NC-11 Republicans To Get In Bed With Karl Rove

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt's understandable that, given the bruised egos of western North Carolina's disgraced Republican leaders, they would welcome a visit from a nationally renowned strategist like Karl Rove. God knows the National Republican Campaign Committee left former Congressman Charles Taylor twisting in the wind during the 2006 race, spending millions of his own dollars, running unsophisticated ad after unsophisticated ad on radio and television. The NRCC spent hundreds of millions of dollars for the privilege of losing to Democrats across America, but they didn't spend it in NC-11.

NC-11's Republican Party leaders have decided to hitch their wagons to Bush's dying star. Karl Rove's visit to Hendersonville, NC in late April is the beginning of a concerted effort among Bush/Taylor Republicans to desperately cling to Rove's slash-and-burn politics.

Multiple Psychosis

I am sick and tired of people dumping on Muslim people like it's open season year round with no bag limit. The people in this picture were among many Muslims last Saturday in Research Triangle Park raising money for Multiple Sclerosis research. They weren't killing infidels, they weren't stopping to pray, they weren't waving copies of the Koran. They were walking to help find a cure for a debilitating disease. I didn't see any "crusaders" at the fundraising walk. Now if we could just find a cure for mass psychosis.

Weekend Wound Up: NC Policy Watch Edition

Chris Fitzsimon throws a lasso around a crazy week with a great summary of the shenanigans going on in Raleigh. Give it a read.

Quite a week for Follies. The state parses words about killing people, , a prominent Democrat thinks philosophical purity about property rights is more important than staying alive, the Governor’s office thinks getting more poor people to play the lottery is best way to help education, and the Chair of the State Republican Party seems to think that schools are pork barrel projects.

It's good to have our own site up and runn

In praise of bored Chinese Jews?

If you're not stopping by The Progressive Pulse at NC Policy Watch from time to time, you're missing some good stuff - like this amazing story about Representative Curtis Blackwood, a truly vile creature by any standard I can imagine.

The Union County Republican told a committee that Japanese people are better at science than Americans, while "Jewish people do better than our general population in verbal," and the Chinese really know how to produce things more cheaply than we do. No love for the wily Filipino, huh Curt? (Credit to Marlon Brando for that one.) It's bad enough when Hollywood stars talk like that, but, honestly, a state lawmaker? That's pathetic. And racist. And a smidge xenophobic. Also, it's nonsensical. Last time I checked, the general population of the US included a fair number of Jews, not to mention plenty of people of Asian extraction.

Tony Rand- Repub in Sheep's Clothing?

The Raleigh News & Observer reports today that Senate Majority leader Tony Rand (D- Allegedly) has authored a bill that is anti-consumer and a gift to the insurance lobby:

A bill introduced in the state Senate calls for stripping the North Carolina insurance commissioner's authority to set rates on auto, homeowners and workers' compensation insurance.

Under the measure, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand at the urging of the insurance industry, a Superior Court judge would rule on rate disputes after conducting a hearing. Currently, the insurance commissioner presides over such hearings and determines the maximum rates that insurers can charge.

NC has a relatively strong Insurance Commissioner. To the industry, that's a bad thing. The solution, of course, is to strip him of his ability to regulate rates. And on top of that, the burden of proof would be reversed, so that insurance companies would almost automatically be granted whatever rate hikes they sought. This is a play right out of the GOP playbook. Why would an alleged Democrat even consider this, let alone author it?

Even the NRA Takes Aim at the Navy

You know you're in a world of hurt when you're the US Navy and the freakin' National Rifle Association is on your case. But that's just what the NO OLF Brigade announced today in Washington DC. Babs Barrett, of the steadily improving McClatchy news organization, wrote the story.

WASHINGTON - The outlying landing field that the U.S. Navy wants to build in eastern North Carolina could have national and even international implications for wildlife and sports enthusiasts, according to a coalition of activists who spoke this morning at a news conference in the nation’s capital.


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