You got a problem with mercenaries? Get over it.

Joseph Neff at the News and Observer has a great round-up story on the trials, tribulations and triumphs of Erik Prince, dark lord over all things Blackwater. Mr. Prince, as you know, is the top dog among mercenary mongrels here in the states. I hope you'll go read the article and learn how the Democratic Congress is continuing to pour money into Prince's pockets.

Real World: Denver, Convention Edition

I was elected as a pledged delegate for Sen. Clinton this weekend. Skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The excitement has rubbed off a little, but it was so thrilling yesterday to watch MY returns "come in" on the computer projector screen. I know there are some people who have been to previous DNC conventions, so that it seems "old hat," but this is my first time, and I am thrilled! Especially given the potential scenario this year, and the position I'm in.

Thank you, Governor Easley

Chris Fitzsimon at NC Policy Watch wraps the week with a good summary of North Carolina's recent spate of adults behaving badly on the immigration front. I hope he will forgive my lifting a little more than usual from the front of his Friday Follies column yesterday.

Say what you want about Governor Mike Easley, but he deserves a lot credit for continuing to stand up for undocumented kids in North Carolina who want to continue their education at a community college or public university. Easley told the North Carolina News Network this week that the recent decision by Community College President Scott Ralls to ban the admission of academically qualified students who are undocumented was an example of "poor leadership."

How will BlueNC help us win in November?

In 2006 BlueNC’s huge coup was to get DailyKos and MyDD to pay attention to Larry Kissell. The members of this site also dived in on local races and gave some much needed last minute attention and on the ground help to some smaller races and candidates. People here also shined a huge spotlight on the bad things Chuck Taylor had done. In 2007 the site built and built, becoming a focal point of policy discussions, putting some real pressure on the legislature, and participating fully in the efforts to pick a successor for Elizabeth “I live in Kansas” Dole.

So the question is, what do we want to be able to say we did in November?


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