Insider Advantage--McCain up two, Dole-Hagan tied

Amid all the handwringing on dKos about Obama's shrinking poll numbers, Insider Advantage has some good news.

This poll was just taken yesterday. McCain's only up two, with 45 percent to Obama's 43 percent. And almost a week after the Saddleback Forum, no less. It hasn't been factored into the composite yet, but I'm betting this turns North Carolina yellow again (it's currently pink). The Senate race is a flat-footed tie, with Dole and Hagan getting 40 percent apiece.

RSVP Deadline For Important Convention Events

There are a few events that I can't attend that sound wonderful and I want to make sure our delegates and other bloggers know about them since the deadline to RSVP to attend them is today. I will have to pick up credentials between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. which makes it close to impossible to attend these events. I am going to copy and paste the information here. Let me know if you have trouble reaching the contact.

Elizabeth City Daily Advance Gives ElectriCities the One TWO punch: Pooping the Party Editorial

Talk about getting ugly. Hey James, this one is front page worthy, huh?

Editorial: Pooping the party

Saturday, August 16, 2008

No doubt it was not ElectriCities' intention to show how ridiculously insensitive, self-serving and out of touch elected officials can be. But by staging its annual meeting at the Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, S.C., last weekend, just weeks after raising its members' electricity rates by 14 percent, the group managed to do just that.

Open Thread: McCain's Mansions

Robert Greenwald has released a new viral video about the many mansions of John McCain. It's disgusting.

However, I've also been doing some thinking (in the aftermath of the Edwards whizzbang) about how wealthy candidates are able to inflate their own bubbles, float safely within them above the machinery of party and populi, and thus avoid so much of what makes financially scrappy politicians more accountable.

Local boy makes good!

Phillip Gilfus hit the N&O with a splash yesterday in this story by Rob Christensen. Sorry I missed this, but I do tend to gloss over Christensen's byline. All the same, it's a good article.

Gilfus has long been a Democrat, interning with two Democratic state senators in the legislature when he was younger. An Episcopalian, Gilfus said his religious beliefs influenced his political choices.

"That is why I am a Democrat," Gilfus said. "The Gospel does teach us about caring for our fellow man."


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