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Kissell Slide Show Fun

I'm cross-posting this from The Southern Dem. I am not putting it on the front page until I'm sure everyone can view it. It is a Quicktime movie and I posted it on the blog space that my iMac account gives me for free. Maybe I'll just host videos there if this works. I wish Quicktime had a bigger screen. Features that work on my mac are icky in Quicktime. Below is the post:

This is my first attempt at a video/slide show with my new software. Enjoy! Click on the picture and it will take you to the page where I saved the slide show. I'm not ready for YouTube Primetime, yet. Thanks for watching and any feedback would be helpful. I recognize a lot of issues, but don't yet know how to fix them. I'm working on it, though.

NC-08: Kissell Pushes Back with Class

First-time candidate, Larry Kissell, continues to set the standard. This time he's shown how to push back against negative attack ads - especially in a market that is already weary of them and wary of their messages. View Larry's new ad and see what you think. It's just Larry being Larry.

This isn't a long diary and I'm sorry for that. The new numbers from yesterday have provided a new source of energy and I don't know anyone who isn't busting their butts on the ground or on the phones.

Rewarding Larry Kissell's Gutsy Move

Remember the gutsy move I told you about? In my diary from yesterday I told you how Larry Kissell had prepaid radio and television spots, leaving only $88.94 in the bank.

Well, today I get an email that made me smile. Apparently folks at DKos, MyDD and/or BlueNC have started donating through ActBlue in the amount of $88.94. Isn't that friggin' awesome?

Here's an idea of how far that money will go. Larry can buy 10 radio spots for that donation in his market. Two donations of that amount will buy one spot on television during the evening news.

So, who's in? Who wants to pitch in for 10 radio spots or half of a television spot?

Larry Kissell, NC-08 on Kos: Robin Hayes says He's Made No Mistakes!

Robin Hayes has gone on television in an interview with last cycle's opponent, Beth Troutman and has claimed that he's made no mistakes over the last 8 years. Oh, that is rich.

Let's help Larry Kissell spread the word over the next several weeks that Robin Hayes is just a mistake waiting to happen and there's plenty of proof.

Go recommend Larry now.

Larry Kissell is Ready to Win in November

First, let me set you straight. I'm not some giddy little school girl - far from it. Meeting Larry Kissell made my day, yesterday. When I planned to go to the Mecklenburg County Democratic Convention I hadn't thought about the candidates who might be there. Once I saw a few shaking hands, I made a beeline for the Larry Kissell table.

He is tall. Not imposing tall, but Mr. Smith-goes-to-Washington tall. Oh...and humble...yes, the humility is palpable, as is the honesty. This isn't some slick talking, in-your-face, self-annointed savior of the 8th District. Nope, just the opposite. Larry is real.

More about the Kissell campaign below the fold.

Lack of Military Experience of North Carolina Senators and Representatives

The Southern Dem was rehashing his anger at the Murtha madness in November when he began a list of the military experience of North Carolinians in Washington. It is an interesting list:

NC Senators
Elizabeth Dole, R-NC - No military experience
Richard Burr, R-NC - No military experience

NC Representatives
G.K. Butterfield, D-NC - No military experience
Bob Etheridge, D-NC - Served in the United States Army 1965-1967
Walter B. Jones, R-NC - North Carolina National Guard 1967-1971
David Price, D-NC - No military experience
Virginia Foxx, R-NC - No military experience
Howard Coble, R-NC - 5 1/2 years in the United States Coast Guard and 18 years in the Coast Guard Reserve.
Mike McIntyre, D-NC - No military service
Robin Hayes, R-NC - No military service
Sue Myrick, R-NC - No military service
Pat McHenry, R-NC - No military service
Charles Taylor, R-NC - No military service
Mel Watt, D-NC - No military service
Brad Miller, D-NC - No military service

Robin Hayes Really Just Does Not Get It

Rep. Robin Hayes yesterday advocated for new laws that would help out North Carolina's textile industry (a good thing) and in the process revealed that he doesn't understand the importance of fair trade policies (a much bigger bad thing). Until politicians like Hayes get the message, North Carolina's economy will continue to suffer.

From The Business Journal:

U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes (R-N.C.) wants to require federal agencies to buy uniforms and other supplies from domestic manufacturers in an effort to boost the U.S. textile industry.

Hayes pushes for 'buy American' rules - 2005-12-06


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