Puppies over people

Yesterday DAG McCrony did what many husbands do: he supported his wife in an activity important to her. In this case, it was advocating for "rescue dogs", or "puppy mill puppies".

A worthy cause, to be sure. Puppies are cute. Everyone loves puppies.

Now, we knew that DAG McCrony was clueless, but it's truly breathtaking that the irony of this statement of his apparently escaped him:

“We’re just asking for basic standards of water and food and care and warmth,” said Gov. McCrory.

Yes, Pat, those are the basic standards that your policies deny or make very difficult for thousands and thousands...of North Carolina HUMANS.


Too far.

Every Yin needs it's Yang, soOOooOo what? Pretty sure he did worse this week than for us to highlight the one good thing and make it seem bad.

PS. Robin Hayes doesn't hate puppies either.

But right now I do. She won't quit yapping and biting. FIONA STOP!

Clenched fists...

....he uses them a lot when he thinks he's making a point...