The Brickyard

I grew up just down the street from a brickyard. It's claim to fame is that during World War II it had the largest heating floor in the United States and was therefore a target for Nazi bombers. Knowing what I do now about propaganda, I really doubt that this town of 500 people and its brickyard, located about 500 miles inland, were a target of Nazi bombers. However, the brickyard had a proud tradition, just like the steel mills along the rivers in Pittsburgh or the coal mines that stripped away large parts of Central Pennsylvania when I was a child.

Coming Out of The Desert

Using our September 11, 2001 national tragedy as his spring board, and justification for every thing his did after that, President Bush led America into the dismal swamp of patently un-American behavior and immoral governance, much of which we shall never recover from.

All times approximate

Today I woke up at 5:30 AM to drive the airport for an 8:00 flight. I had to be in New York by 11:00 for a meeting, with a plan to fly home afterward. We boarded on time, and at 8:15 the pilot pulled away from the gate. At 8:30 we stopped rolling and the pilot said we were on a weather hold (bad fog in NYC) for about 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes later the pilot said we were going to park for an hour on the runway.

Open Thread: Dow 8000

In just a matter of minutes, the Dow will drop below the 9000 mark. When Bill Clinton came into town the stock market was at 3500, he left with it at 11,000. George Bush came in at 11,000 and is leaving at under 9,000.

The free market has been judged, a failure.

Pat McCrory the Outsourcer's Friend

While Charlotte residents were lined up at gas stations Pat McCrory was campaigning at a fundraiser in Raleigh at the home of an outsourcer of 1,500 manufacturing jobs to Jaipur and Pune in India.

But where was Pat when Wachovia was outsourcing 1,000's of IT and service jobs to India?

Asheville Citizen-Times Endorses Kay Hagan

The Citizen-Times comes out strong:

Dole's lack of assertiveness, her hesitation and changed positions on issues like an outlying landing field near a national wildlife refuge and offshore oil drilling, her failure to use her position on the banking committee to more effect in averting the current economic crisis and her too-frequent absence from the state have distanced her from her constituents.

Her opponent, Kay Hagan, has represented Guilford County in the state Senate for 10 years, chairing the powerful budget committee for the past five years. The non-partisan North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research named Hagan one of North Carolina's “Ten Most Effective Senators” during her last three terms.
"The disillusionment with the president can't be discounted as a factor in Dole's re-election struggle, but her real Achilles heel can be found in her own failure to meet the expectations North Carolinians had for her.

Dole has failed to translate her knowledge and experience into the kind of clout and activism that would make her a force in the Senate."


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