Open thread: Weekend wound up

On the road this weekend to celebrate my father-in-law's 90th birthday in Rising Sun, Maryland. There will be more than 150 guests at a surprise party tomorrow. Not much time for blogging this weekend.

Happy birthday to Pop!

PS If anyone has spare time (yeah, right) I'd love to get some info on the financial picture at the Pope-Orr Institute for Constitutional Law. My cursory research this week came up dry, which is a bit suspicious all by itself.


Everybody serves! (political cartoon)

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Tricia Cotham Selected to replace Jim Black (Update)

The Charlotte Observer has this little blurb.

Tricia is an assistant principal at East Mecklenburg High School. More later.

Update I:

Here's a bit that will clue you in to her personality[Sorry, forgot to link to the CO for the quote]:

In their sole joint appearance, the four Charlotte Democrats vying to replace former N.C. House Speaker Jim Black agreed on most things at a Monday night forum. They would all try to revitalize east Charlotte, stop gang violence and get more state money for schools and courts.

So they sought to differentiate themselves in other ways.

"Your vote should be based on experience living in and knowing the district," said Lloyd Scher, a former Mecklenburg County commissioner. He was alluding to rival Tricia Cotham, who just got a home in the district last week.

Money on the line

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Earlier this week, I wrote about the fact that Judge Bob Orr has worked himself into a pickle when it comes to running for governor. And as is often the case in politics, this pickle is about money. Here's my take on the whole sad situation.

1. Art Pope has to give away a lot of money. His daddy's foundation has a ton of cash, and law requires that a significant percentage of that cash be distributed each year. That's one reason Pope starts so many not-for-profit organizations like the John Locke Foundation, Civitas, and the Institute for Constitutional Law. I've studied the financial filings for many of these organizations, and while they are not lavishly funded, they are certainly not scraping by. By some accounts, Pope is spending upwards of $300,000 a month on JLF alone.

War and Peace on the National Mall Saturday

Peace advocates meeting on the National Mall this Saturday will be met by counter-demonstrators organized by two North Carolina men. Larry Bailey of Vets for Truth and and Ted Sampley of US Veteran Dispatch and multiple dubious pseudo-political ventures and, Rolling Thunder Motor Cycle Rally.

Ted Sampley of Kinston, the P.T. Barnum of Swiftboating, has created a bogus story that protesters will deface the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial. It has spun from Sampley's website with an "Eagles" message board into an organized counter-offensive called "Gathering of Eagles". Many have bought into the BS, and message boards hint at physical conflict. Some suggest developing "limps" to justify canes as potential weapons. There is a way to fight back - peacefully. Read on and please take action before midnight Friday.

Woodfin Diesel Power Plant Update: Commission Ignores the Bad, Touts the Rest

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAt meetings and barbecues where the political class comes together to guess at what will keep them in office, the conventional wisdom appears to be (1) ignore the procedural violations leading to the unstudied County Commission decision; (2) tout other environmental projects without mentioning the pollution to be created by the favored diesel power plant; and (3) shut out any alternative energy proposals by barreling ahead with the diesel-fired plant.

To be fair, today's position is a far stretch better than where we were last week. Before that, the Commission's Chair behaved petulantly during public comment and public outcry was met with stony silence and defensiveness. Every single County Commissioner avoided the Mountain Voices Alliance public meeting to educate the community on the implications of the diesel power plant.

Edwards says what Clinton and Obama can't.

Want proof that John Edwards has given up the Clinton Triangulation strategy? I direct you to Philgoblue's diary here, and blatantly steal from it below. All of this revolves around Gen. Pace, whom many here have diaried about. So, what do our leading candidates have to say about his words, which were:

"My upbringing is such that I believe there are certain things, certain types of conduct, that are immoral. ... I believe that homosexual acts between individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts," he said.

What OUR candidates had to say about that immorality, after the break.

Nationalizing Religion In America (political cartoon)

March Madness Open Thread?

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Early Childhood meets Capitol Hill

Last week, I traveled to Washington, DC, along with 16 other advocates for early childhood education from North Carolina. We attended a public policy forum, sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). “NAEYC's mission is to serve and act on the behalf of the needs, rights, and well-being of all young children with primary focus on the provision of educational and developmental services and resources.”

We spent a day in intensive sessions, learning all we could about specific issues and concerns affecting early childhood at a federal level. What are what are those issues? Find out below the fold.

N&O to Dole & Burr: Do your Jobs

I have to say, I sure am liking the N&O's editorial page lately. Steve Ford and Company are all over the OLF controversy . . . and they're going great guns. Thursday's paper calls on Liddy Dole and Richard Burr to get off their butts and do their darn jobs:

For Dole and Burr, military-friendly senators in a state that touts itself as the military-friendliest, this can't be an easy call. It's time, however, that they make one. This issue has been in the news for five years and two environmental studies, neither of them convincing in making the case for the Navy's choice of a site.

Instead, as The N&O reported Sunday, the senators are noncommittal. "It's a matter of process," said Dole. She has met with OLF opponents and says she'll raise her questions about the site soon. Said Burr: "I don't think it's a member of Congress' role to tell the Navy where or where not to place something."

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