Fascism Watch: The re-emergence of the Red Hat gang

Ready to intimidate Hispanic people at a moment's notice:

A few hundred people walked out of a North Carolina youth event during a session dealing with pain and racism felt by young Hispanic-Latinos, who had earlier been victims of intimidation, conference officials said.

The Rev. Edgar Vergara, chairman of Hispanic Latino Ministries for the North Carolina Conference, said young people wearing “Make America Great Again” hats in support of President-elect Donald Trump had harassed the youth during the event. “They have carried out hostile actions and contempt for our young people. … We are concerned and disappointed by this situation,” Vergara said.

For all their false piety about upholding Christian values, these modern-day Brownshirts don't even hesitate before bringing their hate and discrimination into a Methodist youth gathering. And after pulling such a stunt, which sends a clear message that bullying is okay, they have the audacity to feel "offended" when somebody calls them out for it:

Note from editor: Unfortunately, this Fascism Watch post is just the first in a series, to document the actions of Trump's followers toward the targets of their hatred.

Sunday News: Burr the hypocrite


BURR SET TO TAP REPUBLICAN DISTRICT JUDGE (Rocky Mount Telegram) --- Local Democratic lawmakers at the state and federal level claim a just re-elected U.S. Senator is poised to approve a Republican nominee for federal judge in Eastern North Carolina after blocking liberal appointments for years. U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, R-NC, blocked two judicial nominees for a vacancy in the Eastern District of North Carolina, which is classified as a judicial emergency and at more than a decade is the longest running vacancy in the nation. Burr's judicial nominee obstruction is unprecedented, said U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield.

Woodhouse's Carolina Rising gets free pass from FEC

Apparently blatantly violating campaign laws is no big deal to Republicans:

Dallas Woodhouse, who ran Carolina Rising in 2014, could not be reached for comment Friday night. He is now the N.C. Republican Party’s executive director. Carolina Rising indicated on its 2014 tax form that its mission was to promote limited government, low taxation and a thriving economy.

After the 2014 election, the Center for Public Integrity found that Carolina Rising ran nearly 4,000 ads praising Republican Thom Tillis in the U.S. Senate race. Tillis defeated Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the Center for Responsive Politics published documents showing that Carolina Rising had used 97 percent of its revenue to pay for those ads, and that most of the money, $4.82 million, came from a single donor.

We might as well not even have a body like the FEC, if they can't (or won't) act on something so obviously unlawful. As far as reaching Woodhouse for a comment, he's probably passed out on a couch somewhere, sleeping off another celebratory drunk.

Saturday News: Cooper lead grows, McCrory whines


COOPER STRETCHES LEAD AS MCCRORY COMPLAINTS DISMISSED (WFAE, WUNC-FM) -- Friday was not a good day for Governor Pat McCrory in his effort to remain in office. Attorney General Roy Cooper extended his lead to about 6,300 votes as counties reported more provisional and absentee ballot results. The McCrory campaign’s complaints were also rejected by elections boards in Durham, Wake, Halifax and other counties.

Environmental justice problems in Wake County

Drinking water while black:

In Wake County, some predominantly African-American neighborhoods completely lack access to the municipal water system. As a result, residents are exposed to notably higher quantities of microbial contaminants via well water.

In previous studies, MacDonald Gibson and colleagues identified neighborhoods in Wake County that depend on private wells for drinking water. In many cases, these neighborhoods are home to largely African-American populations, but are surrounded by mostly-white neighborhoods that do have municipal water access.

In the last few years I've learned a great deal about how municipalities function, and what criteria they use when contemplating extending water service to areas outside of the standard town/city limits. It's an expensive process, and figuring out how long it will take to recoup that investment via water service fees (and additional property taxes, if you annex) plays a major role. All that being said, there is a broader moral and historical background that simply must be factored into that equation, because (as we all know) economics has a nasty habit of leaving some people behind. Let's take a stroll down a lane that is likely not part of the average white Southerner's memory roadway:

Friday News: So much for doctor-patient confidentiality


IN HB2 LAWSUIT, LAWYERS FOR GOV., GOP WANT PLAINTIFF HEALTH RECORDS (Winston-Salem Journal) -- A federal judge is set today to address a request for a protective order that would prevent the introduction of certain medical and behavioral health records of plaintiffs and witnesses in a House Bill 2 transgender lawsuit. Attorneys for the defendants, who include Gov. Pat McCrory and the top two GOP legislative leaders, want access for up to 10 years’ worth of records for the plaintiffs and their witnesses.

More school privatization on the menu with Mark Johnson

I'm already missing June Atkinson:

Johnson, an attorney who taught public school with the Teach for America program before entering law school, deserves credit for running an energetic campaign, and he made his fast-paced pitch to voters in every corner of the state. One priority: reducing testing, which Johnson believes is taking too much energy from teachers. Another: more help for local districts from DPI. And another: support for charter school expansion and a voucher program wherein public money goes to parents (for now, only to lower-income parents) who want to send their children to private school.

Standard, boiler-plate Conservative stuff. Testing has gotten out of control, but the charter/voucher mantra is getting tiresome. A lot more failures than successes, and the tenacity in which these people pursue such a dubious program screams a hidden agenda. Whether that is greed for profit or the desire to undermine government-controlled education, it really doesn't matter. Education results are a secondary consideration, which means these programs will continue to fail, pissing away public monies in the process.

Thursday News: McCrory grabbing for straws


MCCRORY TEAM: ELECTION PROTESTS FILED IN 12 COUNTIES (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign team announced Wednesday night that election protests are being filed in 11 more counties alleging fraudulent absentee voting may have benefited Democratic candidates. “It is absolutely shameful that Gov. McCrory would make these unfounded claims,” Cooper campaign spokesman Ford Porter said. “This is the worst kind of misinformation campaign meant to undermine the results of an election the Governor has lost.”


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