Sharing stories with the Chapel Hill HS Gay-Straight Alliance

Cross-posted at Pam's House Blend.

On Monday I attended the regular meeting of the Gay-Straight-Alliance at Chapel Hill High School and it was a wonderful experience, being surrounded by so many self-aware, talented and insightful young people who were willing to share with me what life is like for them as LGBTs and allies in 2008.

I was invited by the advisor for the GSA, chemistry instructor and strong ally Alan Rissberger (known as "the Riz" to the folks). He has created a casual, comfortable and nurturing environment for the young people to share their stories. I think it's a huge testament to Rissberger and out gay social studies teacher and co-sponsor Tom Greene, that the students were able to open up to me during my visit with the group.

Pat McCrory's "Alarming" Ethics

Pat McCrory loves him some freebies. In 2004 CPI Security Systems, an alarm company, flew McCrory on a chartered plane to Panthers playoff games in St Louis and Philadelphia. When his plane landed in Philly it was met by an official police escort which sped through the city with lights flashing making way for the party bus carrying McCrory and the CPI employees. McCrory and CPI CEO Ken Gill claimed that there was no ethics violation because CPI had no direct business with the city. They failed to mention that CPI’s security alarm business is affected by the city’s regulation of private security alarms. McCrory wants to clean up corruption but don’t take his plate away because he’s not done eating. Like Sarah Palin, the rules don’t apply to him when he doesn’t like them. In his filing with the State Ethics Commission he failed to acknowledge that he has a wife, avoiding disclosure of her financial holdings. Like Sarah Palin, he used the mayor’s public email account as contact information.


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