2010 Midterm Elections

It's time we REPEAL Senator Richard Burr!

Senator Richard Burr is pandering to his right-wing conservative friends in Washington with the promise of repealing health care reform. On the campaign trail, he is pledging to allow health insurance companies to discriminate against those with preexisting conditions, prevent 32 million Americans from getting health care, and cripple your pocketbooks by banning thousands of dollars in tax credits. I'm not going to let him get away it. Repeal reform? I say we repeal Burr!

Kissell gets some fundraising help from VPOTUS

Last night Larry Kissell got a little help raising money for his 2010 bid from Vice President Joe Biden. The fundraiser was held in the historic Cleveland Park home of Susie and William Taylor.

There were around 60 people in attendance including Charlotte Democrat Mel Watt, NC-12. Rep. Watt has been a supporter of Rep. Kissell since 2006 when Kissell narrowly lost to Robin Hayes. That year he hosted an event featuring Rep. Artur Davis in Charlotte. At the time both men were lobbying the DCCC to take notice of Kissell's upstart grassroots campaign.

When Larry introduced Vice President Biden, he said:

“There’s something magical about someone from a textiles background, and who was teaching high school civics a year ago, to be standing up here with the vice president. That’s a miracle. That’s what makes this country great.”

Kissell in top tier in money raised

First, let's get this out of the way - Robin Hayes is not running for congress. I don't care how many times he says he plans to run if nobody steps up to challenge Larry. He raised $644, has about $18,000 on hand and carries $180,000 in campaign debts. Ignore him.

Quarterly FEC reports are in and Larry Kissell is in the top tier of North Carolina Congressional incumbents from both parties in money raised for the quarter. Only Etheridge and McIntyre outraised Kissell and only by about $10,000 each. He is in the middle tier for cash on hand.

That's big news for those of us used to the press and pols criticizing Larry's fundraising ability. Hopefully, he can line the war chest even more before a challenger files and starts raising money. Like his politics 100% or not, it's important to protect our incumbents and it's nice if they have a huge head start so we can put our energy and money into helping Democratic challengers.

Burr's Whip

I have to admit Senator Burr's VW Thing is pretty rad.

Sen Burr's VW Thing

While some might prefer that he drive an American car, or a car that gets better than 20 miles to the gallon, I won't be so petty as to criticize Burr's choice of vehicle.


NRCC's Target List: Nary a Mention of Kissell

Mike Minter must have dashed the NRCC's hopes of running a big name against freshman Larry Kissell. The National Journal has a piece up outlining the top Democratic congressional targets of the NRCC and Larry Kissell hasn't made the top tier. If you've seen him in-district you would know why. His constituents just love him.

I'm sure there are other reasons Larry isn't on the list. He absolutely mopped the floor with Robin Hayes. This wasn't a close race. Larry didn't ride Obama's coattails, however the race would have been closer if Obama hadn't been leading the ticket.

Larry is also working hard for the people in his district. He seems to be everywhere. Each time we've been upset with him, it was when he said or did something that many in his district support. I've often said he mirrors his district and he does.

Former Panther Mike Minter may challenge Larry Kissell in 2010

Former Safety for the Carolina Panthers, Mike Minter, is considering a challenge to Larry Kissell in 2010. The Greenville Daily Reflector is reporting that Minter, a registered Republican, recently spent a couple of days in Washington discussing the possibility of his candidacy.

One suggestion for Mike. He might want to work real hard on coming up with an answer to why he has only bothered to vote once since he registered to vote back in 2004. I would suggest that he not try the busy football player routine since as a busy congressman he'd need to find lots of time to vote.

This is getting interesting.

"Card Check" "Save Our Ballot" Burr Hypocrisy and the Return of Rovian Politics in NC


Yesterday, an Art Pope funded corporate shill group called Americans for Prosperity, that once claimed raising the minimum wage would actually hurt American workers, gave Richard Burr, a man who has made a career out of shortchanging American workers, an award “In Defense of the American Worker.”

Just typing that sentence almost made my head explode. But it gets worse.

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