Oregon millionaire behind NC's public school takeover scheme

Everything is for sale, if you fill out the check properly:

John Bryan has underwritten the creation of ten charter schools across North Carolina, and now thanks to his political efforts he’s also behind a secret plan modeled after similar controversial initiatives in Tennessee, New Orleans and elsewhere to allow charter operators to fire an entire school’s staff and start from scratch in an attempt to catapult a public school into the top 25 percent of the state.

According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, since 2010 John Bryan has given well over $100,000 to candidates who have a record of pushing school privatization efforts, including House Speaker Tim Moore, Rep. Jason Saine, former Guilford Rep. Marcus Brandon, Rep. Paul Stam, and Sen. Ralph Hise.

It brings the term "sellout" to a whole new level, doesn't it? Remember this: The state (for the most part) doesn't fund the construction of public schools, the counties do. In effect, this legislation has all the earmarks of Conservatives' supposed great nemesis "Eminent Domain," but in reverse. They're handing over something local taxpayers built and giving it to an out-of-state political crony. And they're handing over our children, too, which is even more outrageous, if that's possible. These bills shouldn't even be parked in committee, much less brought to the floor for a vote. They should be ceremoniously burned.

Thursday News: Divide and conquer redux

Rural officials rally, but controversial sales tax bill may die in NC House (Charlotte Observer) -- As more than 200 rural officials lobbied for a shift in sales tax revenues on Wednesday, one Mecklenburg County lawmaker said he believes the House will defeat the proposal that more than any has split urban and rural legislators.

Triangle cities, chambers of commerce come out against sales tax plan (Triangle Business Journal) -- Several Triangle cities and chambers of commerce are among those calling on the General Assembly to avoid passing a plan to change how sales tax revenues are distributed.

GOP oxy Morons: Two week "continuing resolution"

Like a toddler crying because he doesn't want to go to bed:

With a deadline looming on Friday, state legislators still don’t have a budget for the fiscal year that began July 1. On Tuesday, they rolled out another extension to keep government running through Aug. 31.

The temporary budget bill, known as a “continuing resolution,” continues last fiscal year’s budget allocations for another two weeks while the House and Senate try to reach a deal. Before the fiscal year ended June 30, legislators approved a 45-day continuing resolution that runs out Friday.

With the right shoes, I could walk to Devonshire in a fortnight, and still have time to peddle my wares. But the GOP will probably f**k this one up, too.

Holly Jones is running for lieutenant governor of North Carolina

A campaign is born.

I'm running for Lt. Governor of North Carolina because we need new leaders who will stand up to the misguided policies of the legislature. I've spent 14 years in local government--seven on the Asheville City Council and seven on the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners--and I've seen the damage that's been done by their heavy-handed tactics. From redistricting local boards to seizing local assets, they've hurt local government and local residents.

Daily dose: Road to Nowhere edition


D-O-A? $2.85 billion bond plan sent to Senate's 'graveyard' committee (Raleigh News & Observer) -- The $2.85 billion bond proposal pushed by Gov. Pat McCrory is facing bleak prospects in the Senate. After the House voted 76-29 last week to put a bond referendum on the ballot in next year’s presidential primary, the Senate on Monday referred House Bill 943 to its Ways and Means Committee – widely known as the “graveyard” of the Senate because it hasn’t met in years.

You want to keep NC Blue, show up to vote!

Vicky Boyer's post, "Keeping NC Blue" has many good points. While extolling the virtues of bringing new blood into elected office, I think she missed a couple of key points.

First, young people have the worst record of voting in NC than any other demographic. When young people show up in single digit percentages in many areas in the state, is there any wonder why your agenda is not being met? I am old enough to remember that as a young 19 year old in the Navy in 1971, I could not vote in this country. Old enough to die, but not old enough to vote. As a teenager, I protested not only for civil rights and against the war in Vietnam, I protested so anyone over the age of 18 could have the right to vote. And what does the current generation of young people do with that hard won right? Well who knows since the vast majority of young people can't even show up to vote. If your lack of concern in the last election wasn't a wake up call as to the dangers of letting the GOP have the entire store, then I do not think anything will.


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