Art Pope

Looks like the Puppetmaster pissed off a few people

with his vast left-wing conspiracy map. From the Camel City Dispatch:

The time for treating Art Pope just like another concerned citizen has passed. He is swine whose only mission is to see just how many people he can bully in his quest for self-validation through the spending of vast sums of his daddy’s money. Treating Art Pope and the trash that work for him at Civitas with civility may have been possible in the past, but this limp attempt at public bullying is a last straw. Screw ‘em. They aren’t part of the solution - they are the problem.

The real 2015 legislative agenda

The 2015 NCGA session opening day, with all of its pomp and flourish that no one except the legislators themselves care about, has come and gone.

The legislators feel obligated to posture for the cameras, and the media feels obligated to report what is upcoming for this year's session.

So the Democrats dredge up something about ethics reform, hoping maybe they can get the Republicans to buy into something -- anything -- they might propose (they picked the wrong thing. The GOP already has shut down the ethics reform train).

Bergermoore offers circumspect comments that are nothing but hot air, promising vaguely to work on jobs and education, two happy buzzwords that the media lap up.

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