Bye Bye, Liddy: The End of an Era - Open Thread

From MSNBC Firstread:

*** End of another era? Down the ballot in North Carolina, the Democratic hit that Elizabeth Dole spent just 20 days in the Tar Heel State in 2005 and 13 days there in 2006 might very well have been the final nail in her coffin in her race against Dem challenger Kay Hagan. Could the end of the Bush era also bring us the end of the Dole era? There has been a Dole in the Senate for nearly 50 straight years -- and either a Bush or a Dole on the national ticket going back to '72. Will Liddy Dole's potential defeat signal the true end of the two most powerful Republican families of the last 50 years?

Not so fast

There's plenty of reason for skepticism about speed in legislative deliberations. Things sneak by, despite the best of intentions.

For example, I learned from this well-researched analysis that the bail out bill would have created an option for banks to hold ZERO RESERVES against their transaction accounts.

ZERO RESERVES? Who thinks that is a good idea?

UPDATE: Not so fast on the not so fast. Another writer says reserves don't matter. Hmmmmmm.

Pat McCrory "Suspends" Campaign

In a rare move, Pat McCrory decided yesterday to tend to a crisis in the city where he is Mayor instead of continuing on the campaign trail. Earlier this year, while parts of Charlotte were under water during the floods of 2008, McCrory chose to keep his feet dry and stay away from the city at its time of crisis.

He preferred to "phone it in."

Republicans Fail to Bring Enough Votes to Shore Up American Economy [VIDEO]

I admit to thinking that the Republican leadership has to be some of the nastiest, whiniest, most asinine, most unprofessional people out there. However, when the Republicans showed up for their press conference after the failed bailout vote, I absolutely could not believe my ears. I watched in utter disbelief as John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Roy Blunt whined that they couldn't get the votes they'd committed to bring to the House today because of the speech Nancy Pelosi gave. They blamed Nancy Pelosi. They said she didn't have the leadership to get the votes.

Ground game

In addition to being a blogger here in North Carolina, Greensboro's Ed Cone also writes for one of the top Information Technology publishers, CIO Insight. This week, his work features a discussion of the differences and similarities between Obama's and McCain's ground games - specifically focused on how they're using technology. It's a four part series, and if you're interested in the future of byte-to-byte combat in elections, it's a must read.

Ukraine, NATO and Corporate Foreign Policy

Although the debate Friday night did expose some stark differences between the two candidates for President, there are some areas they both come close to agreement on. Unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily follow that this consensus represents a solid policy position that will forward America's future. I am referring specifically to Barack Obama's stated desire to see Ukraine's accession to NATO successfully realized, which I believe is just one in a long line of wrong-headed and downright dangerous foreign policy moves.

Elizabeth Dole: Absent without Leave

Elizabeth Dole's absence from North Carolina has long been fodder for discussion among Democrats. We're prone to refer to her as a carpetbagger and talk about her 40+ year absence from the state, her voting history in Kansas, her run for president as a Kansan and her residence at the Watergate where she and husband Bob have lived since they were married in 1975. What we don't talk about is her long history of service in North Carolina because there is no history to speak of.


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