Robin Hayes and GOP file complaint with IRS re "liberal groups"

N.C. GOP files IRS complaint against cadre of liberal groups for electioneering Wednesday to the IRS alleging five liberal-leaning nonprofits are violating federal tax law by advocating for political candidates.

The named groups: Democracy North Carolina, the Institute for Southern Studies, N.C. Justice Center, Progress North... Full Article at Under the Dome.

How much hypocrisy from NC GOP will we have to endure this election cycle?


I see a counter suit coming

with all of Pope's organizations in the bull's eye. Civitas. AFP. JLF. You name it, they'll be the targets.

Ron Paul Campaign bought lock,stock& Barrel by Romney Repubs

Nothing like the 1% like Hayes and Art Pope cornering the market of politics and unreality...

Big Government Does Work, No Matter What Romney & Paul Say

James, I hope you listen to this little info about real histoy vs Republican Libertarian small government myths..