Fresh Clean Open Thread

What's going on in your back yard?

It's campaign season locally. I'm having a hard time getting into it. The realtor's association has anti home and land tax signs up. Local Republican government wants the transfer tax, but no telling how the voters will go. I have a lot to learn about Union County politics.

Does anyone else have the transfer tax on the ballot? Anyone? Everyone?

Larry Kissell holds his own in 3rd Q fundraising, Robin Hayes loses ground

First let me say right from the start that I would love to have seen Larry Kissell bring in $500,000 this quarter. He brought in a little over $80,000 to put toward 2008 and he brought in almost $30,000 to pay off debt from last cycle's efforts. Kissell raised over $110,000 and he did not lose ground, he did not go into debt, he's well ahead of where he was this quarter last cycle and his poll numbers are kicking ass.

BREAKING AGAIN: John Edwards gets MORE Good News from SEIU

From NBC/NJ’s Tricia Miller

In addition to the local Iowa SEIU, nine other [state] local chapters will endorse Edwards, including California, which has more than 600,000-members, at an event in Iowa City later today, according to Democratic sources with knowledge of the endorsements. The others will be Washington (103,000 members), Michigan (70,000 members), Idaho (400 members), Montana (500 members), Minnesota (28,000 members), Ohio (22,000 members), West Virginia (4,000 members) and Oregon (46,000 members)

Consider this, Edwards has the Michigan SEIU, Steelworkers, and UMW working for him in Michigan, where the candidates will not campaign. He also was due to walk the picket line with the UAW strike recently.

S-CHIP VETO OVERIDE on THURSDAY. Get on the Phone today.

On Thursday, Congress will attempt to override President Bush's veto of the S-CHIP veto. It looks like the Senate will have the votes to make this happen, but House is in doubt. It is crucial that you call your legislator to let them know just how important children's health care is to North Carolina. Let them know that it's more important to you than a tobacco tax. Let them know that they need to send a message to President Bush that Americans have had enough of his Business before People policies.

Do you need some background on what the S-CHIP program has meant to NC? I thought you might. More after the break.

Supporting local candidates, statewide

Dear friend,

As many of you know, I enjoy campaigning. There’s no better way to see our great state or get to know its citizens than attending the party functions, civic events and statewide conventions in which I’ve had the opportunity to participate over the last year. But some of the best times I’ve had on the trail came over the past month, when I joined local Democrats in Durham, Forsyth and Wake Counties to register voters.

Wherein Anglico apologizes

I owe you all an apology.

The truth is, I'm in a foul mood, which shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Our nation is going down the toilet both morally and fiscally. Our taxes are funding a mercenary army to fight George Bush's misguided wars. Democrats in Congress appear to be nowhere near up to the task of setting things right. And our two Democratic candidates for governor are behaving like children.

Even worse, I've gone and joined the stupid fray. I suppose I imagined there was something I could say that would be useful. There is not. And I am embarrassed to have made myself a part to the problem.

Richard Moore and Beverly Perdue's Health Care for Kids

I am going to set out a fairly brief review of the health care for kids outlines that both candidates have submitted. I won't call them plans, because they really aren't plans at this point. They are outlines and will be treated as such, though I must give Beverly Perdue credit for submitting a much more complete outline of her total health care package. Moore's lack of a total health care plan is one reason I am only posting about children. Nonetheless, Perdue almost lost me with this, which seems like a swipe at Rep. Verla Insko, Health Care for All NC, and the Commission idea they are pressing:

Just Say NO to Coal

It's time again to tell NC state officials and Duke Energy that coal-fired power plants are irresponsible in this time of global warming crisis. Attend a public hearing for the proposed Duke Energy Cliffside power plant and learn why we should say "NO to coal" in NC. Citizens' hearings being held in Charlotte, Asheville and Raleigh. Join us!


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