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Happy New Year and welcome to BlueNC. Those of you who have been here a while will notice some changes we're implementing. You should still be able to do everything you were able to do before. We are still using Drupal, but we've added a new look and a few new features. There are some changes we will continue to work on and we will certainly take any suggestions under advisement. Be nice. I'm new at this and I'm tired! :)

The first thing we will fix is the new comment layout. I'm embarrassed to say that when I was trying this layout on for size, I did it at my site and never once checked to see what the comments would look like. I should have that fixed by later today.

Thinking ahead

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The master's thesis I wrote in 1980 explored how children learn about time. Against the backdrop of Piaget's theories of cognitive development, I hypothesized that television plays havoc with traditional conceptions of time. In particular, I believed that heavy use of television could cause children to become less patient by distorting their understanding of how long things take in real life. Using survey research and experimental design, my hypotheses were found to be correct.

Fast-forward 27 years to the Age of the Intertubes and the elasticity of time is even more apparent. Between high-speed multi-tasking, complex conversations that can happen anytime and anywhere, time shifting of media, and our bizarre ability to gain and lose hours simply by passing laws, there can be no doubt that time is indeed relative.

Nowhere is that relativity more apparent to me than in the world of politics. The past seven years have seemed like seventy, a kind of catastrophic train wreck unfolding in slow-motion to those trapped inside the cars. It has been interesting, to say the least, to watch different political camps respond.

Canvassing in the Snow

We're on our second snow "event" since I arrived but don't worry. It's barely over freezing so we're having all the fun and none of the discomfort. Tomorrow's snowball fight might change that.

We're having the time of our lives up here, y'all. There's still time to come up and join us, you know. The campaign is providing housing and I've never met a more amazing group of volunteers.

Going to Iowa or coming to New Hampshire (or phonebanking) is the only way for you to influence the presidential race. Even if your vote doesn't count in your home state, you can easily persuade 10 or even 20 people a day by your very presence at their door or on their phone. Every contacted voter learns what you believe without your even saying a word, by the very contribution of your vacation time and travel dollar.

Email me through the website if you'd like to come up here and talk to the people of New Hampshire face to face. You won't regret it.

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False idols

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Today's New York Times contains a well-written piece that dissects the fantasies of free-market extremists quite handily. The author is Peter Goodman, one of my favorite reporters at the Times.

As we move into the year ahead, the tension between proponents of the so-called "invisible hand" and those of us who prefer to deal with reality will escalate, and the divisions will sharpen, especially around health care issues, where the "invisible hand" mostly picks taxpayers' pockets so the money can be transferred to the corporate elite.

But now the invisible hand is being asked to account for what it has wrought. In this country, many economic complaints — from the widening gap between rich and poor to the expense of higher education — are being dusted for its fingerprints.

NAACP Calls on State Leaders to Support Undocumented Immigrants

On Christmas Eve, the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP weighed in on the issue of undocumented immigrants’ access to higher education. The NAACP joined together with the Adelante Education Coalition for a joint rally and press conference.

Standing on the steps of the NC Community College System administrative building, NAACP President William Barber called upon the leaders of our state to open the doors of higher education. Calling it his Christmas message, Rev. Barber asked the question “Is there no room in the inn?”

Here are the first few minutes of Rev. Barber’s message.

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Higher Ground

Higher ground

Like the civil rights movement of the last century, which by necessity is still, well, necessary, resolving the moral and legal issues around immigration won’t wait for politicians, business leaders and polite society to work things out. Like the civil rights struggle, law and economics and the basic guarantees of human rights are in profound disagreement. Just as it was under Jim Crow, an underclass has been created, one full of individuals who are only permitted limited participation in society and are disenfranchised politically just as hardily as they are exploited economically.


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