One year later: Where has the magic gone?

At a time when the Democratic Party is taking a lot of heat from the left I felt it an appropriate time to state why the party still has my support. On the local level, we have just this year narrowly elected a democratic, progressive, & first openly gay mayor of Chapel Hill by about 100 votes (& there were other democratic wins across the state in November). On the statewide level the Democratic Party fought off the anti-marriage equality constitutional amendment keeping North Carolina as the only southern state without one. On the back of democratic legislators & signed by the governor we passed the anti-bully bill (which included lgbt kids, something the republicans strongly opposed) by just one vote, & we passed the comprehensive sex ed bill. And the governor used her first veto to keep transparency in government. On the national level it’s a little more dicey, but given the options, the democratic party is the better one. Sure my preference is to end the wars sooner than later without more troops, but the building capacity plan to get out on the 2011 time-table (a word progressives fault for & conservatives opposed during the last administration) isn’t completely unreasonable.

What They're Saying About Bob McDonnell

From the Virginia Democratic Party:

Bob McDonnell: "Working women are detrimental to the family."

Stimulus day - Obama in CO - and on budgets, dems do know best

Lately, Republicans are constantly telling me new theories about Barack Obama or the democrats, including how the dems were planning to "turn the country socialist." (even as our Republicans are calling for the Nationalization of our banks) Even worse, is the claim that Bill Clinton is to blame for the economy.

Political Predictions: Ed Ridpath 2009 Wake County Party Chairman

Ed Ridpath is in the running for the new Wake County Party Chair but so is Jack Nichols. Both candidates lost their bids for elected office in 2008 but both are good guys. Smart money is on Ed Ridpath, a peace maker and mellow man. Ed's is a classy guy but may have a sore "butt" from sitting on the fence more often than not. He's likeable and comes without baggage. Nichols is an affable fellow. Funny and personable but a former campaign volunteer is costing him an opportunity by attaching herself to his coattails in the form of a "slate."

Ed and Jack, good luck to you both and may the best man win.

2009: The GDP, taxes, and unemployment...

If all the financial indicators I'm reading actually lead to the results indicated, we're in for a very tough year. The GDP was off 5% in the last quarter, manufacturing is off 30+%, retail is in the toilet, and many state and local governments are looking at huge deficits. Unemployment is growing at about 500K jobs per month.

I don't pretend to understand the interconnecting complexities of our nation's GDP (@ $14 Trillion annually), but an example helps put the importance of GDP into context.

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