The Dome veers right

Conventional wisdom argues against picking fights with organizations that purchase ink by the barrel. So it's with some trepidation that I challenge what appear to be clear political biases at the O-No! Under the Dome blog. The truth is, I wish I didn't have to spend time with this. But challenge I must, because after an auspicious entry into the brave new world of the interTubes, the Dome has taken a hard right turn. I don't believe it is intentional, but it is nonetheless real.

No degrees of separation: Blackwater and Womble Carlyle

The mercenary scourge that is Blackwater continues to pollute North Carolina's political and cultural landscape with little sign of let up. Fueled by your tax dollars at work, the company appears fully capable of buying whatever influence it wants, including the hired guns at one of North Carolina's most "admired" law firms, Womble Carlyle Sandridge Rice.

How not to apologize for being a racist jerk

Sheriff Steve Bizzell must have caught a lot of heat for his racist comments on the front page of Sunday's O-No! Angered by the crime in his community, he let his hair down and told a reporter what he really thinks:

"Look at that," he says, pointing to tiendas that have cropped up amid the barbecue joints. "You can't even read the durned sign. Everywhere you look, it's like little Mexico around here."

So what's a good sheriff supposed to do to clean things up? Apologize?

Millionaires for McCrory

Wealthy Republican donors have been lining up to contribute to an ad campaign for Pat McCrory in amounts far in excess of normal $4,000 contribution limits and it's all perfectly legal. Last week the Republican Governor's Association reported spending on an anti-Perdue ad and reported contributions to the RGA NC 2008 PAC of $616,500 from 23 wealthy donors, an average contribution of $26,804 per person.

A Nasty Piece of Work

cross-posted from The Progressive Pulse

Jon Ham is a nasty piece of work, alright. He is a right wing blogger at the John Locke Foundation who I have discussed previously here. Ever wonder who Ronald Reagan had in mind when he would embed in his speeches racist code like "Cadillac driving welfare queen" or "a strapping young buck buying T-bone steaks with food stamps?" John Ham, that's who…and unfortunately he has access to a keyboard. His latest smear involves Michelle Obama.

....And We're Back

BlueNC has been upgraded and I think our main database is stable. We still have a few issues to work out and I have some tinkering to do with our modules, but we're good to go for normal posting and chatting.

Thanks for hanging in there with us while we spiffied up a bit.


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