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They're at it again. The liberal commies in North Carolina are all up in arms again about poor old poor people. The Winston Salem Journal, via the Associated Press, has the story

Dozens of anti-poverty and special interest groups urged budget negotiators Tuesday to keep in place two "temporary" taxes, approve a tax credit for low-income residents and spend more on education, health and environmental programs.

"We urge lawmakers to adopt a progressive, forward-looking and fiscally responsible state budget. It's what we call a 'can-do' budget that aggressively engages the problems confronting the people of our state, particularly the most vulnerable," Bill Rowe with the N.C. Justice Center said at a Legislative Building news conference.


Coalition members sent a letter to most House and Senate members asking them to keep in place what's left of two taxes first approved in 2001 _ a quarter-cent increase on the sales tax and a higher income tax rate for the state's highest wage earners. The Senate wants the taxes to expire, saying they've been on the books long enough. But House Democrats want them kept on, leaving the sales tax at 6.75 percent and an 8 percent income tax bracket in place until 2009.

Been on the books long enough? What the heck does that mean? The real question should be: How long has POVERTY been on the books? These temporary taxes shouldn't be repealed they should be made permanent. And Joe Hackney should start the negotiations by saying he wants to raise the tax on the highest wage earners by another half percent.

On Teaching Debt Collection To Kids, Or, Here's The Outrage Of The Week

In which we discuss an exciting new way to teach children to pay their bills

-frontpaged because it is so horribly, unbelievably, real (RP).

an excerpt (RP):

the Chula Vista (a suburb of San Diego, California) Elementary School District’s “alternate meals” plan, which works something like this:

If a parent owes the district more than $5 in meal money, the district will send a letter home, put a sticker on the child’s hand, and eventually, hire collection agencies.

If all that fails, the district will basically...repossess lunch.
How is that possible, you ask?

What's up in your neck of the woods? - Open Thread

Great news for Charlotte. Even though the city pays its city manager substantially lower than comparable cities, Charlotte has hired a new city manager to replace the retiring Pam Syfert.

Curt Walton, who was one of three men under consideration for the job, was selected in a unanimous final decision last night by the Charlotte City Council. The other two men had their supporters and both brought great qualities to the table, but the final unanimous decision was for Curt Walton.

Fayetteville Area Pilots 2010 Census

I worked the 2000 Census and have been fascinated by the process ever since. In those days we went out with our maps and lists of addresses. I carried those thick forms into every corner of Jackson County, North Carolina. The Jeep J-10 took me up roads without names to people who didn't see many other people. It was a charming and awkward way to get to know people.

Anyway, enough woolgathering, the US Census Department has decided to come to Fayetteville to warm up for the decennial, and they've brought new toys:

Will the DCCC stand by Their Man?

Sigh. I guess I need to clarify some things.

Last week I claimed that people shouldn't assume that the DCCC is going to financially support Larry Kissell in a substantive way. One person wondered if this was hyperbole. An emailer asked me what I had against the DCCC. (Really, you have to ask?) Finally, I get a phone call with basically the same question.

Where's my proof?

NC-08: Pizza for Progressives, Kissell Edition

For those of you who haven't seen a Pizza for Progressives pitch before, let me repeat the idea behind it.

What do you do once a week that you could live without?
* that big espresso drink from your favorite coffee shop = $4.00
* stopping by the bar for a drink and some wings to watch Sportscenter = $15
* going out to eat with your wife and kids = $50
* Poker night with the crew = $100

If you can give up coffee for one day, go donate $5. If you can go home and crack a Schlitz and eat a hot dog instead of stopping at the bar for wings and a pint, donate $15. Go to Whole Foods and get one of their delicious frozen pizzas for you and the kids and donate $50. Take your significant other to a movie instead of playing poker and donate the extra $75 to your favorite candidate.

Edwards Supports Net Neutrality

While I work to fight HB1587 in the NC house I was wondering where our Presidential candidates might stand on this bill. HB1587 is ANTI-Net Neutrality on a very local level. Federal anti-net neutrality legislation isn't going fast enough for the telcos so they went to the state legislature. So today I found a letter John Edwards wrote to the FCC. (Hat tip to Micah Sifry on Tech Pres)


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