Another Voter Integrity Project stunt goes awry

Eliciting another toddler-like temper tantrum from Jay DeLancy:

Early Monday morning July 14th Wake County Elections Director Cherie Poucher listened to a strange request on her voice mail. Jay DeLancy of the Voter Integrity Project wanted to use a county polling place today, Tuesday July 15th, run-off primary election day, for a photo-shoot with a number of masked people lined up attempting to vote as unidentified voters. DeLancy claimed he had cleared it with the precinct chief judge and wanted the Wake Board’s approval. The precinct chief judge in question is Denise Stetter who is also communications director for the Voter Integrity project. What they were conspiring to do would have been a violation of at least two North Carolina laws.

To put it in the quaint vernacular, "That boy ain't right." If all he really wanted was a photoshoot, he could have easily mocked-up a polling place, with a few tables and a few senior citizens sitting at them. But this is something more. Either he was planning for the masked men to intimidate voters, or he might have been angling to get that precinct in trouble with his "proof." Whatever the case, it doesn't have a damned thing to do with integrity, and neither does he:

American Bridge wants to hear from you

Brad Woodhouse, the enlightened better half of Busdriver Dallas, is leading up the charge at American Bridge. They sent me a link to their survey by email, which I'm passing along in case you're interested.

Ward beats Brown in individual fundraising

We're gaining momentum! Below you can see an excerpt from our most-recent press release.

Raleigh, N.C. – Uriah Ward, Democratic Nominee for N.C. House in District 9, gains momentum in one of this year’s most highly-contested State House races. Earlier this year, Public Policy Polling released a poll citing this district as one of the top-five swing districts in the state. The poll put incumbent Republican Representative Brown at 43%, with newcomer Uriah Ward, the Democratic challenger, hot on his heels at 39%, while 18% of the vote was still undecided.

Both Brown and Ward submitted their most recent campaign finance reports last week. Ward more than tripled his fundraising over the previous quarter. While Representative Brown was busy raising funds from special interests, Ward raised more than Brown from individual contributors.

Pubilic schools drive county economies in NC

The plans of the far right to destroy public education and utilize those tax dollars as a revenue stream for private businesses will do far more harm to North Carolina than just destroying our schools. It turns out that:

In 64 of North Carolina’s 100 counties .. a local school system is the largest single employer. A local school system is the second-largest employer in 24 other counties ….. In only 12 counties ... is a school system not in the top two…..

A few interesting notes: in counties where the school system is not the top employer, it’s usually due to the military (Craven, Cumberland, Onslow), a large university (Orange, Durham, Watauga, Pitt, Jackson), a prison (Granville, Hyde), or a large-scale hog/chicken processing plant (Duplin, Lenoir, Bladen). Note the absence of manufacturing.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Once again, the dreaded "R" word comes into play:

His chamber's a star chamber, where the elite decide who to punish.

Pissing off poets

The Guv'ner, when picking Chief Poet
total disregard, he did show it.
Ejudkation major Pat,
put on his stupid hat,
and decided to totally blow it.


Pretty funny

When it comes to his relationship with Art Pope, Mayor Pat is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Which only goes to show that Pope was nothing but the first in a very long line of inept appointments.

Asked whether his budget director, wealthy businessman Art Pope, would be the deciding factor on a budget veto, Gov. Pat McCrory said, “No.” Dispelling the often-voiced idea from critics that he is “Art Pope’s man,” the governor said: “He knows his numbers and where the skeletons are and where money has been hidden in the past and it’s very helpful. I make final decisions and my secretaries and budget director will go along. “We have healthy debate every Tuesday morning,” McCrory continued. “I consider him part of my cabinet."

Methinks Mayor Pat doth protest too much.


Daily Dose

If you have a run-off in your district, don't forget to vote today.

Senate nixes House coal ash bill, negotiating next (AP) — Legislation designed to clean up coal ash ponds at Duke Energy power plants in North Carolina is now heading to final negotiations after the Senate rejected the House version of the bill.


Duke Energy may be negligent polluters

but at least they're not a corporate bully who engages in extortion of their customers.

Oh, wait, scratch that.

“We knew we had paid it,” said customer Billy McCorquodale. "I noticed that it was lots more than it normally was, and I said, ‘Hey, something is wrong. Something's not jiving here.’”

His bill included a past due amount of $135.60.

“So, we called them,” McCorquodale said. “They come up with the fact, ‘Well, it takes time for a check to go through the bank’ rah rah rah this and that.”

McCorquodale’s canceled check proves it was cashed two days before the bill was due. He faxed a copy to Duke Energy. On his next bill, there was still no credit. McCorquodale was told to pay again, right away, to keep his power on. So, he paid $135.60 twice.

What do you think about this?

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