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Roy Cooper attends, speaks at reception in Raleigh

On Wednesday, May 18th, a reception was held at the home of Christine and George Reddin in support of Roy Cooper's gubernatorial campaign. Cooper, North Carolina's current Attorney General, was in attendance and even gave a short speech to a room full of around 40-50 supporters, donors, legislators, and more.

Cooper vs. McCrory: Legal eagle and bigoted buzzard

Doing the right thing makes some people angry:

“I am following my oath of office,” Cooper said in a phone interview Thursday. He’s defending nondiscrimination policies adopted by his own office and the Department of State Treasurer, he said. Those policies protect employees from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and marital status, which the new law doesn’t. The law supersedes policies of all subdivisions of state government, including his office, violating the doctrine of separation of powers, according to Cooper.

“His excuse that his own internal policies would be affected is wrong,” McCrory said Tuesday of Cooper. “All employment policies for cities and corporations and the attorney general’s own policies remain the same. The attorney general is inventing conflict that simply doesn’t exist.”

It sounds like McCrory is starting to believe his own propaganda, which isn't that surprising considering his mental challenges. The simple fact is, the Governor rushed to sign this legislation mere hours after receiving it, leaving himself no viable argument that he or his staff had even attempted to vet the contents for legality or constitutionality. *If* the bill had been debated in committee(s) and on the floor of the General Assembly over a period of time, the Governor might have reasonably concluded there was nothing amiss. But it wasn't, meaning he and his staff had a greater responsibility for final oversight. Of course, all this is above his head, I'm just talking about what a real Governor would do.

DENR Secretary engaging in campaign politics

Joining the GOP bandwagon in viciously attacking Roy Cooper:

In a puzzling move, Cooper is putting his support behind the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, which is estimated to cost consumers and businesses $41 billion or more per year. According to Energy Ventures Analysis, the average North Carolina household’s electricity and gas bill would increase by $434 in 2020, a 22 percent hike over current rates. Cooper, in essence, supports the takeover of North Carolina’s energy-generation system.

We do not share Cooper’s belief that the federal EPA is the best guardian of North Carolina’s economic and environmental interests. We prefer to allow North Carolina to continue to build on its significant record of environmental protection.

In this ten paragraph op-ed, van der Vaart references the Attorney General ten times, proving he is more concerned with scoring political points than discussing environmental issues. As to Energy Ventures Analysis, your initial assumption is correct, dear reader. The group has deep ties to the coal industry, something a "scholar" like van der Vaart should have spotted a mile away:

Black Backs the Bad Guys

Jim Black (D),leader of the NC House, apparently finds it near impossible to stay out of trouble. While Atty. General Roy Cooper (D) was trying to shut down "payday lenders", Black and another NC House Democrat were taking more than $10,000 each from the lenders.

In case you didn't know, a payday lender is the same as a check-cashing service is the same as a legal loanshark. You bring them proof that you've got a job, and they'll give you a 30-day loan to cover you until your next paycheck. The problem is the interest rate. If you annualize the interest you pay on the short-term loan, the rates are outrageous -- I've heard 200% to 400%. Paying this kind of interest while pre-spending your next paycheck is a quick way into bankruptcy for many. Meanwhile, many banks and credit unions quietly offer the same service at much more reasonable rates. "Payday" = predatory.

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