I came, I saw, I convened. (OCDP Convention w/vids and pics)

I had a great time. The videos were just a few people that I bumped into early in the event, the pics are from throughout the event. Having done this I can only say "Bravo, Frank!" Highlights of the day were getting to meet with Robin Anderson and this young campaign guru she has working for her, talking about Orange County's "Victory Fund", and shouting out "Call the Question!" as often as possible.

Without further ado, here are a couple videos that I recorded and some photos. I swear I'm not normally so high-pitched! I think I was a little nervous, even though that is a bit silly.

Union County Convention

Today I went to my first convention in Union County. It was a great experience overall. The Democrats in most of Union County are small town rural Democrats. Everyone knows everybody else, but as a newcomer I have been welcomed with open arms. It's a shock compared to the less personal experience possible in a county the size of Mecklenburg.

These Guys Are Much More Fun Than Charles Taylor

The Hendersonville Times-News has been giving the Republican Congressional race for NC-11 a lot of ink. This article takes all three men to task, but focuses on the absurdist performance art of Carl Mumpower:

The silly season has broken out in the hotly contested Republican primary for the 11th Congressional District.

Asheville City Councilman Carl Mumpower launched a daylong cyber-fracas on Wednesday with a broadside at sunup ripping his Republican rivals.

He accused retired Army Col. Spence Campbell of Hendersonville of illegally placing roadside signs in a public right of way. He called John Armor an unprincipled lawyer who falsely claimed to have argued cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Alamance County Democratic Convention

I had the honor of representing Jim Neal at the Alamance County Democratic Convention today, and luckily, he showed up just in the nick of time so I could avoid the public speaking aspect of my surrogate duties (whew).

I'm sure I would have done just fine, but since I actually live in Alamance County, it's not like I could just fade away and never come back if I tumbled over a chair ala "America's Funniest Home Videos" or accidentally dropped an F-bomb while speaking. While they may not be as horrific as the nightmare where you show up at school naked, these things were playing in the back of my mind, nevertheless.

Here's our glorious and recently face-lifted courthouse where the Convention took place:


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