North Carolina one of 21 states set to run out of S-CHIP funds

From the New York Times, via the RWJF Health Insurance Coverage, we find that the Congressional Research Service has finished a study that says 21 states will run out of money to fund their Children's Health Insurance Program during the coming year if Congress continues spending at current levels.

The result?

States, unsure of federal money, are drafting contingency plans in case it runs short.

Officials in charge of the child health program in California said Tuesday that they were adopting rules to allow the state to create a waiting list and to remove some of the 1.1 million children already on the rolls.

“The stalemate in Washington is having a real impact on children here,” said Lesley S. Cummings, executive director of the agency that runs the child health program in California. “Given continued uncertainty, we will have to start dropping children from the program — 64,000 a month, starting in January — to save money. This is getting less and less hypothetical.”

Photo from the original NYTs article after the break, showing the 21 states who will run out of funds including our own North Carolina.

Be here at 7! Sunday live-blogging with Ed Ridpath

Many of you already know Ed Ridpath already. He's a frequent visitor, a BlueNC advertiser, and a solid citizen. And he's running for the NC House in District 37.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to challenge a deep-seated, special interest Republican, you can find out tonight at 7, in a conversation with Ed right here at BlueNC.

Bumped and stickied by Betsy. See you all here tonight at 7pm to chat with Ed Ridpath and at Pam's House Blend for the Jim Neal live blog at 8pm.

Save the last bullet for yourself

When I was in Vietnam so many years ago (artillery) I sometimes wondered what I would do if I thought I was going to be captured. Stories of torture and atrocity were common place and I wondered whether or not I could withstand such things. It never came to that, but there were times I was pretty scared.

I've read the accounts of many who were captured and tortured. While I know the hope of returning to their loved ones and home sustained those brave soldiers, I also know somewhere in their minds they were also comforted and rebelliously sustained knowing they held the high moral ground and that their captors would someday be punished for their crimes.

50 State Blog Roundup 11/9

Robert P. and I had the pleasure of putting together this week's 50 State Blog Roundup. The really heavy lifting was performed by the excellent bloggers you'll find at each state site.


   Texas Kaos reports that rogue Judge Sharon Keller got a rebuke from another quarter this week when the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals changed its rules to allow email appeals.

Shuler, McIntyre and 159 Republicans Vote To Keep Discrimination Legal

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHeath Shuler and Mike McIntyre voted with 159 Republicans and 23 Democrats to allow employers to discriminate against gay and lesbian employees. That is, they voted to give employers permission to fire employees solely because of their sexual orientation. The bill, Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), passed the House on a 235-184 vote, no thanks to Congressmen Shuler and McIntyre, who again chose to give their homosexual constituents a raw deal.

Here’s what Shuler said in a press release regarding his opposition to ENDA. This is the statement in full:

“I oppose discrimination and bigotry in any and all forms. I was pleased to support Chairman Miller’s amendment to bring further clarification to this legislation. However, I was unable to support final passage of this bill because I believe there are still serious legal ambiguities in the legislation, which could lead to protracted and onerous legal challenges. I look forward to working with my colleagues to address these concerns as this legislation moves forward.”

Shuler did not name a single “legal ambiguity”, nor did he explain why fear of legal challenges would outweigh taking a principled stance opposing “discrimination and bigotry”. Chairman Miller’s amendment made it certain that religious groups could continue discriminating and that this wasn’t some sneaky way to allow gays to marry. In otherwords, Shuler supported the amendment, which would allow and support continued discrimination, but he opposed the actual bill, which makes discrimination on the job illegal.


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