BlueNC's Changing of the Guard

 A little over six months ago we were fortunate enough to have three from our community accept the call to help our front page team get through election season.  Thank you to Dan B., scharrison and momoaizo for helping patrol comments, for writing posts for the front page and for keeping conversations going.

As Dan, Steve and Linda rotate off of front page duty, two new community members have agreed to share their voices as front page writers.  Thank you LoftT and usernamehere.  I look forward to reading what you have to say in the months to come.

Please join me in welcoming  LoftT and usernamehere and thanking them for their willingness to help lead our conversations.

My racist haircut - why tomorrow is not so far from 1960

I am not equal to the task of addressing what tomorrow means to a Southern white man. I grew up in the South. I grew up in Guilford County, North Carolina. So did my mother. Mom grew up a few miles from the Woolworth where, in 1960, when my mom was 11, four young men from North Carolina A&T State University sat down and asked only to be allowed to eat their food.


Think about that. 1960. Ten years before I was born. Two years before the birth of the black man who will, tomorrow, take the office of President of the United States.

How long? Not long.

In Alamance County, Tony Foriest again confounds old ideas about voting patterns

In the 2008 elections, Alamance County went for McCain, Hagan, McCrory and Pittenger.

However, Alamance voters also chose Democrat Tony Foriest for a second term in the NC state Senate.

Why is this notable?  Foriest is an African-American Democrat who won a non-minority legislative district.

This isn't the first time this has happened in recent NC legislative elections, but it is notable that the NC GOP targeted Senator Foriest and this district, but Foriest still outpolled Obama, Perdue and Dalton in growing Alamance County.

It should be noted that both Alamance and Caswell counties comprise the 24th Senate district.

The Inauguration of Barack Obama

We are saying goodbye to a president who would look at those Americans who oppose him and say, "I will fight you," and we are greeting a president who will look at those Americans who oppose him and say, "I will fight for you."

Please join us for our full collection of inauguration day posts, videos and pictures. Join us as we chat about today's events and relive some of our favorite moments of the campaign season.

If bandwidth and traffic allow we will carry a live feed of the inauguration here on BlueNC.  Please use this space to tell us what today means to you.  Feel free to share your photos, videos and favorite moments from the campaign trail in the comments or write your own blog post.


Optimism comes naturally to some people. Like my wonderful wife, for example. It runs in her veins like iron-rich blood.  But not in mine. I tilt the other way most of the time. Not necessarily pessimistic, more like skeptical.  It takes fully conscious effort and no small leaps of faith for me to see the glass half full.  But even the skeptic in me is looking up these days. Because we seem to be facing a new possibility of race in America. 

Inaugural Plans at BlueNC

You will notice some temporary changes at BlueNC over the next couple of days.  ABC 11's Ross Weidner out of Raleigh contacted us to let us know about his coverage of the inauguration and the events leading up to it.  You will see his Twitter Feed or Tweets in our left sidebar.  You can also find his news coverage, blog feed and videos at the News 11 web site.

We will have plenty of threads where you can help us remember all the horrors of the Bush administration and document them before the revisionist historians get their hands on them.


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