Freezing Renewable Mandates Doesn't Make Sense

1. There is no guarantee energy costs would be lower without the renewable mandates. Over time, costs go up, not down.

2. Access to renewables has put off the need to build new power plants, thus keeping costs lower than they would be as the costs of new plants are paid for by the consumer. The cost of renewable energy may be higher than the cost of standard energy, but the cost of new power plants is much, much higher than the cost of a solar farm.
Solar energy has created 23,000 jobs in North Carolina. Cut the mandates and lose jobs. And this General Assembly is all about jobs.

This is what NC needs to do about Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Pass a law to stop them from lying to young women:

The (California) bill, known as the Reproductive Fact Act, would require pregnancy centers to post notices saying that reproductive health services, including abortion, are available to pregnant women in the state. Pregnancy centers also would have to disclose whether they lack a medical license. The bill passed on a party-line vote, with Republicans objecting on the grounds that it would unconstitutionally compel government speech for the state's 167 centers.

Abortion rights advocates have argued that crisis pregnancy centers systemically provide inaccurate or misleading information, such as suggesting that abortions cause breast cancer or depression. The advocates point out that advertisements for some crisis centers suggests they provide a full range of reproductive health services.

And before you say it, I know. Republicans in NC have already done the exact opposite, and have actually funneled taxpayer dollars to these bible-thumping charlatans. But one good way to put this issue on the radar of voters is to sponsor legislation that would expose such shenanigans, even if it does get buried in a committee somewhere. You can't just say, "Republicans are bad!" You have to demonstrate the proper way for government to operate.

Where is Roy on abortion?

Just exactly where does Roy Cooper stand on abortion?

I was hopeful when I saw in the N&O that he sent out a fundraising letter about Gov McCrory’s decision to sign the 72 hour waiting period into law. But this is what the letter says: “Last Friday evening, Gov McCrory signed another bill restricting access to healthcare for NC women - breaking a campaign promise, again ... I’m not going to stay silent while he misleads NC women and hurts teachers and …”

Coal Ash Wednesday: Sutton plant leaking like a sieve


And Duke Energy is more concerned with legal battles than safe drinking water:

Tests have found elevated levels of boron, a metal that is a recognized indicator of coal ash contamination, in monitoring wells near the plant and in three water supply wells about a half-mile away, according to Department of Environment and Natural Resources officials. "The levels of boron in these wells are a clear indication that coal ash constituents from Duke Energy’s coal ash impoundments have infiltrated the groundwater supply," Tom Reeder, an assistant secretary for DENR, said in a statement. "We are ordering Duke Energy to immediately take corrective actions to prevent further migration of coal ash contaminants."

Daily dose: Silencing whistleblowers edition


North Carolina's Ag-Gag Law Might Be the Worst in the Nation (VICE News) -- The North Carolina legislature has approved a law that proponents say is aimed at protecting businesses from property theft. But critics of the law say it is actually meant to silence whistleblowers who want to expose wrongdoing on factory farms and other businesses. Known as ag-gag laws, bills like North Carolina's have historically sought to protect meat and poultry producers against employees who document health or safety violations inside slaughterhouses. North Carolina's new law is "deceitful," said Matthew Dominguez of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which fought its passage.


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