Thursday News: When duty calls

FORT BRAGG UNIT DEPLOYS TO MIDDLE EAST BEFORE HOLIDAYS (Fayetteville Observer) -- Two days before Thanksgiving and six days shy of his son's 6th birthday, Pfc. Jamaal Monroe marched out of the Ritz-Epps Physical Fitness Center gymnasium with other unit members to board a bus en route to the Green Ramp on Fort Bragg. Monroe was among roughly 56 soldiers with the 14th Human Resources Sustainment Center, 1st Theater Sustainment Command, deploying on Tuesday night in support of military operations in the Middle East.

Wednesday News: The stink of desperation

MCCRORY FILES FOR RECOUNT AS ODDS OF ERASING COOPER LEAD SHRINK (Winston-Salem Journal) -- The odds of Gov. Pat McCrory erasing his voting deficit continued to narrow by traditional ballot means Tuesday with 77 of North Carolina’s 100 county elections boards done with their canvass. The latest count from the State Board of Elections has Democratic candidate Roy Cooper with a 6,154-vote lead over McCrory out of more than 4.69 million votes cast.

Primer on the 2004 contested election for NC Superintendent

McCrory is not the first Republican sore loser:

Few would have envisioned this moment back in November, when candidate Fletcher challenged candidate Atkinson’s 8,500-vote margin by questioning the legality of 11,000 out-of-precinct provisional ballots cast in the election, enough ballots to draw into question the outcome of the election and perhaps justify a court order for a new election.

The procedure followed by the General Assembly on August 23 was specially designed to fulfill the requirements of a provision of the state constitution that until then had escaped almost everyone’s notice: Article VI, Section 5. It says that a contested election for any of the ten Council of State offices (for the offices involved, see the sidebar on page 44) “shall be determined by joint ballot of both houses of the General Assembly in the manner prescribed by law.”

Bolding mine, because that date tells us many things. First, the General Assembly didn't "rush" into making a decision about this race, it viewed such a decision as a last resort. No doubt they considered her 8,500 vote lead to be strong enough to stand on its own. That date also tells us the lengths that some people are prepared to go in an effort to undermine the will of the people. And the legal actions that took place in 2004 are eerily similar to what Civitas is trying to do now:

Tuesday News: NC a national spectacle, again

FACED WITH A LOSS, MCCRORY CRIES FOWL (New York Magazine) -- There are fewer votes out in the North Carolina governor’s race, where Democrat Roy Cooper has a 6,600 vote lead over incumbent Republican Pat McCrory. In fact, nobody seems to think there’s any way McCrory can catch up with the votes still out, and Cooper’s lead has actually been increasing. So in the best North Carolina Republican tradition, McCrory is making claims of widespread voter fraud, mostly involving absentee or early in-person voting in heavily African-American areas.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Francis DeLuca joins the ranks of petty tyrants trying to steal the election:

He's going after Same-Day Registration voters in an effort to delay the outcome of McCrory's stunning loss, implying many of these voters are "illegitimate" and should not be able to counter "legitimate" voters. And he's also using the same Civitas legal entity that challenged NC's very first wind farm. Let's hope they fail just as bad this time too.

Van der Vaart could be fox in the EPA's hen house

It doesn't get much worse than this:

As speculation grows that he might be asked to join the administration of President-elect Donald Trump, North Carolina’s top environmental official is very vocally supporting Trump’s agenda to prune back federal regulations. In an article published Friday by the conservative Carolina Journal, van der Vaart said only this about interest in him from the Trump transition team: “What I’ve been instructed to say is you need to ask the Trump campaign that question.”

In the mid 1990s he was a manager of environmental services at Carolina Power & Light, and was active in securing government permits for the power company’s coal-fired power plants.

Aside from being a scourge on the environment and allergic to science, van der Vaart is also a consummate brown-noser. When his near-weekly political Op-Eds extolling McCrory's absent virtues while viciously attacking the state's Attorney General failed to provide job security, he immediately attached those lips to Donald Trump's ass. It's embarrassing, frankly, and gives the rest of the nation even more reason to despise North Carolina.

Monday News: Normalizing bigotry


KLAN’S PARADE AND CONCERNS ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACISTS IN NC (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Within 48 hours of the Trump win, the Loyal White Knights of Pelham posted plans on the group’s website for a celebratory parade on Dec. 3, though no time or location has been listed. “Victory Klavalkade Klan Parade Dec. 3rd 2016 North Carolina,” is all the site mentions about the event. “Trump = Trump’s Race United My People.” Not only did the announcement bring condemnation from across the political spectrum, it raised questions about the state of the Klan in North Carolina, a battleground state for the presidential candidates.


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