North Carolina House Republican Uses Anti-Gay Slurs, Calls Democrats "Fruitloops"

Is this who you want in charge of North Carolina?

According to the News & Observer's Under the Dome Blog, North Carolina House Republican Larry Brown "referred to gays as 'queers' and 'fruitloops'" an e-mail to Republican caucus members:

Brown was responding to an e-mail House Minority Leader Paul Stam of Apex sent to members of his caucus about House Speaker Joe Hackney getting an award from the Equality NC Foundation, a gay-rights group.

Brown sent his reply to nearly 60 e-mail addresses.

"I hope all the queers are thrilled to see him," said the message dated Sept. 27. "I am sure there will be a couple legislative fruitloops there in the audience."

Where the News & Observer gets it wrong, however, is in the details. Brown was hinting that some legislators are gay by calling them "fruitloops," not calling gays in general fruitloops. If you know anything about North Carolina politics, you know that the only legislators who attend the Equality NC gala will be Democrats.

This Republican member of the General Assembly is so juvenile that he's got to call his legislative opponents "gay."

Perhaps the most damning part of the e-mail is House Minority Leader Paul Stam's reply.

Again, from the Dome:

Stam said the e-mail was intended to be private and the only people Brown should apologize to are those who got the e-mail and were offended.

It is nothing short of ridiculous to say that Brown should only apologize to people who have not as of yet voiced any offense. Brown needs to apologize to Equality NC, Joe Hackney, and the people of North Carolina. Stam, at the very least, needs to say he made a mistake - especially since he's 9 Democratic losses away from becoming the Speaker of the NC House.

As you may recall, Stam was the ONLY member of the NC House to vote against Senate Bill 685, which increased penalties for burning crosses and hanging nooses for the purposes of racial intimidation. On his website, Stam outlines the 2010 Republican platform for North Carolina. Some selected passages:

We support federal and State constitutional amendments to limit marriage to the union of one man and one woman. We oppose adoption or foster parenting by same sex couples.


(Under the heading of "Individual Liberty)
The State must not interfere with freedom of religion. Public schools should not discriminate for or against any religion nor deny equal access to school facilities. We oppose efforts to remove the recognition of Almighty God from our schools, courts, currency and Pledge of Allegiance.


We oppose mandatory sex education in public schools. Sex education should not be required without parental consent. No birth control devices or drugs should be distributed in public schools. We support teaching abstinence until marriage as the expected norm for sexual behavior. Abstinence until marriage is the most effective way to prevent teenage pregnancies, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases, and to create healthy relationships and self-esteem. Public schools should not be used to teach children about homosexual behavior.

Before you say, that's just a Republican Party document passed by the most right-wing elements of the party ... the Chairman of the committee that authored it is ... Rep. Paul Stam.

If you can't stand up for the rights of all citizens, maybe you shouldn't be in power.

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Is it time for some outing in the NC GOP House caucus?

'Cause they may not be openly LGBT, but it's the GOP that has the closeted "fruitloops" on the House side on Jones Street.


How dare they?

The NC GOP opposes comprehensive sex ed, they try to amend the NC constitution every year to make being gay that much harder, and then they oppose anti-bully measures that can help avoid all the kinds of suicides that have been happening recently after they've helped create such conditions, and now they pile on with slurs?

This is for the hateful NC GOP (& a few of the spineless dems)

We've got another MarshallBlog story for Kos today

But I bet if you ran with this story you'd be on the Rec list at Kos.

We have a pro-equality Dem at the top of the ticket, and a speaker who has done an awesome job.

NC can't afford to lose that to Paul Stam.

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You're the man - thanks for all the help!