Cooper for Senate

This was not submitted for BlueNC WoW, but it was written by a female writer here at BlueNC and deserves wider attention.

Last summer, Roy Cooper sent an e-mail out to supporters announcing that he'd be seeking re-election as the state's top law enforcement official. The e-mail put to rest widespread speculation that Cooper would join Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue and State Treasurer Richard Moore in vying for the governor's mansion. Cooper's friends say the decision was personal, not political--that he'd rather spend time with his two daughters and that he genuinely enjoys his work with the state's Department of Justice.

"You can make a real difference," Cooper told N&O Political Reporter, Rob Christensen, in August. "Bill Clinton once said the best job he ever had was being attorney general."

Indeed he did...and yet, somehow, within a year of becoming attorney general, he had already made up his mind to run for governor.

Grier Martin for Senate

I'm often amazed at the speed with which the world can change. One minute I'm biting my nails, wondering if one of the most capable representatives in Congress will leave the House and run for Senate. And in the blink of an eye, I'm writing a post declaring my unqualified and passionate enthusiasm for a different person, a man I am asking to take the plunge: Representative Grier Martin.

I first got to know Grier on March 3, in a live-blogging session that started this way:

It's been a busy BlueNC week. We closed out February with the first-ever Women on Wednesdays, and a record 13,008 unique visitors for the shortest month of the year. We got the scoop on "new rules" for the NC House, and today we have a second-term representative, Grier Martin, stopping by to answer your questions. He's a primary sponsor on the Renewable Portfolio Standards bill, and is intensely interested in veterans affairs and family issues.

Dole = Bush

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Put it on a bumper sticker. For Brad Miller, or any other Democrat who is considering a run against Elizabeth Dole, your campaign does not need to be any more complicated than that.

Voters need to be relentlessly reminded that Elizabeth Dole has been nothing more than a loyal lap-dog for George Bush. His administration, and Dole’s judgment, have been disastrous both for our country and for North Carolina.


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