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Keever wins: Thanks to everyone who helped make the victory possible!

Keever gets big win over Bellamy in 10th primary
Joel Burgess, Asheville Citizen-Times, May 9, 2012

N.C. Rep. Patsy Keever won a decisive victory Tuesday in the Democratic primary in the 10th Congressional District — newly redrawn to include much of Asheville and Buncombe County.

Keever with most votes counted late Tuesday held a wide lead over primary challengers Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy and Tim Murphy of Rutherfordton.

With six of seven counties reporting, Keever led with 58 percent of the vote to Bellamy’s 27 percent. Murphy was trailing with 15 percent of the vote. Bellamy conceded the race late Tuesday night.

Keever will now face veteran Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry, a four-term congressman from Cherryville who was on his way to an easy victory over challenger Ken Fortenberry, of Denver, and Don Peterson, of Cramerton.

I pledge to run a clean campaign, and I invite my primary opponents to join me.

Today I signed a Clean Campaign Pledge, and I asked all the Democratic candidates in the race to join me. I think voters are tired of mudslinging and attack ads. While I don’t believe my opponents in this race would participate in such despicable tactics, the Clean Campaign Pledge gives all of us an opportunity to promise that we will talk about the issues.

To read the entire Clean Campaign Pledge, click here. Below is an excerpt from the pledge:

As Democratic primary candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District, we hereby agree that the people of this district deserve a positive campaign. They deserve a campaign on the issues most important to them – not one full of cheap, divisive attacks.

Patsy Keever endorsed by Women's Campaign Fund

Rep. Patsy Keever, candidate for the U.S. House in North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District, has been endorsed by the Women’s Campaign Fund (WCF).

WCF is proud to endorse Patsy Keever in her race against Congressman Patrick McHenry,” said Siobhan Bennett, President/CEO of the Women’s Campaign Fund. “From voting to defund Planned Parenthood to advocating for a federal ‘personhood’ bill, McHenry has made it his priority in Congress to undermine women’s health. We desperately need more exceptional women leaders like Patsy, with a long track record of standing up for women and families, in Congress.

WCF is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to dramatically increasing the number of women in elected office who support reproductive health choices for all. The Patsy Keever for Congress campaign is delighted to have the support of this national non-partisan organization.

Patsy Keever vows to protect Medicare at senior citizen roundtables

On Thursday Rep. Patsy Keever vowed to protect Medicare at roundtables with citizens across North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District.

Participants in Gastonia and Shelby were generally supportive of Medicare and expressed their concerns about changes that Republicans have proposed to the program to help balance the budget.

In a statement issued just after completion of the roundtables, Rep. Keever stated:

I’ve been a firm believer in Medicare since it was first enacted, and so has my 90-year-old mother, who thankfully is covered under this comprehensive federally guaranteed health insurance. My mother and the other seniors of our nation earned their Medicare coverage with a lifetime of hard work, and we must keep our pledge to them. As the Representative from North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District, I promise I will defend and preserve this effective, family-friendly program.

Patrick McHenry's Staffer pleads Guilty to DUI then runs Gaston GOP Convention

Gaston County GOP must want Congressional candidate Lance Sigmon to go away in a big way. I've never heard of county conventions being run by either campaign or district staff of a Congressman, particularly the year of a contested election.

And it looks like Pat McHorny doesn't care too much about conflicts of interest, potential or otherwise. To push his DUI staffer on a local party makes it clear he simply has way too much to hide.

(fp'd by Betsy with title edited)

Patrick McHenry hides, lies about his schedule

We all have been somewhat interestedly watching Lance Sigmon as he takes a direct quote from Patrick McHenry, which noted his willingness to "debate the issues", and takes it quite literally- Lance demanded a real time, old fashioned, put-on-your-bowler-cap-and-tweed-suit debate in the 10th district. Of course, good old Daniel Johnson is staying far away from this- after all, he doesn't have to worry about McHenry or Sigmon before the primaries, but it is amusing that McHenry has sent out his official response.

Wanna guess what that is? If you're thinking "No, I'm busy despite being entirely free on the Congressional candidate with no prior scheduled dates", you win today's prize.

Patrick McHenry tries to hide evidence online

A BLUE NC EXCLUSIVE! Patrick McHenry, in response to Lance Sigmon's tech-based campaign (including a rather large website and e-mail system), has decided to counterattack and protect his record in his own way: having his staffers, friends, and even himself edit his Wikipedia page and other important records to hide key facts. Edits include getting angry at his nicknames (including the "littlest congressman"), trying to hide more names involved in his voter fraud scam, and just straight out trying to hide the voter fraud thing in it's entirety. Thanks to Wikipedia's history engine, the Wikiscanner, Archive.org, and various other tools, this article proves without a doubt that Patrick McHenry is working very very hard (using your tax dollars) to save his pudgy face.

Sigmon accepts McHorny debate challenge, Johnson raises $120,000

Fellow Republican Lance Sigmon prefers to hold three debates, one each in Shelby, Morganton and Hickory.

And Democrat Daniel Johnson announced that his campaign has raised $120,000.

The debate idea was McHenry's idea. He told people last week in a a media-only conference call from which I was excluded. Why, Pat, why? What do you possibly have to hide from me?

Careful Planning in a world of extreme pessimism

We, the proud blue of the 10th District, have hit something I can only describe as an impasse. Patrick McHenry, assuming a stance (and height) that resembles that of Napoleon, has effectively paralyzed a district into his own will, blocking Democratic (and to some degree, GOP) attempts to regain control over his fiefdom. What's a district to do?

Tyranny in Office- 5 reasons against McHenry

Let me be pointedly clear- Patrick Timothy McHenry, you represent the worst side of politics that can ever manifest itself in our Democratic form of government. You are a pox on the rear end of our government, and much like I might have a cyst excised from my body, you must be excised from our government. In this blog, I point out 10 reasons in which I have personal reasons to not like you. God forbid McHenry was a Democrat.

Click "Read More" for my full reasons. I sometimes type way too much for the front page.

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