North Carolina's Bloodlust Sport

Governor McCrory and the state legislature support wildlife killing fields. For effortless deer kills, North Carolina allows property owners to lure state animals onto private property and then fence them for slaughter. Private deer farms also supply animals for the death sport. Killing captive animals does not fall under the definition of hunting. It is death for pleasure.

Trudy Wade doubles down on attack to democracy

There's more than one way to gerrymander a city:

The N.C. Senate voted 31-16 Thursday morning to approve House Bill 263, which originally would only make changes to the Trinity City Council. However, state Sen. Trudy Wade (R-Guilford) modified the Trinity bill, adding the changes to the Greensboro council that were originally proposed in Senate Bill 36, which has been languishing in a House committee.

There should be a rule dealing with this, a tactic we've seen more than once from overly-aggressive Republican lawmakers. They put a bill forward, and when it starts to struggle from lack of support, they just add the same language to another bill. In other words, if you can't get what you want, it's time to start cheating. When the House gets HB263 back, they should vote it down with extreme prejudice. Send a message now, or risk losing whatever limited powers you still have.

Daily dose: Regressive Republican revenues edition


NC Senate proposes income tax cut, sales tax increase (Asheville Citizen-Times) – Average North Carolinians will pay more of their income at the cash register when they buy things so the rich pay less of their income when they file their income tax returns under a tax proposal rolled out by the state Senate's Republican leadership this week.

The GOP will go off the deep end in 2016 - Here's why

If you've paid attention to politics the past few years, you've seen the Koch brothers build up an unprecidented political organization through a network of shady political action committees and dark money - the Kochtapus.

A key player in the Koch effort has been North Carolina's own Art Pope, coordinating with the Koch brothers to place their hand-picked candidates in state and local offices, pushing an agenda to kill public education, remove environmental protections, turn over the functions of government to private companies, and gerrymander the legislature, Congress, the state Supreme Court and even local races to ensure they stay in power.

NC Reps on the TPP

Right before the vote, the TransPacific Partnership Treaty (TPP) seems to be picking up steam. The Hill has published a Whip list of House Representatives and where they stand on this issue. I pulled out just the NC Reps so it would be easier for you to see who you need to contact to tell them that Fast Tracking any trade negotiation is un-American---Congress needs to do its job and get into the details of this. And to tell them the TPP is bad for Americans.

The Hill's Whip List: Trade bill picks up momentum

We did it!

The Grand Old Party in North Carolina has done something no one imagined possible. They are the first* in the nation to establish government-sanctioned discrimination against gay people!

Aren't we special?

* According to Laura Leslie, Utah beat us to the punch, so to speak. I figure they get special dispensation because of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Those guys get away with all kinds of crap, so I don't really hold them to the standards of a sane society.

SB-2 Veto overridden, government discrimination now "okay"

The Tarheel Taliban strikes again:

With no warning and no debate allowed, the House voted Thursday morning to override the governor's veto of Senate Bill 2, allowing magistrates and county register of deeds employees to opt out of performing marriages for religious reasons. After Rep. Paul "Skip" Stam, R-Wake, made the motion to override the governor's veto, calling it a "logical fallacy," Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, used a parliamentary maneuver known as "calling the question" to cut off debate.

No, Skip, you are the epitome of the (moralistic) fallacy: You have been a Legislator for many years, and have ordained yourself as the arbiter of what's right and wrong, attacking your fellow citizens whenever you saw an opportunity to enhance your status as a top jackass. You should have had that seat pulled out from under you a long time ago, but a sickness amongst your constituents has kept you politically alive.

Daily dose: Cut taxes and borrow edition

NC Senate proposes new tax cuts, lowers funding for economic development (Winston-Salem Journal) -- The state Senate revealed Wednesday its plan for shifting the state’s economy into a higher gear, adding new tax cuts for corporations and individuals to a House bill supported by Gov. Pat McCrory. House Bill 117, known as NC Competes, passed the House by an 88-29 vote March 5, then moved to the Senate.

McCrory asking local governments to vote support of his $2.85B 'Connect NC' borrowing (Brunswick Beacon) -- Gov. Pat McCrory’s office is seeking support for Connect NC,” a $2.85 billion bond proposal to improve the state’s infrastructure, by asking local government leaders to review information and to adopt resolutions supporting it. At least two Brunswick County towns have delayed commitment.


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