The New Assault on Scotland County: Or Why Bringing in Millions of Tons of Trash Makes You Cleaner

The assault on our rural counties aimed at making them garbage receptacles for states all along the eastern seaboard, from Maine to Florida, that I started posting on months ago entered a new stage recently. Waste Management vying to be the ones granted the right to dump other states' trash in our impoverished rural south has opened up a local disinformation shop , Scotland County dedicated to convincing local citizens that they really do want to turn their part of the state into one big megadump. The worst part about this current assault is the blatant distorting of the truth to make it seem like landfills are good for the environment and other such nonsense; these claims are the current version of "clean skies" for let's pollute more and "healthy forests" for let's chop down as many trees as we can.

100 Counties – Part II: Who, How, and When?

2008We’re sitting 24 months away from a massive election. A Presidential election that has no incumbent President or Vice-President in the race. A Gubernatorial election with no incumbent in the race. A Lt. Governorship with no incumbent in the race. A Senate race with one of the most miserable failures in America trying to hold a blue-trending seat. State houses with big Democratic margins that probability suggests should begin to shift back towards neutrality. It’s not big, it’s hugangous.

What do we do to take advantage of this? We run somebody in every race…duh. But, what does that really do for the election? In this posting I will give some suggestions for filling those seats that we never have candidates running. I’m going to try and lay out how the 100 Counties strategy works from the top-down and from the bottom-up. Lastly, I will give some suggestions for what kind of timeline would be needed to put a 15-day GOTV effort in place by October. This might seem like micromanaging, but my point is to lay out how a person could potentially run for office and help set up the 100 County strategy without bankrupting themselves.

In Act of Desperation, Robin Hayes Moves to Suppress Valid Provisional Votes

Larry Kissell continues to act to protect every vote cast by an 8th District voter. Robin Hayes acts to suppress them. I am heading out the door, so will take the liberty of copying and pasting the press release that just hit my in box. I'm sorry. I usually like to write my own posts.

Biscoe , NC – Robin Hayes' lawyers have now filed protests with most of the county election boards in the 8th District challenging officials to not count hundreds of provisional votes cast in last week's election.

The public documents filed on behalf of Hayes request the suppression of votes cast in Cabarrus, Cumberland, Stanly, Union, Scotland, Richmond and Hoke Counties for a variety of reasons, including registered North Carolina voters that didn't check a tiny box claiming US citizenship and completed forms not signed by precinct officials – both examples of historically valid provisional ballots.

Guy LeGrande

In the coming days, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley will decide the fate of Guy LeGrande, a mentally ill convict who sits on death row at Raleigh's Central Prison. LeGrande's lawyers are asking for clemency because they argue that his mental illness deprived him of his right to a fair trial.

The facts surrounding the case are strange. LeGrande represented himself at the trial and performed bizzar acts of calling the jurrors "anti-christs", dressing as Superman, and making threats against the Judge, District Attorney, and witnesses. It is clear LeGrande was mentally incapable of representing himself and needed the expertise of a lawyer at his capital murder trial.

The LeGrande situtation is not an isolated incident in our court system both in North Carolina and the United States. Several inmates are mentally ill and need therapy to deal with their individual issues. However, I believe the legislatures in each state must begin to address such issues as self-representation to prevent a similar situtation from arising again.

Welcome N&O readers

Jerry Meek's request for ideas about candidates to take on our very senior senator in 2008 got covered today by the News and Observer. Also included was a sidebar excerpting some of the comments he got in response. Such stories often bring new people to our site - and if you're one of them, welcome!

BlueNC is a no-holds-barred online community focused on progressive politics in North Carolina. Content is generated by community members and if you spend anytime here at all, you'll quickly discover we don't all agree about everything.

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Mercury Rising

I was about to do a different story on the John Locke Foundation when I stumbled over the latest toxic sludge that oozed out from under the curtain of the Puppetshow: "Fish Tales about Mercury, Why regulation of mercury is all cost and no benefit", or as claimed later in the article: "Methylmercury Generally Is Not a Public Health Concern". Go suck some thermometers boys and belly up to the barometers, mercury is rising! In elemental form mercury is not especially toxic until inhaled as vapor but in aquatic ecosystems it is converted to methylmercury, its most toxic form, which bioaccumulates in fish.
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100 Counties Part I.5: The Online Campaign System

I realized as I composed Part II and as I answered questions to Part I, that there was really no way of doing this without getting folks on the same page with me as far as the Online Management System. Because, I think it is key to running a great grassroots campaign for a couple reasons.

• It makes it cheap.
• It centralizes the campaign
• It allows for quick interaction with the constituency, the state, the county, and other campaigns.
• It provides instant fundraising ability.
• It provides an instant method of signing up volunteers on the spot into a state-wide database that can then be used by the NCDP.

So, what does an Online Campaign System do?

Guy LeGrande

This morning, attorneys for Guy LeGrande met with Governor Mike Easley to ask the governor to spare LeGrande’s life. LeGrande is set to be executed by the State of North Carolina on December 1, 2006. You can read more here.

And here.

And also, be proactive.

Rest assured, there will be updates.


As we all know, two of the highest profile North Carolina races still undecided involve incumbents who are, quite frankly, liars. On the Democratic side, there's Jim Black, scrambling like hell to retain his seat in the NC House. And in the Party of Torture, we have Robin Hayes, a coward who refuses to admit that he sold out his district on the CAFTA vote and then lied about it. (He also stole a photograph from Southern Dem and used it in a campaign mailer.)

If there were any justice, both of these crooks would drop to their knees, apologize to the people of North Carolina, and do the only honorable thing left to do:


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