4th Circuit Court may have just destroyed HB2

I don't always use the word "Boom!", but when I do, it usually precedes GOP tears:

“The Department’s interpretation resolves ambiguity by providing that in the case of a transgender individual using a sex-segregated facility, the individual’s sex as male or female is to be generally determined by reference to the student’s gender identity,” Judge Henry Floyd wrote in Tuesday’s majority opinion.

The three-judge 4th Circuit panel reversed a lower court ruling in Virginia, saying the judge had used the wrong legal standard in denying the student a preliminary injunction that would have allowed him to use the bathroom at his high school in Gloucester County, Va. Floyd also ruled that the boy’s discrimination lawsuit could move forward and sent the case to the lower court to be reheard.

Okay, so it's not the final ruling, and the boy in question could eventually lose. Still though: "Boom!"

Tuesday News: Pat's black friends edition

MCCRORY FINDS HB2 SUPPORT AT ‘AFRICAN-AMERICAN BUFFET RESTAURANT” WITH MOSTLY CAUCASIAN PATRONS (Raleigh News & Observer) -- When Gov. Pat McCrory defended House Bill 2 on NBC’s Meet The Press, he told a story about a recent lunch stop where he met supporters of the bill. “It’s black-owned,” said Yvette Jones of her restaurant. “But the majority of (customers) are caucasian.”

Civitas teams with fossil fuel industry to obstruct NC wind farm

Once a puppet, always a puppet:

In this project – the first utility-scale wind farm in North Carolina and one of the first in the southeastern United States – the libertarian-leaning Civitas Institute has found perhaps the only industry that it thinks needs more regulation.

Civitas is backing a Perquimans County couple who has filed suit against the state Department of Environmental Quality, raising doubts about the farm’s impact on property values, the risk it might pose to creatures of the air and the noise it might produce. The call for more regulatory review is a way for Civitas to try to raise objections to the farm, even though it, and perhaps other farms, might prove a tremendous economic resource for a part of the state that needs one.

Don't make the mistake of assuming the faux-Libertarians who work for Art Pope really care about "prosperity" reaching more people, even those who desperately need it. That's just a slogan. In addition to Civitas' attorney, there's another guy on the legal team, and he's the climate-change-denying lawyer who went after the UVA professor's e-mails in an attempt to ruin him:

Monday News: Bullying, adult style


'MORAL MONDAY' LEADER REMOVED FROM AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT (AP) -- The architect of the progressive movement known as "Moral Monday" said he was removed from an American Airlines flight after he responded to a passenger who made disparaging remarks.

In NC, you're guilty until proven innocent

Ignoring evidence of faulty convictions:

As four men sat in prison for a murder they didn't commit, records show that state investigators sent proof of their innocence to a North Carolina prosecutor, but he never revealed it to the convicted men.

He didn't have to. Nothing in North Carolina's legal standards requires a prosecutor to turn over evidence of innocence after a conviction.

In this particular case, the District Attorney was provided solid evidence that five men he'd sent to prison were innocent, but he chose to ignore that evidence and let them remain incarcerated. Not only should there be a Bar Association rule in place to discourage that, there should also be a criminal charge for an officer of the court who does that. He might as well have kidnapped these people and chained them in his basement.

Sunday News: Dangerously incompetent version


NED BARNETT: MCCRORY BACKPEDDLES WHILE DECLARING NO RETREAT (Raleigh News & Observer column) -- In the haste and secrecy of the March special session, the get-(Roy) Cooper bathroom gambit got combined with the Stam-Barefoot wish list. The mixture was explosive. It blew up into a national story, chilled the state’s appeal to businesses, entertainers and tourists and has (Gov. Pat) McCrory backpedaling while declaring no retreat. Meanwhile, a decision in the Virginia case McCrory so pointedly joined is expected any day. If the plaintiffs prevail, North Carolina could be looking at a loss of billions of dollars in federal aid for violating the rights of transgender people. This is a situation in which Republican lawmakers and strategists thought they were being clever but did something as dumb as it will be costly.

Utilities Commission levies excessive fine against NC WARN

Doing the dirty work for Duke Energy:

The N.C. Utilities Commission fined the group $60,000 and ordered it to stop the sales immediately and turn the solar project over to the Faith Community Church.

“NC WARN’s electric sales to the public (the Church) is impermissible due to the fact that the Church is located within a service area that has been assigned exclusively to Duke,” the commission says in its order released late Friday afternoon. “NC WARN knowingly entered into a contract to sell electricity in a franchised area and sold electricity without prior permission from the commission subjecting itself to sanctions.”

Make no mistake, this "order" is designed to bring NC WARN down; to destroy this nonprofit that has served as a balancing and oversight agent to keep the NCUC's dealings with Duke Energy honest, or at least not outrageously dishonest. NC WARN has saved us a ton of money by getting rate increase requests by Duke Energy reduced, and it appears they may need your support now more than ever.

Saturday News: Justice prevails edition


SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS TENURE RIGHTS FOR VETERAN TEACHERS (WRAL-TV) -- The state Supreme Court ruled Friday that North Carolina lawmakers overstepped their powers when they tried to strip veteran teachers of their tenure rights.

NC SUPREME COURT REJECTS STATE’S REPEAL OF TEACHER TENURE (Raleigh News & Obsever) - The North Carolina Supreme Court on Friday ruled unconstitutional a state law that phased out job protections for teachers who had already earned them.

More DEQ nonsense: The deregulation of E-waste

Designed to impress the logically-deprived:

You can follow the link, but it's mostly nonsense about the safety of dumping e-wastes in lined landfills, which is by no means accepted science:


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