AFP's latest anti-Obamacare hero also climate change denier

To be filed under "what the hell did you expect?"

You'll be seeing this (marketing) expert real soon in AFP's latest high-dollar attack on Kay Hagan. Try not to laugh.

A bounty of healthcare on the head of this actress


Walter Jones goes after wind energy tax credits

Pretty sure the word "mature" doesn't mean what he thinks it does:

“It is long past time for the federal government to stop forcing American taxpayers to spend billions of dollars to prop up a now-mature energy source,” said Congressman Jones. “Combined with my concerns about the effects of wind turbines on the military installations and residents of Eastern North Carolina, I fully support the expiration of the PTC at the end of this year.”

Yeah right, this doesn't have a damn thing to do with Cherry Point, it's simply another push by the Koch Brothers to snuff out alternative energy sources, and Walter Jones is scrambling to please them before they Primary his ass into oblivion. Not to mention the rest of the usual suspects:

Kay Hagan's run through the political minefield

The year of living dangerously:

The Democrat from Greensboro told reporters in a conference call Tuesday that she’s pushing to fix Obamacare problems that erupted last month.

They’re her problems, too. It’s not only that the website has functioned so badly since it went online Oct. 1 that only an estimated 50,000 Americans have been able to use it to enroll in medical insurance plans. Worse for Hagan, she joined President Barack Obama in making a promise that turned out to be untrue.

Yes, it's a long way to next November, and it will seem even longer for Kay if she makes too many unwise steps between now and the election. But there are two realities that we can't afford to ignore: the rollout of the ACA has been dismal at best, and the money being set aside to unseat Hagan appears to be limitless. It's that second thing that caused me to make this comment:

Koch Brothers television propaganda campaign comes to NC

If you want to dance you gotta pay the band:

The group said it is spending $3 million on the ad buy that begins Oct. 1 and which will run in Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio and Virginia as well as North Carolina. It is the fourth in a series of TV ads being run by the group with ties to billionaire energy executives Charles and David Koch.

The ad buy in North Carolina is $366,195. It is the third ad the group has bought in this state.

In four of the states -- Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina -- Democrats face difficult re-election battles, while in Virginia there is a hot governor's race.

Make no mistake, that last part is what it's all about. The Koch Brothers don't give a rodent's posterior about changes to healthcare, it's the unwarranted fear of Socialism (TM) via Obama (and his Care) that they really want to focus on, because they can use it as a lever to put corporate puppets into Congress.

Clueless in Dallas

If Art Pope is going to spend millions of daddy's money on political propaganda, he might want to find a tool who can keep his foot out of his mouth. From an interview about Moral Mondays at WUNC-FM.

“It’s hard to know exactly from week to week what it is they’re upset about." says Dallas Woodhouse, state director of Americans for Prosperity North Carolina. "One week it’s about Voter ID. One week it’s abortion. One week it’s about union rights. They are basically a coalition of the aggrieved.”

The Koch brothers: proud owners of North Carolina

And the takeover couldn't have happened without some Judas Iscariots to betray our freedoms:

Phillips declined to say how much money AFP, which isn’t required to disclose its contributions and spending, spent in the state. “It was significant,” Phillips said. “There will be more old conservative policy changes in North Carolina than in any other state this year,” said Dallas Woodhouse, AFP’s state director. “We have a lot of ground to make up. We have the right mix of state leaders and governor to pass some earth-shattering reform.”

Yeah, that's just what you need when you're trying to struggle your way out of a recession; "Earth-shattering". And just for those Republican lawmakers who happen to be reading this (I know some of them do), I want you to pay special attention to not-the-bus-driver's wording: "We have". That's possessive, meaning Dallas and his paymasters believe you are now a possession. And possessions do as they're told. You don't agree? Prove it.

The best little whorehouse in North Carolina

In our brave new world of Republican extremism in North Carolina, insults to decency come fast and furious. But even still, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry when I read this post by Lynn Bonner Under the Dome yesterday.

Americans for Prosperity is preparing a campaign to sell the public on the legislature's plan to change the tax code. AFP representatives and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest will announce the effort at a Tuesday news conference, said AFP state executive director Dallas Woodhouse. The legislature has not presented a detailed plan, though legislators have outlined general principles ... a role for Forest has not been defined, Woodhouse said.

On civility in public policy discourse

Is the polite facade crumbling?

“There are winners and losers in every election, but just because you don’t like the results or how the results were achieved doesn’t warrant what’s going on right now,” said Jeanette Doran, the executive director of the conservative N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law. “There used to be this measure of Southern gentility. ... But when things get hardball, it sort of shocks the gentility.”

And very often that Southern gentility masked a deep undercurrent of bigotry, injustice, and undue influence being wielded by shadowy business interests that were anything but genteel. I'd rather have a public brawl, which just may reveal deeper motives, than a backroom deal that goes virtually unnoticed, any day of the week.

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