Daily dose: VP comes to town version

Biden in NC: America must rebuild its infrastructure (AP) — In a visit to Charlotte, where local leaders say prosperity is linked to infrastructure investments, Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday reiterated the administration's call to invest billions in highways, bridges and passenger rail service to promote long-term economic growth.

Charlotte the next LGBT rights battleground

Couching bigotry in pseudo-intellectual jargon:

One of North Carolina’s leading anti-LGBT activists has told a slew of high-profile conservative leaders and attorneys that opposing a proposed non-discrimination ordinance in Charlotte will be a “good way to bring in business.” Fitzgerald made her remark in an email on Tuesday in response to Tom Ashcraft, a former U.S. attorney in Charlotte.

Ashcraft had called the LGBT-inclusive efforts “madness” in his original message to Fitzgerald. “May we conclude that the U.S. cultural revolution, started on multiple fronts in the 1960s, has begun to turn on itself? Or would this description be more accurate: The dictatorship of relativism shreds reason, leads to madness,” Ashcraft wrote to Fitzgerald.

I think it's safe to say, if you consider having the freedom to discriminate against somebody a "reasonable" position, you have already been struck by "madness" yourself. And if you took that same twisted mindset into the courtroom back when you were a prosecutor, there's no telling how many travesties of justice resulted from it.

Daily dose: Token Lt. Governor edition

Token payments won't close teacher pay gap (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Lt. Gov. Dan Forest wants to give new meaning to the term “teacher’s license.” He wants the state to issue special “I-support-teachers” license plates with the proceeds going to boost teacher salaries. What’s next? A cake sale at the legislative cafeteria? Maybe a car wash at the Governor’s Mansion? Forest no doubt means well, but his proposal serves only to illustrate how clueless conservatives like himself are about teacher pay.

GOP eliminates criticism

Today, the UNC Board Committee on Stopping Criticism of the GOP Legislature and Governor recommended that the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity be eliminated. Not a surprise, but an outrage nonetheless. After meeting for months, “The panel’s chairman, Jim Holmes, called the review a thorough and legitimate exercise that resulted in less than 1 percent of centers being recommended for closure.”

Gene Nichol responds to the asses on the UNC Board of Governors

I have been repeatedly informed, even officially, that my opinion pieces have “caused great ire and dismay” among state officials and that, unless I stopped publishing in The News & Observer, “external forces might combine in the months ahead” to force my dismissal. Today those threats are brought to fruition. The Board of Governors’ tedious, expensive and supremely dishonest review process yields the result it sought all along – closing the Poverty Center. This charade, and the censorship it triggers, demeans the board, the university, academic freedom and the Constitution. It’s also mildly ironic that the university now abolishes the center for the same work that led it to give me the Thomas Jefferson Award a year ago.

The Poverty Center runs on an annual budget of about $120,000. None comes from the state. Grant funding has been secured through 2016. These private dollars will now be returned. UNC will have fewer resources, not more. Two terrific young lawyers will lose their jobs. Student education, employment and publication opportunities will be constricted. Most importantly, North Carolina’s understanding of the challenges of poverty will be weakened. These are significant costs to pay for politicians’ thin skin.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2015/02/18/4565101_gene-nichols-response-to-recommendation.html?rh=1#sto...

Military drones in domestic airspace? Here it comes, North Carolina

NC is testing drones, preparing for the day that the FAA opens up the skies to commercial and government use. What are the military roots of NCs program, what military personnel and equipment are involved, and why the heck are they testing at Blackwater?

In the near future, you'll look up and say, "Is that a Predator flying over my house? How the hell did that happen?" At Scrutiny Hooligans: This Is How That Happened.

The pawn and her politics

The water system, zoning, the airport; and now the city council. I’ve always believed that local school boards were the most important, elective bodies in North Carolina. Children are the pawns of adults; sometimes overly zealous while attempting to push their agendas forward. Parents, with their highly charged emotions, are eager to examine school board candidates and current members under the microscope. The general functions of a school board are straightforward. Funding based on enrollment and growth; curriculum, testing and achievement.

Mr. Pittenger goes to Israel

And disparages his own President with idiotic historic references:

The Charlotte Republican accused the president of appeasement in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

“Benjamin Netanyahu is the Winston Churchill of our day, warning the world about Iran,” Pittenger said. “President Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our day, in seemingly total denial of the enormous risk and … (how vulnerable) we are to their nuclear capabilities.”

This idiot has no business sitting in Congress, much less on any committees that have any national security implications. Obama hasn't "given" anything to Iran, and he's actually bullied the rest of the world into not doing business with the regime in Tehran. As opposed to the right wing's hero Ronald Reagan, who gave Iran very heavy weapons:


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