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If you go to the website for Lieutenant Governor candidate (and NC State Senator) Walter Dalton, the first thing you see is a big old banner proclaiming that "Dalton Breaks Fundraising Record" - with the following press release:

Senator Walter Dalton, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, today announced that in the reporting period ending June 30th, he raised nearly half a million dollars, surpassing the fundraising totals for all previous candidates for Lieutenant Governor at this point in the campaign.

Dalton, who announced his candidacy in mid-March, collected over $474,000 from January 1st through June 30th. Most significantly, over 95% of the funds came from individual contributors, with more than 600 people donating to the campaign. Additionally, 97% of the money raised came from sources inside North Carolina.

I can't believe it....Congressional Unanimity in North Carolina?

Well, Almost! Would you believe that all (but one) of our Congressional Representatives voted the same on a recent Amendment to the the Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act of 2007? First, I couldn't believe that Republicans and Democrats would actually agree on something, and then I started to wonder why. Follow me below the fold for the details...

Your parents matter.

I've gotten more and more into the tech and happenings in social networks, so I came across this video through my scobleizer feed. Don't know what that is, don't worry. The point of this post isn't really about the tech, it's about the kid. You know what, I could have been this kid, lots of people I've met could have been this kid - if they were born in Silicon Valley. As a parent, one of my goals is to give my kids every opportunity, not everyTHING, but every opportunity. Where I grew up it was all about sports for kids, football, baseball, yadda, yadda, yadda. I don't want my kids to grow up that way, they want to do art camp - cool. This summer my son did lots and lots of science camps and he was OKAY about it, but not crazy. His best friend on the other hand is a natural-born scientist. I hope he follows that. If my daughter wants to become an artist that is fine, a fashion designer (she has loved shoes since age ONE) that is fine, a doctor, great. Recently, we had a conversation about why there were no women on our Presidents placemat and she decided to become President. I, of course, am fine with that too. The only thing I won't let her do is date, but other than THAT!!!

I think we can all learn something from this video and that is that kids can do more than we give them credit for, in other countries kids my son's age are already speaking two or three languages for instance. Anyway, here is a video introduction of a kid that I don't consider "inspirational", I consider him....introduced. Introduced to the world at large.


David Mills, who heads the Common Sense Foundation, has an informative piece up at NCPW today about the trials and tribulations of landfill legislation. It's a complicated set of issues, and David does a nice job sifting through them.

Mega-landfills have been proposed for Brunswick, Camden, Columbus, Hyde, Richmond, and Scotland counties, all of which are struggling economically. Dumping out-of-state waste on the poorest counties in the state may have some short-term benefits in job creation, but the environmental impact must be minimized and closely observed.

Furthermore, state leaders should consider investing in real, sustainable economic development for these depressed counties. Instead of dumping trash on them, and instead of dumping cash on corporations to locate there, state government should invest in local infrastructure to make these counties more attractive to industry. Investing in the community colleges to enhance the attractiveness of the local work force would be a fine start.

The poor get screwed again.

John Locke Institute has taken strong interest in Jackson proposals

Call me partisan but I feel like if the John Locke Institute is involved it probably involves hurting people to make a buck. FYI this is from 7/18/2007 and the meeting was 7/19 so there is more information out there that my cut and paste job isn't providing.


Jackson County is on the verge of passing the toughest development regulations in the state this week, potentially making it a target for lawsuits.

Yearly Kos 2007


I'm here. It wasn't easy navigating the Dan Ryan Freeway during morning rush hour after staying up too late drinking the just-released Chimay Tripel at The Small Bar while watching the Cubs squeak out a victory against the Phillies, but I made it. YK07 is at McCormick Place in sunny Chicago. The convention center is enormous.

Today's schedule is packed. If you have anything you want to know or want me to see/get/do for you, please email me at Here's what I'm planning to attend today:

Creating a Culture of Grassroots Giving
The Agony and Ecstacy of Successful State-Local Blogging
Volunteer Recruitment and Development
NC Bloggers Caucus
Atlantic South Netroots Caucus
MyDD Caucus
Drinking Liberally Happy Hour
Opening Keynote with Senator Dick Durbin and DNC Chairman Howard Dean
Pub Quiz

You can watch for updates here or over at Scrutiny Hooligans. w00t!


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