4th Amendment

PIPA advances, stalls and Wyden is the voice of reason

With the PROTECT IP (PIPA) bill out for revenge after the failure of COICA, Senator Ron Wyden stands out as a singular Congressional voice for calm and considered action on digital copyright infringement.

Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill move onto the floor with a stunning unanimous vote. Thankfully, Senator Wyden has kept his ear to the ground on issues of digital due process and copyright and immediately responded to put a hold on the bill.

Click here to sign our petition and join over 60,000 others who oppose this bill. You can also vocalize your opposition along with 3,000 Demand Progress members by calling your lawmakers here.

On The Weird Twists Of History, Part Two, Or, Why We Have A Fourth Amendment

In which we conclude an epic tale of drunken revelry, Constitutional Law, and the impact of the FISA "compromise" on the Fourth Amewndment.

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