Give HB2 a new name before it's flushed

Susan Ladd has some great ideas:

Whether or not the legislature repeals HB 2, it needs to own the responsibility for this law and the damage it caused. I think we should give it a new name, because the HB 2 designation is used over and over.

How about Potty Pat’s Pugnacious Pile of Putridity? Bigotty Berger’s Bulging Bag of Bile? Misanthropic Moore’s Malodorous Morass of Morality? And we can’t forget our local legislators — state Sen. Trudy Wade and Reps. Jon Hardister, John Blust and John Faircloth, all Republicans — who supported it. It could be Terrible Trudy’s Toxic Travesty. Jon, John and John’s Jaundiced Joke. The possibilities are endless.

I do love taking the English language out for an exercise run...

Wednesday News: The last days of Puppet Pat


COURT REJECTS MCCRORY'S IMMUNITY CLAIM IN PUBLIC RECORDS CASE (WRAL-TV) -- Gov. Pat McCrory said a coalition of groups could not sue him for failing to provide records in a timely manner. The state Court of Appeals rejected that argument. A coalition of media companies and nonprofits, including Capitol Broadcasting Co., WRAL News' parent company, has sued not only seeking specific public records but asking the court to find that the McCrory administration has a pattern of dragging its feet on requests. The coalition wants the court to order the government to find ways to ensure swifter delivery of records going forward.

Tuesday News: National coverage of HB2 Repeal


N.C. LIMITS ON TRANSGENDER RIGHTS APPEAR HEADED FOR REPEAL (New York Times) -- The North Carolina legislature plans to hold a special session Wednesday to consider fully repealing the contentious law curbing legal protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The move comes after the Charlotte City Council rescinded a local anti-discrimination ordinance on Monday that had prompted passage of the statewide law in March.

Charlotte caves on LGBT ordinance, 5th Special Session Wednesday

This is why we can't have nice things:

In an action to remove inactive city ordinances from the books, the Charlotte City Council on Monday effectively lifted the controversial city rule that led to the state law known as HB2.

State lawmakers are expected to respond with a special session of their own repealing the law, which requires people to use public bathrooms that match their birth gender and excludes gay and transgender people from discrimination protections.

Aside from the fact that the last #$%^&8 thing we need right now is another "special" session led by the GOP Clown Car, if this was such a good idea, then why sneak it in? Because that's exactly what they did. And when the arguments between Democrats start to heat up over this, keep that in mind.

The NCDP's roadmap to victory: Candidate recruitment and voter outreach

Miles to go before we're through:

But without an organized, well-funded, persistent effort by Democrats—and even independents and genuine conservatives who understand how badly the legislature violated basic democratic norms last week, and have since early 2013—all the protests in the world will add up to noise lost in the wind. Planting a flag on the moral high ground may win sympathy. It generally doesn’t win elections. “I can hear protesters chanting in the building,” N.C. Senator Jeff Jackson, a Charlotte Democrat, tweeted Thursday. “Appreciated, but if we can’t channel this into a solid effort in 2017, it means little.”

Monday News: Divide and contaminate


MCCRORY, LEGISLATURE, LEAVE N.C. MORE BITTERLY DIVIDED THAN THEY INHERITED 4 YEARS AGO (Capitol Broadcasting Company editorial) -- Unfortunately for the citizens of North Carolina, the performance of the General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory over four days last week was reflective of the last four years. The state is being ridiculed across the nation for its autocratic rule and backward, discriminatory practices. “Brazen Power Grab,” declares the headline on the New York Times editorial page. “GOP coup in North Carolina” says The Washington Post. So much for improving North Carolina’s “brand.”

Science vs fantasy: Coastal development needs to be curtailed

You can't fight Mother Nature:

Now is no longer the time to build more bridges, allow more sandbag seawalls, move the development line forward after beach nourishment or to allow more beachfront houses to be constructed. Now is the time for the state to begin realistic planning for the long haul – to look beyond the 30-year span of sea-level rise that now governs North Carolina coastal management.

Another annoying history lesson by Rob Christensen

Dude, you're killing me:

The whole business of mass firings in state government pretty much began with the election of Democrat Kerr Scott in 1948, a Jacksonian figure who beat the more conservative machine. North Carolina was a one-party state then so this was factional Democratic warfare.


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