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I'm glad to see any public conversation about the Navy's misguided plans to build an OLF in North Carolina, but this move by Senator Elizabeth Dole to request a public hearing in Charlotte is bordering on comical.

The Navy will hold a hearing in Charlotte next month on its controversial plan to build a practice landing field near an Eastern North Carolina wildlife refuge ... Atlantic Fleet spokesman Ted Brown said the Charlotte hearing will be April 17, with an informal information period 4:30-6:30 p.m., followed by a formal hearing 7-10 p.m. The location will be announced later.

Smoking guns: Updated with flip-flop

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Mark Binker reports tonight that bill banning smoking hasn't gained enough support to satisfy its proponents.

House leaders say they will postpone consideration of a bill that would ban smoking from almost all workplaces that was tentatively scheduled for a vote Tuesday. "We've got 35-to-40 people undecided," said Rep. Hugh Holliman, a Davidson County Democrat and the House majority leader. There are 120 members of the House.


The bill would ban smoking in bars and restaurants as well as workplaces ranging from factory floors to office settings. Proponents say it will protect the health of workers. Opponents say it infringes on property owners rights.

Open Thread: Blown Tubes

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NC-11 Republicans Try to Find a Candidate

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPat McHenry, the little 10th district Congressman with the big talking points, came to Hendersonville to talk to dramatically backlit Tom Apodaca about running against Heath Shuler in November, 2008. Apodaca, an NC state Senator, had this to say, "I have spoken to former Congressman Taylor and let him know they have contacted me. I wanted to know his thoughts. He has not made up his mind, so as a courtesy, we'd stay in touch."

Lots of folks are waiting to hear Taylor say that he won't seek the seat again, and even old Bill Sabo, who never met a Republican frame he didn't like, thinks, "Republicans are trying to be deferential to Taylor but I think his time's passed,".

Tom Apodaca has conservative credentials as well as the requisite 'creepy' chops to rally the red-meat Republican base. This year he's cosponsoring S46, which provides birth certificates for stillborn children. Judging from this list of bills he's cosponsoring this legislative session, Apodaca spends a lot of time on teacher salary and school funding, Defending Marriage against the dirty homos, and increasing penalties for various laws. He sits on eleven different state committees and has a lot of monied friends to help him launch a bid.

Edwards, Fragile X, and Special Interests

Greetings friends.
Some time ago, I went searching for the early Senate record of John Edwards. My reason was simple, I wanted to find out what this man, who was elected to the Senate in 1998, stood for. Here in North Carolina, we have recently been treated to Senators that, when elected, fail to do the people's work because they know they have 6 years to make up for screwing the good folks of North Carolina. Even among Democrats, often the first couple years are spent making up favors to special interests. Don't believe me? Go check out the bills SPONSORED by your local Senators in their first couple years.
So, I did that. I wanted to see, who was it that John Edwards considered his "special interest". I'll admit that I, in particular, was shocked by what I found.

Live-blogging Jane's political salon

As some of you know know, my wife hosts a monthly political discussion at our house. Tonight the salon is featuring the Executive director of the NC Audubon Society, Chris Canfield. Some of the discussion will be about the OLF. Also will discuss the Bonner Bridge at Oregon Inlet and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore National.

I'll be updating regularly.

Larry Kissell & Young Dems: Recipe for Success

Saturday March 24, signaled the beginning of the 2008 political season for Larry Kissell. Young Dems, College Dems and Teen Dems of North Carolina were there to help him kick it off. We all know Larry is running again. He put us out of our misery by declaring his intentions immediately after November's elections. He plans to spread the official word about his campaign throughout the district by attending each Democratic convention over the next month to make sure he meets at least 330 new Democrats and re-energizes those who have been with him from the beginning.

I did not have time on Saturday to attend the convention, but regret now that I didn't figure a way to make it happen. Thomas Brock will fill everyone in on the happenings of the day. I was disappointed I missed Ed Cone and Chris Bowers giving a presentation on the internet and political activism which is a session I know I would have enjoyed. As far as I'm concerned, this convention will be a must-attend each year. It was very energizing for the short time I was there to see the young(er) leaders in our party.

Now, for the reception for Larry. One word. Wow.

Find out more (with pics) on the flip...

Steve Ford Nails Navy

Steve Ford, editorial page editor at the News and Observer, comes through loud and clear today on the Outlying Landing Field controversy. He's the first person I've read who gets right down to the real nitty-gritty behind this fiasco. His column discusses the relative merits of different proposed sites, including one in Craven County. But in passing, he hits on the Big Unspoken Truth about the Navy and the Navy pilots that are driving the OLF train off the cliff.

Not to slide too far down the conspiratorial slope, but is there also a worry that picking Craven County for the OLF would create pressure to move the whole Super Hornet operation to Cherry Point? Do Norfolk-area Navy folks not want to get stuck down in Marine Corps country?


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