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Should my family spend $ in NC for my 50th birthday fete next year w/anti-gay Amendment One in place?

Note to North Carolina elected officials and its tourism industry - this question is for you as well. Hit me up with your best case explaining why my birthday should be celebrated here on Facebook or pam at firedoglake dot com and I'll be happy to share your perspective with readers.

It's a relevant question that I'd like to hear your thoughts on because many thoughtful people here in North Carolina, who pay taxes to a state government that put the anti-gay measure on the ballot that passed this May, are wondering how they should spend their discretionary dollars and what they should tell equality-minded friends and relatives to do.

A Message to the LGBT Community From an NC. Gay Man.

Somebody sound the alarm. It is time my LGBT Brothers and sisters awake from their slumber.

It has not been a pleasant couple weeks for our community since North Carolina in effect branded us second class citizens. In fact it left many of us depressed, wore out and in a shrug your shoulders, roll your eyes kind of mood. We spent countless hours fighting the inevitable tidal wave of bigotry that came our way and still feel the sting of defeat.

However something wonderful happened the day after the Republicans thumbed their collective noses at us (I say Republicans because although there were some from other political persuasions who voted for the Amendment, the Republican Party did so not only out of a warped religious conviction, but for political gain). I digress; now back to something wonderful happening on May 9th.

President Obama declared, “It is important for me personally to go ahead and affirm that same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

Watch this

Replacements Ltd: Supporting a company that did the right thing

Replacements Ltd., is one of North Carolina's most solid success stories. But unlike many companies that were missing in action on Amendment One, Replacements Ltd., took a clear and unwavering stand against discrimination. As a result, America's shopping bigots are coming out of the woodwork.

Sit ins at the marriage license counter

Watch the courageous acts of civil disobedience by everyone who stood up and demanded to be served at marriage license counters across the state, especially those who were arrested sitting in waiting for service that would never come.

We aren't going away

I think that it is important to note that even though this amendment passed, those of us fighting for LGBT equality aren't going away. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I have 5000 words on the eastern North Carolina experience that you might want to see, if you'll kindly follow me below the fold.

Early listen to today's Pots & Spoons protest:

Here's a quick video to give you guys a look at what you missed today if you did not show at the NCGA for the AFL-CIO sponsored Pots & Spoons Rally. Turn your speakers up to 11 for the full effect. Americans For Prosperity tried to respond by handing out ear plugs, which only perfectly symbolized the failure of their elected leaders to listen to anyone but their own base and helped publicize our cause, so that kind of backfired on them.... I suspect a better video will be forthcoming soon from Jeremy at AFL-CIO NC.

How Amendment One fared in Paul "Skip" Stam's district

As the Democratic Candidate for N.C House in District 37, running against the Architect of Amendment One, I was curious as to what the results of the Amendment One vote were in Paul "Skip" Stam's district. The results for what has been commonly referred to as a "conservative district," were extremely encouraging:

For Amendment One: 50.1%
Against Amendment One: 49.9%

With nearly 30,000 votes, the difference in For/Against was about 80 votes.

NC: Join the Pots and Spoons Protest #May16NC

About the cacerolazo

A form of popular protest that originated in Latin America which consists of a group of people creating noise by banging pots, pans, and other utensils to call for attention. In cacerolazos from Chile and Argentina to Iceland, Ireland, Greece, and even Syria, people have come together to challenge power and affect change.

It is time to bring the spirit of the cacerolazo to North Carolina, where our out-of-control state legislature has busied itself since the 2010 election with catering to corporate interests and right-wing ideologues, gutting funding for public education, endangering women’s health care, putting the rights of unmarried couples up for popular vote, and attempting to lock some groups of voters out of the political process.

Let's welcome them back to an unforgettable protest!

When lawmakers return to town on Wednesday, May 16, North Carolinians outraged and disappointed at actions taken by our General Assembly to enrich the few at the expense of the rest will converge on Bicentennial Mall at 10 A.M. for a cacerolazo – a Pots & Spoons Protest – the first-of-its-kind protest of our out-of-control state legislature.

May their god awaken them

Found on Facebook, from my friend, Jeffrey Beam

This morning, May 9, 2012, I woke up less of a person in the eyes of my home state. A person who was already less so by the rule of some pre-existing laws, but now Constitutionally less ― by an amendment that contradicts the greatest precepts of our venerable national document ― the separation of Church and State, the individual’s inalienable rights, and protection from tyranny. Now I am a subject to what essentially is a “Christian” Sharia-like law. The very kind of law that the people who created and voted for it would rebel against, if they were subject to something like it.

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