Electric Cities’ Future at Stake: Soaring costs, Mismanagement in Raleigh threaten eastern NC

Electric Rates are increasing. You may not be surprised.

After all coal, rail, nuclear fuel, like everything else, is increasing in cost. BUT, if you live in one of the 32 cities in eastern NC that belong to the NC Eastern Municipal Power Agency (i.e. your town owns a piece of Progress Energy nuclear and coal plants and that piece has a huge debt like a noose around your town’s neck) web site

And that cost is on the wholesale rate the power agency passes onto your town. And that cost threatens your town, you, your way of life.

Positive Ads Working? Perdue, Obama and Hagan leading in NC

Public Policy Polling has released its latest poll numbers and it looks like the frontrunners are those candidates tending to run more positive campaigns. The U.S. Senate results are a bit skewed because Jim Neal hasn't started his television advertising yet and the negative campaigning from the Neal camp has been limited to press releases that resulted in an article or two and a couple of blog posts that were seen by a limited market. There are three weeks left.

Heavy turnout and Election prep

Bob Hall at Democracy NC has some concerns that heavy turnout is going to catch some counties flat-footed. All the more reason to early vote. I'm a little worried about how this will play out in November as well.

Here's Bob's note:

Election Group Warns of Bottlenecks at Polls, Urges Officials, Public to Prepare for Large Turnout

As interest in North Carolina’s presidential primary continues to build, a watchdog group is calling on state and local officials to beef up preparations for a surge of voters on May 6 and at the One-Stop Early Voting sites which open across the state this Thursday, April 17.

We are the Swing Vote

My friends at BlueNC, we are the swing vote in this election.

BlueNC represents the most formidable and vocal group of progressive activists in North Carolina. We have the potential to influence the outcome on May 6th. That's why I'm asking you today personally to write to me and volunteer to help Dan Besse capture the votes he needs to be the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor.


Morning Post

Good morning. Nice to be back.
It's morel season in the Piedmont.

As I asked before, wonder how NC Banks are going to fare in all this mortgage mess. Well, we now know Wachovia took a hit. Via Reuters this am:

The fourth-largest U.S. bank is the latest major lender battered by the global credit crunch, which has caused loan losses and write-downs to mount.

April 27 BlueNC Blogger Bash RSVP Thread

It's getting close to that time. I've almost finished emailing all of the candidates and should start hearing back from them soon. James says he has things covered on his end, so let's start getting a head count for BlueNC's first ever Blogger Bash. Leave your RSVP in the comments and let us know how many adults and how many kids 18 and under you will have in your party.

Treat it like an open house - no need to commit to the entire event if you have other plans. I'll post more information as it comes available. Questions? Ask them in the comments as well.

Obama Raleigh HQ Registered 1,000 Voters Friday

Photoblog of Obama Raleigh HQ on Friday April 11, 2008. The office was a hive of activity Friday with waves of volunteers assembling early and mid-day to prepare and fan out for voter registration while a steady stream of individuals came to register at the office. Staff estimated that Friday alone resulted in over a 1,000 Raleigh voter registrations assisted by the Obama campaign.


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