33 Days

In 2004, independent filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, offered a damning critique of the fast food industry (and corporate America, in general) in his documentary, Super Size Me. For 30 days, Spurlock limited his diet to food purchased at McDonald's and, in the process, gained 24.5 lbs., increased his body mass by 13 percent, and experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and liver damage. The documentary won Spurlock an Academy Award and a spin-off on F/X Networks--a reality show that documents a person's 30-day stint in someone else's shoes.

'Obsession' movie blowback: Huge outpouring of reader revulsion

Hundreds of complaints, over fifty cancelled subscriptions to the North Carolina News and Observer, public editor criticizes own newspaper for accepting hatemongering video without first identifying who produced it.

Debate #1: McCain Embraces the Negative, Ugly, Contentious Politics of Bush / Rove

John McCain tells voters that he can bring change. If his performance in the debate last night was any indication of what he considers change, he can't and won't bring the kind of change that most people are looking for.

Most voters I talk to, Republicans and Democrats alike, speak of a new kind of politics. Many Republicans I know aren't looking for policy change as much as they are looking for a change from the fear, hate and anger politics that took over the Republican Party during the Bush/Rove years. If they watched the debate with an honest eye last night, they didn't see a man willing or able to deliver that change.

Bob Dole Lobbying that hurt our Veterans

Bob Dole cuts a sympathetic figure. He makes his lonely treks around North Carolina campaigning for his wife, Elizabeth Dole. He's quite a bit older than Liddy who is 71 and I'm sure all this campaigning is wearing him ragged. He's also a WWII veteran.

With that in mind, you'd think that he would be a voice for other veterans which certainly doesn't explain why in 2004 he chose to lobby for a company that cheated veterans and their families. According to the Senate Lobbying Database, First Command paid Bob Dole's firm $140,000 for Dole to lobby on their behalf. The firm contracted with Dole on September 23, 2004. About two weeks prior to that date the U.S. House of representatives voted to ban the sale of the First Command Mutual Fund to military families.

McCrory's Caption-gate Continues

Caption-gate with the Pac Man continues. In the latest entry of this continuing saga, I've been disrespected yet again. On 22 September, McCrory posted on his blog announcing his newest and again, un-captioned TV ad. Still seeking an answer to his refusal to use closed captioning for the hearing impaired, I left a respectful question in the comment section on his blog.

A Rescue Plan which Puts Americans First

Like you, I’m awestruck by the sudden implosion of our financial markets over the past weeks. The magnitude of the crisis before us is unprecedented but the storm clouds have been on the horizon for some time. Here’s an excerpt from an economic policy piece I authored last December:

Here’s what scares me about our economy……the collapse in the mortgage/ derivative securities market has begun rippling through the economy. Only $50 billion of the estimated $400 billion in losses sustained by investors in exotic mortgage/derivative securities have been accounted for. Our largest financial institutions have been weakened. Given the rapid decline in the value of the dollar during the Bush Administration’s unchecked stewardship of our economy, there is a very real concern that the Euro may displace the dollar as the gold standard held by investors and central banks worldwide. Should that happen, the dollar would weaken even further and, to put it simply, our economic strength would be undermined dramatically.


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