Sexy, sexy, sexy

I made a shocking discovery last night. If you use the word "sexy" during the course of an interview, TV editors are incapable of cutting the sentences in which the word is embedded. As you'll see in the video below, I kind of blew it by couching the word in the negative (as in "landfills are NOT sexy") but this tactic could be used to great effect during your own "earned media" opportunity. For maximum impact, say "sexy" at least three times, though you may have to work up to this advanced level.

Right-Wing Blog Report

I want to start doing a better job of reading right-wing blogs. While a lot of the content is offensive, it's probably a good idea to get a sense of the world right-wing agitators are living in.

Here is a summary of some GOP blogs in the past two weeks. The summary is my personal characterization of content I most likely merely skimmed (swim at your own risk!). I put Katy first since she sometimes comments on BlueNC.

I'm sure I've left out some significant right-wing blogs, please give me feedback.

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New Hampshire Primary Open Thread

With the first votes having been cast and counted in Dixville Notch and Hart's Location, the first primary of the 2008 presidential campaign is under way. The latest poll closes at 8:00pm.

Polls show Obama leading Clinton with some giving the Illinois Senator a commanding lead. Some polls are also showing John Edwards surging at the end.

The Independent Weekly has been covering both Iowa and New Hampshire happenings. You can find links to their coverage in the top green box found on the front page and the tracker page of this site.

SEIU Poll - Kissell Leads Hayes by 2 in UNINFORMED vote

Holy Mother of Pearl. I can barely catch my breath. Those of you who went through the Kissell campaign ups and downs with me last cycle know just how much I love Larry Kissell. Do you remember those days where we did our best to make something positive out of poll numbers? Those days are over. With name recognition of 78% Robin Hayes is polling 2 points below Larry Kissell in the uninformed poll question with only 1% indicating they would vote for a different candidate.

I'll be adding more in a minute with links and crosstabs and all that lovely goodness you need to rip this poll apart, but for now I'm doing a happy dance and enjoying something we only dreamt about last cycle.

More in a minute.

On markets and health care, who is to blame?

Today's Quote of the Day, from Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP) deals with two types of markets and their relationship to health care. It is based on an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The theory of the various market systems is not my specialty, however, this articles does a good job of simplifying the competing market models.

Individual resources and choices determine the distribution of health care, with little sense of collective obligation or a role for government. Known as market justice, this approach derives from principles of individualism, self-interest, personal effort, and voluntary behavior. The contrasting approach, social justice, allocates goods and services according to the individual's needs. It stems from principles of shared responsibility and concern for the communal well-being, with government as the vehicle for ensuring equity.

Now, I actually think that Ayn Rand did a good job of "imagining" the worst case scenario in the social justice market in Atlas Shrugged. If you are looking for the worst-case scenario in the market justice model, look no further than health care in America.

Software development - I believe in market justice. Auto manufacturing - I believe in market justice (more so than many Democrats and Republicans that feel we should prop up Michigan's failing auto industry). A system which decides the very life and death of people - not so much.

...Social justice in health care requires universal coverage and ensured access to care, whether through social insurance, private insurance, or some combination.

Dear Governor Easley: Just Say No

Much has been written about the abstinence-only debacle, including many calls to our elected leaders to turn down federally dollars for this destructive approach to education. Today, Paige Johnson, of Planned Parenthood of North Carolina, has a good wrap-up of the issue, with a clear call to Governor Easley to take both a principled and a pragmatic stand. Her column is at NC Policy Watch.

To help young adults gain access to lifesaving information that will prepare them for a healthy tomorrow, Governor Easley should reject the Federal Government’s highly restrictive Title V Abstinence Only Sex Education money and establish state support for comprehensive sex education.

11th District Republican Party Asunder

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It's been a torturous time for North Carolina's 11th District Republicans since disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor's ignominious defeat in 2006. Wacky Chad Nesbitt tried to take over the Buncombe Party, forcing the end of a libertarian coup. The Henderson County webmaster resigned very publicly. A chorus of voices rose up to criticize The Lump for playing coy over whether he would run again for the Congressional seat. Taylor himself, safely bunkered at his Transylvania compound, was silent as the grave for over a year. Strong potential candidates like Jeff Hunt and Tom Apodaca withdrew their names from consideration in part because of Taylor's intransigence.

Today there are three candidates in the running for the Republican nomination: An intellectual libertarian, a rigid ideologue, and a squishy Party man. The head of the redundantly named Henderson County Republican Men's Club wants to see more of the Party apparatus get involved in putting the candidates out before the public in the same way they did in late November.

The GOP's district Chair, Stephen Duncan, isn't too interested in making that sort of thing happen,

"There are individuals who feel there are different ways of doing things," Duncan said.

Principled stands . . . updated

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My friends are sick of me talking and writing about the lottery. And when one of my fellow front-pagers recently won a thousand bucks on a $20 ticket, I confess to thinking, "awwww, maybe it's not so terrible." But the truth is, the lottery IS so terrible, as Steve Ford, the editorial page editor at the N&O. wrote today.

To pirate a line from "All the King's Men," North Carolina's state lottery was conceived in sin and born of corruption. We may never learn all the gory details surrounding its passage, but to say that its supporters in the General Assembly finagled it through by hook and by crook pretty much conveys the spirit of the thing.


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