The New York Times Has An Award For Liddy

In today's editorial page.

There are no awards for the season’s slimiest political messages (Swift Boat statuettes?), but two deserve consideration in the character assassination category.

In the first, Republicans in Pennsylvania flooded 75,000 Jewish voters with an e-mail alarum from a retired Jewish judge equating a vote for Barack Obama with the “tragic mistake” of Jews who ignored the warning signs of the Holocaust. Quick apologies and retractions were offered once this surfaced in the press, but too late for the unspeakable to be spiked.

In the second, the campaign of Senator Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, who is in a very tight race, broadcast her desperation by attacking her opponent, State Senator Kay Hagan, for accepting “godless money” at a “secret” fund-raiser whose hosts included a leader of a secularist group.

Pat McCrory the Earl of Duke

An examination of Pat McCrory's campaign finance reports shows that he has received $45,150 from Duke Energy sources since the beginning of July 2008. This brings the total in contributions from Duke Energy sources to his campaign for Governor to $134,765 or a grand total of $151,520 from Duke Energy and affiliated sources throughout his political career.

Patrick "Duke" McCrory's Conflicts of Interest with respect to Duke Energy have been outlined and documented previously. The fact that McCrory's campaign has received $134,765 (about the same as the Governor's salary) from Duke Energy sources in his run for Governor raises even more questions about his ability to put the interests of the people of North Carolina above the interests of his "former" employer.

NC Republican Smear: All Radical American Haters for Obama

First Michele Bachmann, Robin Hayes and, Randy Kuhl. Now a State Senator, NC Republican Neal Hunt wallows in the mud.

"I would like some, some, normal person that knew him growing up to come forward and say "I love America and, and eh, I really like Barack Obama" I just hadn't seen anybody like that. Everybody, all of his associations seem to be radical American haters."

Hat Tip: WhalerCane

Bev Perdue for Governor

Though most regular BlueNC community members appear to be early voters, I feel compelled to weigh in one last time on the governor's race. Our readership recently has approached 10,000 unique visitors a week, and I know some of those folks are still on the fence. In the past week alone, I have helped three Democrats who were planning a vote for McCrory see the danger of actions. It was as though they had been lulled into a trance, but all it took was a splash of cold water to bring them to their senses.

On green jobs and the environment. Every serious environmentalist I know strongly supports Bev Perdue for governor. The people she has surrounded herself with are exceptional. Which means Perdue will very likely become North Carolina's first green governor. McCrory, on the other hand, is so beholden to Duke Energy that not only will he fail to clear the environmental bar, he will actually lower it. Equally important, the governor names members of the North Carolina Public Utilities Commission, which has significant authority to guide the future of North Carolina energy policy. McCrory would name advocates for Big Energy interests, who want more coal-fired power generation in the midst of our global warming crisis.

Elizabeth Dole's Feud With Salon.Com

This election cycle has brought into focus the performance (or lack of) from Senator Dole, and for many North Carolinians, the person they're seeing now barely resembles the Florence Nightingale they thought had been sent to Washington six years ago. That second person never really existed, as a close scrutiny of her career of disservice plainly proves, but we do love our fantasies and don't surrender them easily.

Early Voting Drama in Forsyth County

Watauga Watch has the story.

The lone Republican on the Forsyth board, Jerry Jordan, denounced the state Board and called their requirement to extend voting hours "unconstitutional" and "un-American," but (get this) "then surprised people by voting in favor of the extension."

The Most Important Race of All

If you asked a pollster, they’d probably tell you I’m the last person they’d expect to speak out for a Democratic presidential candidate a few days before the election. I live in a rural part of a conservative state. I’m an avid hunter and fisher. I’ve voted for many Republicans over many decades. And let’s face it – NASCAR car drivers and Democrats don’t usually mix.

But then again, no one expected my state of North Carolina to be a toss-up a few days before the election, either. And yet here we are. So what’s going on?

Jesus Swept


All the fancy talk these days about religion and politics has reminded me (duh) of the novel I wrote over the past ten years. It is called Jesus Swept. To my joy and amazement, it will be published next month by Kitsune Books. Here's a sampling of dialog from page ninety-one. Liz and Frank are flying back to North Carolina from DC.


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