Arizona Immigration law

Prisonomics 101: How the Prison Industry got Arizona's SB1010 onto Brewer's desk

From LA Progressive today 10-30-10

Prisonomics 101: How the Prison Industry Got Arizona’s SB1070 onto Gov. Jan Brewer’s Desk, then contributed millions to the bill’s cosponsors and continue to push the legislation in other states.

While there’s nothing illegal about private industries drafting legislation, there is something particularly vile about watching state legislators like Russell Pearce (sponsor of SB1070) accept campaign contributions from prison industry lobbyists and then turn around and sell the legislation to the public as though he’s doing what’s right for America...

A Community Conversation: Putting a Human Face on Immigration

Aug 21 2010
Aug 21 2010

Saturday, August 21, noon - 3:00 pm

Carol Woods Retirement Community's Assembly Hall
750 Weaver Dairy Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Sponsored by:
Progressive Democrats of Orange and Chatham Counties
Triangle Women's International League of Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Led by trained facilitators from Uniting NC

We seek to transcend politics and create common ground by sharing our personal experiences, articulating our hopes, voicing our concerns, and building trust in a safe, open and nonjudgmental setting. We would love for you and other members of your organization to take part in this community conversation. Accompanied children are welcome to participate.

McCrory launches "I'll say anything to get elected" tour

First phase: woo the immigrant-haters:

"What is wrong with the new law on immigration in Arizona?" said McCrory, the GOP nominee for governor in 2008, drawing a roar from 800 delegates to the Republican convention in Winston-Salem. "We ought to pass the same exact fair law."

McCrory's embrace of the Arizona law comes at a time when he is trying to win the support of the party's more conservative wing, some of whom have been skeptical of him since he supported a mass transit tax in Charlotte.

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