NC-05: Summer Lipford Responds to Foxx Criticism of "Gold Star" Ad

Excerpted from Summer Lipford's online response to an article in the Winston-Salem Journal yesterday:

Contacting me 10 weeks after his funeral with a form letter of condolence does not constitute her assistance, assistance not that I asked for-- but begged for. I am not malicious, disgusting or dishonest. I had nothing to gain by telling my story. I am a mother who grieves every day for my child and prays no other mother has to walk my path, no other mother has to live with the lack of concern and disrespect shown to my son and myself by Virginia Foxx. As I have stated, none of this can change for me, but by electing Roy Carter I know it will not happen again.

This story was also the lead on WXII last night.

Race Fans for Change @ Lowe's Motor Speedway - Earn $100!!!

We're Race Fans for Change, a new advocacy group dedicated to talking with racing fans about issues that impact America's middle class.

We'll be @ the Lowe's Motor Speedway for the World of Outlaws World Finals on Friday and Saturday. We need your help to distribute our fun and informative literature along with our stylish decals. Help us for a day and we'll put a free t-shirt on your back, a $100 stipend in your pocket, and a seat for the races under your rear.

Contact Jeremy Crandall [, (202) 316-1202] to sign up to help . You can earn a little extra while we refuel the middle class!

Dole Slips in Polls Again After Godless Ad Hits Kay Hagan

A brand new Rasmussen poll is just in and Elizabeth Dole has fallen even further behind Democratic challenger Kay Hagan. The poll shows it was in the field at the same time Dole was carpet bombing North Carolina with ads attacking Kay Hagan's faith.

Care about having a sane energy policy?

Richard Harkrader is one of (if not THE most) knowledgeable people on renewable energy in North Carolina. I received this email from him today:

As everyone is well aware, this is an important election. With all the attention on the national race, the governor's race has been in the background. I want to make sure everyone concerned about energy knows how important it is for NC to elect Bev Perdue.

North Carolina newspapers slam Dole for "Godless" ad

(cross-posted at dKos and The Christian Dem Home Journal)

Two of North Carolina's three biggest newspapers--the Charlotte Observer and (Greensboro) News & Record gave their verdict on Liddy Dole's disgusting ad implying that Kay Hagan doesn't believe in God. And in both cases, it's a massive fail.

Elizabeth Dole One of Keith O's Worst Persons in the World

I didn't get to see it, but I found an email in my in box. Soooo, I'm offering the first person to post the video in the comment section or to add it to this diary post their choice of my homemade peach, strawberry or blackberry jam as a reward for their speedy posting of the video.


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