Misdirected anger in rural NC is Trump's bread and butter

Ignoring the truth is the way to stay faithful:

“I went to buy a shirt one time and it said ‘Made in Vietnam,’ ” he says. “I thought it looked good, but I threw it on the floor.” But what about the line of Trump clothes – including ties, suits and dress shirts – made in places like China, Bangladesh, Mexico and Vietnam?

“I’ve heard that he’s invested overseas. But he says he’s going to bring all those businesses back,” says Jones. “Now, they can tell you anything. You don’t know if they’ll do it. ... But I don’t have much use for Hillary. And you’ve got to trust somebody.”

A lot of people in this town (including the nitwit above) complained about losing textile jobs, but when Trump contributes to that problem, he's merely "invested overseas." Frankly, many (most?) of these people support Trump because of his bigotry, but they're too ashamed to admit that, so they have to create another reason to "want" him. They also have to create conspiracy theories to excuse his behavior:

Sunday News: Money laundering, by any other name


REPUBLICANS FUNNELED CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS TO NC GOP, DEMS CHARGE (WRAL-TV) — A national Republican organization appears to have funneled as much as $1.5 million in corporate contributions to the N.C. Republican Party in an effort to circumvent state limits on the individual contributions and the ban on corporate donations, according to a complaint filed by N.C. Democrats with the State Board of Elections. The RGA in turn put $13 million into RGA Right Direction, a super PAC that it controls and for which it is the sole funder. It is that super PAC that has donated $1.5 million this year, including $500,000 on Oct. 25, to the North Carolina Republican Party.

Kneeling band members reveal bigotry and hatred at ECU

More than enough shame to go around:

After a public records request, the News & Observer reviewed more than 450 pages of emails to and from Staton following the Oct. 1 game in Greenville. More than a dozen band members knelt during the playing of the national anthem, joining in a national wave of protests against police shootings of African-Americans. The ECU protest elicited a chorus of boos from fans in the stadium, and the band had to have a police escort from the game after members were spat on and pelted with trash.

Who would do that? Seriously, who would spit on somebody else at a public event? Who would consider that a proper way to show your disagreement with somebody else's behavior? I tell you who would do that, the same people who would label another as a "thug" simply based on the color of that person's skin. This sounds like something that would have happened during the 50's and 60's desegregation era, not fifty years later. And leave it to the biggest bigots of all to use their family money to pressure the University:

Saturday News: Failed or succeeded?


COURT: DMV FAILED TO REGISTER VOTERS PROPERLY (WRAL-TV) -- A federal judge has ordered state elections officials to count provisional ballots cast in the upcoming election from people who tried to register to vote at the state Division of Motor Vehicles but whose names don't appear on voter rolls. The average for 2013 and 2014 represented a nearly 60 percent drop off in registrations. In 2014, 13,403 voter registrations were processed by these agencies, down from 42,988 in 2011.

Be on the lookout for poll trolls in NC

Don't just report them, take their picture:

In North Carolina, someone showed up to early voting with a badge saying “poll observer” and was photographing and videotaping cars coming and going and “generally, being a very intimidating factor there,” said Anita Earls of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice in Durham. The situation was stopped with a call to local officials.

Stop the Steal, a group linked to Trump confidant Roger Stone, says on its website that it will conduct exit polling to determine if the results are accurate. The Huffington Post reported Tuesday that another group connected to Trump supporters, Vote Protectors, has an “I.D. Badge Generator” on its site where volunteers can create an official-looking badge. Another part of the website said volunteers would post streaming video to the site.

God, I do hate a bully. Especially one who feels like he has been granted some kind of authority. If you do see something like this going on, snap a picture and immediately put it on Facebook or Instagram, not only as a warning for voters, but a public record as well. It should also be noted that "Stop the Steal" and "Vote Protectors" are one and the same, operated by an Alt-Right (see White Supremacy) dude named Frankie Stockes. He's the main (blogging) voice for each group, something Roger Stone failed to mention in this blatantly deceptive denial:

Friday News: Milking Matthew for points


MCCRORY TO CALL SPECIAL SESSION TO DEAL WITH HURRICANE ISSUES (Fayetteville Observer) -- Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday that he expects to call a special session of the General Assembly to ask for disaster relief funding and to offer a decision on school make-up days. McCrory said he hopes his staff will give him a recommendation in the near future on a date for the special session, "So we can go back to the legislature and specifically request how much money we need and how that money should be used," he said. McCrory has asked school systems not to schedule make-up days. He hopes a special session will clarify requirements for schools.

The twisted mind of NC's premier vote suppressor

Jay DeLancy takes conspiracy theory to the next level:

So the average person should realize that, No. 1, this is not about racism. This is about honest elections. Yes, there is an impact on access to the polls. But it’s not barriers, it’s not Jim Crow. It’s equally applied law and so dismiss the idea of racism and ask yourself, “Why is it that people are screaming so loudly about this?” In the words of Shakespeare, “The lady doth protest too much methinks,” and so that has been something that really motivated us. That fact that people are protesting so much makes me go, “There’s something here.” We don’t even know what it is. We should probably be afraid, but instead we just feel empowered. People encourage us all the time and we hope people will give us an equal listen and make up their own minds on this.

First of all, it's been proven in a court of law, after reams of evidence were presented, that Republicans intentionally targeted African-American voters with their voter suppression tactics. That prejudicial cat is out of the bag, and it ain't going back in. Second, you never tried to present your ideas to the general public in an effort to "convince them" of the veracity of your claims, you took part in the backroom plotting to get this horrifically anti-democratic law passed. And you tried to bully anybody, including the Wake County Board of Elections, who dared to question your McCarthy-ish approach to voting. Now you want to be reasonable? Oh, hell no. Take your tinfoil hat and your shattered dreams of relevance and crawl back under that rock you came from. And here's one of the best examples of projecting I've ever seen:

Living in a porcine nightmare: When CAFOs are next-door neighbors

You might catch a whiff from the highway, but that's nothing in comparison:

One facility sprays hog manure on a field less than a dozen feet from my front door. My family and I can’t dry our clothes on a clothesline anymore, because they would be covered with manure. We can’t garden or hold cookouts with family and friends, because the smell and particles in the air burn our eyes and make us gag. We can’t fish or swim in the rivers and streams near us because they’re polluted with hog manure, and we can’t drink or wash with water from our shallow wells.

And just like when fracking comes to town, those folks can't even sell their property unless they're willing to take pennies on the dollar. It's not right, and it's not a new problem, either. People in Eastern North Carolina have been suffering from this for decades, and nary a finger has been lifted to help them. What do Republicans do? They float a law that would all but destroy NC's solar farm growth, by requiring a setback of 1 1/2 miles from property lines, claiming they pose environmental risks and hurt property values. Standard operating procedure for the GOP; create an imaginary danger and attack it, while ignoring the real danger stinking up the neighborhood and polluting the water. The word, "Irresponsible" just doesn't seem adequate.


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