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Your tax dollars hard at work in a charter school that recruits out-of-state basketball players to build a sports franchise. Sickening.



This is the Republican definition of

letting the free market do its magical thing?

These assholes belong in jail.

Moral Monday

Publicity is starting to roll out for the first Moral Monday of the season, May 19. Who's going to be there?

I will be there unless I'm in jail or court.

They still haven't scheduled my trial from last June when I was arrested at Mega Moral Monday.

We were arrested the same

We were arrested the same day! Wonder if I saw you there.

I was the old man in handcuffs


That's a rather stinging little analysis.

Pleasantly surprised

That the very rural & conservative high school from which my oldest graduated in 2011 now has the first (prototype) greenhouse in the country for their FFA program that comes complete with a wind turbine, solar panels and a rain water collection system. The solar panels provide the power that heats the water that flows into the pipes under the floor to heat the floor. We were told today that it is the only one like it in the country right now at a high school. It is the smaller (but nicer) of the two at the school and is small enough to fit easily on an urban school campus. I think it is this or very similar to this

They are having a plant sale and the veggies are a real bargain if you are in Union County.

Vote Democratic, the ass you save may be your own.


... don't mention those solar panels to Duke Energy or they'll be wanting to charge the school for them.

Jury awards 3 million in fracking case

Texas is the first state to award victims of fracking.

Progressives are the true conservatives.