Channeling Edward O. Wilson

One of my favorite thinkers and writers in the world is Edward O. Wilson. Today I came across this very well-crafted column about the inherent conflicts between religion and science. I thought you might enjoy it.

IT IS surpassingly strange that half of Americans recently polled (2004) not only do not believe in evolution by natural selection but do not believe in evolution at all. Americans are certainly capable of belief, and with rock-like conviction if it originates in religious dogma. In evidence is the 60 per cent that accept the prophecies of the Bible's Book of Revelation as truth, and in yet more evidence is the weight that faith-based positions hold in political life. Most of the religious right opposes the teaching of evolution in public schools, either by an outright ban on the subject or, at the least, by insisting that it be treated as "only a theory" rather than a "fact".

Dellinger to Dalton: Policy Differences Are Not the "Worst" Part of Campaigns; They're the Best

As I said in my statewide letter, “Major Differences on Major Issues” (available at, I have great personal respect for all of my opponents in the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor, despite our differences on policy matters. But I believe that voters need to know where the candidates stand on those issues, which is why I explained some of the major differences between me and an opponent on such fundamental matters as abortion rights, death penalty reform, affirmative action, and environmental protection.

My hope was that Mr. Dalton would respond by explaining and defending the merits of his positions on those key issues.

Frontpaged by A, with an open invitation to Mr. Dalton to join the discussion.

Dalton fires back at Dellinger

The LG Day at BlueNC Continues.

I just received the following mass email from the Dalton campaign, excerpted:

It appears that the worst aspect of the campaign season has reared its head already. One of my opponents in the Democratic Primary for Lieutenant Governor has spent the last few days attacking me and distorting the truth about my record. As the frontrunner in this race, I guess I should have expected this. But, it’s still sad that politics has come to this.
Perhaps I should just let these attacks go, and dismiss them as the desperate tactics of a candidate who has never created a single job, never provided health care coverage for anyone in this state, and never worked to raise teacher pay or lower class size.

How can you have any Freedom without any Responsibility?

I am so glad Rep. Miller is in Washington working to uncover the corruption and end the abuse of this Administration. Still, I so wish we could all get our families and neighbors to care more. I believe The corruption and abuse will stop on the day that the American people wake up and say, "Stop."

This post is my reaction to this article posted by the incredible Betsy Muse.

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Rep. Brad Miller: On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone.....Wanna see my picture on the cover
Rolling Stone......Wanna buy five copies for my mother
Rolling Stone......Wanna see my smilin' face
On the cover of the Rolling Stone

Rep. Brad Miller might not have actually made the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, but he was interviewed for and quoted in an article about the unchecked power of the Bush administration and the politicization of the Inspectors General.

If you haven't read the article yet, please head on over and read it. Here is the opening:

IN OCTOBER, WITH OSAMA BIN LADEN still at large, the Central Intelligence Agency announced the creation of a new spy unit. Headed by a top deputy and staffed with a select corps of agents, the operation was charged with gathering intelligence on a single man — a foe who was threatening to undermine the president's War on Terror.

but what will you DO as Lieutenant Governor?

Each of the candidates for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor have pages of issues and stances, all telling us what changes they want to see in North Carolina. BUT. It is the LIEUTENANT Governor position. It isn't the Governor, it is the North Carolina equivalent of Vice-President in most respects, a position famously described thusly:

Once there were two brothers: one ran away to sea, the other was elected Vice-President - and nothing was ever heard from either of them again
-Thomas R. Marshall

So, forget all the pomp and circumstance, what will you DO as Lieutenant Governor? This is an open letter to each of candidates, feel free to stop by and let me know, because I really am curious. More below the break.

Major Differences on Major Issues: How Dellinger and Dalton Differ

Voters deserve to know where candidates stand on major issues. Starting today, and in a fair and factual way, I am detailing some of the major differences between me and Walter Dalton, one of my opponents in the race to be the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor. You can see it all at

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Roy Carter Live-blogging Tuesday 4pm

Join us tomorrow at 4:00pm to chat with Roy Carter, the man who is going to kick Virginia Foxx's fanny take NC's fifth district seat for Democrats in 2008.

You can learn more about Roy by visiting his bio page on his web site. There have also been several diaries written here on BlueNC.

Please join us, but if you can't be here, use this thread to leave questions. I will post the live-blog thread a few minutes before 4pm.


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