The natural order


One of the neat things about UU congregations is how they engage young people to participate in all manner of activities. High schoolers have weekend retreats, pre-schoolers have bake sales, drumming circles abound and more. It was on one of those weekend retreats that my daughter met three teenagers from the Knoxville church where a gunman murdered two people on Sunday.

Real Debate or Fake Debate?

State Senator Fletcher Hartsell and State Representative Jeff Barnhart, both Cabarrus County Republicans, last week set up a non-profit corporation called “Real, Inc.”. Only Hartsell’s name appears on the corporate filing but Barnhart is listed on a parallel filing last week with the IRS establishing “Real, Inc.” as a 527 Political Committee along with Wilmington millionaire Fred Eshelman.

Christ and paradise

To the extent that I attend church these days, I go to the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durham. One of the benefits of that participation is the chance to read the excellent UU magazine, which is also available online. A recent issue featured a provocative article about the political power play behind the emergence of aggressive Christianity around 1000 AD.

Blackwater Protected Obama in Afghanistan

According to Paul Bedard at U.S. News & World Report, Blackwater USA was hired to protect Obama on his tour of Afghanistan and the firm of mercenaries also helped in Iraq. It had been reported earlier that Blackwater would not get the job.

Bedard also reports that Obama was overheard saying that, "Blackwater is getting a bad rap."

Maybe he doesn't want to win North Carolina afterall, eh?

Take Action Today! Help Larry Kissell on DCCC Day of Action

Please take just a few minutes to help Larry Kissell win the DCCC contest running today. Larry won last cycle and the DCCC sent out over 3 million fundraising emails for Larry. In 2006 the candidates had a month to plan their day of action. This cycle, they've had under a week. The winner is expected to raise over $100,000 on the fundraising email.

We can do our part and it will barely take any time out of your day.

You have two choices:

1. Go to and sign up to do virtual phone banking from your home. Spend just 20 minutes making phone calls and your efforts count.

Land Transfer Tax: Realtors v. the NC Association of Realtors

Usually BlueNC's Greg Flynn keeps his eye on the activities of the NC Association of Realtors, but I may have beaten him to the punch this morning.

The News and Observer is reporting that there is a feud brewing within the Association over the campaign to land transfer tax.

UPDATE: Greg is already 10-steps ahead of me on his blog, STOP The NC Home Ticks.

Carl Mumpower is Tony Montana

It's almost too sad to talk about. I'd like to see a strong challenge to our incumbent Heath Shuler because spirited races make for good democracy. But with erstwhile Republican opponent Carl "Army of" Mumpower undecided as to whether he ought to be running at all and Libertarian candidate Keith Smith running on the sheer power of anonymity, it looks like Mr. Shuler will get to keep most of the money he raised for his reelection. The coverage of Mumpower's meltdown has been getting all sorts of fun coverage:


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