Open Thread: Repent!

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In other news,

State Baptist Convention delegates voted overwhelming to oust a Charlotte congregation, Myers Park Baptist Church, that has said it welcomes gays as they are. That stance goes against the convention's rules requiring churches to encourage homosexuals to repent.

Wow. That's like asking short people to repent for not measuring up, so to speak. Or redheads to repent for having too many freckles.

What a bunch of idiots.

My illegal friend

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I offer this not as a solution to anything, but simply to humanize the issue. It is about my friend, whom I will call Alex.

Alex is the son of a middle-class Mexican family that couldn't keep it together in their home state south of our border. With too many children to feed, the father entered the US illegally 20 years ago. Ten years ago, when Alex was 18, he followed his father to America legally, on a work visa. When his visa expired, he chose to stay here illegally. When he tells the story, it's clear it was a hard decision. Had Alex returned to Mexico, he would have lost his job working at a cement factory. His father, who was injured and disabled at the same factory five years earlier, returned to Mexico and is no longer able to work. Alex is the sole source of income for his parents.

Bob Orr Talks to Teachers

Some people tell me I pay too much attention to Bob Orr, one of the Republicans running for Governor. That's probably true. But I've always had a soft spot for smart people and underdogs - and Bob Orr is both. Polling out today shows him in a solid third place behind Fred "The Asphalt King" and Bill Graham Crackers. And the fact is, Bob Orr really isn't a Republican in any true sense of the word. (His only big problem is his relationship with Art Pope, but that's another story.)

On his blog today, Orr has some hard observations about the tough business of public education.

Last Wednesday found the campaign team replete with Gary Robertson of the AP in tow, in Charlotte on an educational fact finding mission. We spent the morning at Central Piedmont Community College, the state's largest, learning about everything going on there as well as several of the major challenges facing our community colleges.

My first Veterans' Day

This is a very special Veterans’ Day for me, because it marks the first time I am observing the holiday as a veteran. After 28 years in the U.S. Army National Guard, I retired this year as lieutenant colonel. I am proud to call myself a veteran.

Although I have retired, I have not abandoned the ideals that led me to join the Guard in 1979. I still believe it is our responsibility to protect, defend and strengthen our great country. That is why I am running for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina.

Recapping the Preferences for the Lt. Governor's Race

Awhile back, I asked the question "WHOM do you support for Lt. Governor, and why?". As I thought, the answers were split between those who hadn't thought that much about it and those who already had a dog in the race. In the interest of continuing my education on this race, I thought I would recap why people are supporting the various candidates. The who's and why's after the break.

Open thread

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What a day! For starters, we had Ed Ridpath live-blogging with us. And then every body headed over to Pam's Place for another meet-and-greet with Jim Neal. This place sure emptied out fast once Ed signed off.

Anyway, thanks to you all for joining the conversation and staying engaged.

And to all the veterans out there on this singular day, I wish you peace.


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