we enjoy.
Thank you for helping those in other countries devastated by natural disasters.
Thank you for assisting in our own communities when natural disasters hit home.
Thank you for protecting our global neighbors when aggressors put them in harms way.

The greatest strength of America's military is found in the number of men and women willing to voluntarily put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve the people of this country and those in need around the world. We are truly blessed.

Thank you.

N.C. FREE: The end of an error?

Many of you know WAY more about the rise and fall of NC FREE than I do - and I'd love to get your thoughts on its recent demise. The Winston Salem Journal laments its passing:

During most of the past 25 years, N.C. FREE provided business leaders with a lot of information they needed to keep the progressive balance. Unfortunately, it lost its direction a few years back. Some influential members wanted it to veer to the right, to become another of Raleigh's highly partisan advocacy groups. That killed the organization because other influential members said no and left.

How did North Carolina end up the ultimate toss-up state? Reviewing county data

A rather extensive analysis I made of the political geography of the presidential election results in North Carolina. It measures the swing to Obama (and sometimes McCain) by county and region in comparison with the 2004 results, reviews geographical patterns, and explores some of the demographic contexts. Pointers and criticisms welcome ;).

21st Century Energy Solutions: Algal Biomass

I'm still having a little trouble comprehending the scope of our success in the election. Races I thought we might barely lose we won, and ones I thought we might barely win ended up being blowouts. Amazing. But hovering over the post-coital bliss is the horrible state of our economy, and the fear that the changes we need will be lost in the desperate struggle to survive until the economy turns around. But if North Carolina is going to not only survive but prosper, we're going to have to find the resources to take bold, innovative steps, especially in the area of energy production and usage.

Sunday papers around NC

As you might guess, this week there's an election theme to the big stories.
Ashevile: WNC and Perdue
Char-O: How much can Obama take on?
ECity: History and challenges
Gboro: You're wrong (also: Ed's column)
Gville Reflector: Repudiation of Jim Crow
N&O: Reform much? (also: The making of godless)
Wilmington: She prayed every day

CEO of ElectriCities Jesse Tilton is out; the power of the community organizers and friends here at BlueNC

Tilton is out. The ElectriCities board called a special meeting for a closed session, personnel issues, and held it at the Law Firm, an unusual location. The message went out to members of our group who are on the list to receive notices. We immediately knew something was up.

Word leaked out. Tilton is out. But of course, now they are painting it as a resignation to pursue other interests. Not buying it but that is alright. We turned the state blue this week and now we have a fighting chance to repair the damage of 13 years of AIG/ENRON-like CEO blunders at ElectriCities.



Thank you BlueNC!

You did it. We have a BlueNC!

I’ve been amazed at the commitment of the BlueNC community -- not just in writing and reporting about how we can change this state and our country, but in the actions you took in this election. From the doors you knocked on, to the phonebanks and carpools you headed, your action helped lead us to victory in North Carolina.

Your clicks of the mouse led to three clicks of those Ruby Red Slippers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone in the BlueNC community. I especially want to thank Betsy Muse, a wonderful person, mother and superstar volunteer for Democrats across the state. I am so glad we finally had the chance to meet a week and a half ago.


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