DFA - Night School

It's that time of year again, folks.

Over at Democracy for America, DFA Night School is open for its fall semester.

Tomorrow's event is on "Framing the election" and will be hosted by Charles Chamberlain.

Already over 3,000 people are registered, so get your spots soon.

Be there know, not. :)


Charlotte talk-radio wingnut calls Islam a false religion

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I have to admit, I'm one of those people who still thinks there is some rhetoric that is too extreme even for the most ridiculously conservative Republican. But unless I'm very wrong, I just heard something that has given me some serious second thoughts about that notion.

Last month, WBT in Charlotte got a new local talk-radio right-wing nutjob. Jason Lewis returned to his old station in the Twin Cities in August. His replacement? Jeff Katz, late of KGO in San Francisco. While on a drive, I happened to tune in Katz' show, and while he was announcing plans to be at the Pentagon on Monday for the five-year anniversary of 9-11, he basically said that al-Qaeda and the like aren't dying for a religion--they're dying for Islam.


Labor Day Special

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From the folks at The Washington Monthly.

And it's good news for most of you: Compared to Michigan and North Carolina you're not doing so badly after all.


Let's Google-bomb Sinclair into submission

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I was thinking of ways to heighten public awareness of Sinclair Broadcast Group's use of a shell corporation, Cunningham Broadcasting, to evade FCC ownership rules and operate six duopolies where it legally can't have them. Then it hit me--a Google bomb!

To summarize, Cunningham's six television stations all have local marketing agreements with Sinclair Broadcast Group stations in their markets. Sinclair Broadcast Group handles all the Cunningham stations' operations. It also buys the entire broadcast day on Cunningham's stations. However, nearly all of Cunningham's stock is controlled by the Smith family, founders of Sinclair Broadcast Group. It legally can't operate duopolies in Cunningham's markets for various reasons that I mention here and here.


If the Bahakels sell, it must not be to Sinclair

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As I mentioned on Sunday, Charlotte's Fox station, WCCB, may be up for sale. Its longtime owner, Cy Bahakel, wasn't interested (at least in public) in selling to anyone, but his kids have given it some serious thought. Although nothing has formally happened yet, should WCCB go on the block, a very likely suitor will be our good friends at Sinclair Broadcast Group. As we all know, Sinclair would be the absolute worst pick as an owner--not in the least because it's been flouting FCC ownership rules for more than a decade by way of a shell corporation, Cunningham Broadcasting. Although Cunningham holds itself out as separate, nearly all of its stock is controlled by the Smith family, owners of Sinclair.

Time to stop Sinclair in its tracks

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Just before this past Christmas, I wrote that Sinclair Broadcast Group has illegal duopolies in six markets. It has LMAs with all six stations owned by Cunningham Broadcasting Corporation. However, Cunningham is effectively owned by Sinclair since nearly all of its stock is controlled by the Smith family, founders and owners of Sinclair.

This recently piqued my interest again because Charlotte's Fox affiliate, WCCB, may be up for sale. Its longtime owner, Cy Bahakel, died in April, and his kids have made noises about putting WCCB and their family's other on the market. If that happened, it would really surprise me if Sinclair didn't make a bid. It already owns stations in the Triangle and Triad. But based on Sinclair's illegal activity, we have to head this one off at the pass.

What Makes A Great Political Web Site ?

I'm curious to know what folks think are some of the better political web sites out there in terms of organization, ease of use, ease of information access, usefulness of available information, etc.. As a general rule, I see a lot of sites that have a number of bells and whistles, but they are often lacking in substance, or that substance is difficult to access.

POV and disclaimer:  I work (but not "work" work) on web sites for local party organizations, and I'm in the process of revamping one of them, so that's why I'm asking.  The info could be useful for anyone else working on a similar project, but if this is not really appropriate material for BlueNC, by all means dump the thread.


Democracy North Carolina Crashing the Gate (Updated)

Democracy North Carolina is traveling to Raleigh today to lobby legislators to support same day voter registration, voter owned elections and public financing for local governments.

To support their efforts, I'm asking that each of us email our state rep and state senator asking them to support these measures. If you don't agree with all of these measures(see links) pick your favorite and support that single issue.

Follow me to the flip side for more...

Vote for DFA to endorse Kissell!

I got an e-mail today from DFA. They're looking for their next Grassroots All-Star and Larry Kissell (NC-8) is on the list. (I think I might have nominated him, but I'm sure others did too).

Anyway, go vote for him, and tell your friends to vote too, because a DFA endorsement would be highly influential.

Note: I would crosspost this to DailyKos, but I think it would go better with some colorful pictures from the fundraising event last night.


Grassroots Electoral Training in Asheville

Democracy for America, Asheville is hosting a Grassroots Electoral Training on May 6-7th in Asheville, NC.

Progressives from across the South will be converging for a weekend of networking, skill building and strategizing to turn the South blue.

The training features hands-on sessions on online organizing, voter contact, GOTV activities, rural organizing, running and winning as a progressive, and many other topics. Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided.

Sign up now. Registration is limited to 150.

Join us. For details and registration info,check out:

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