Asshat of the week

Senator Tommy Tucker

Asshat of the week

Back by popular demand, our weekly report on sublime idiocy in search of a justification for its existence. The Pope Center for Higher Education.

“While we congratulate the president on his victory, conservatives are asking themselves why he won. One reason is our universities."

Of course the main reason is that the GOP candidate was an unscrupulous vulture capitalist who got rich by inheriting millions and exploiting poor people. Just like the Puppetmaster! Doesn't it make you feel good to know that these assholes are slowly taking charge of the UNC system?

All's well in NC because ... we aren't Somalia!

According to Rep. George Cleveland, R-Asshat we should not use the term "extreme poverty" to describe anyone living in North Carolina. His reasoning is that "extreme poverty" should only be used to describe standards found in Third world countries. He went on to further define the condition as living on $1.50 a day, about $550 a year.

Asshats of the century

John Tedesco

Top of his head?

In honor of our Christian nation,
this week's award goes to George Cleveland, (TP, Onslow).

And this week's prize goes to ...

Asshat of the week

Asshat of the week

Entirely predictable. The North Carolina director of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity, is a brash speaker who doesn’t pull punches, but now he’s getting attention for threatening to throw one. In a remote television interview on RT America’s Alyona show recently, [Dallas] Woodhouse was discussing the diversity issue in Wake County schools when he became irritated with a Georgetown University journalism professor in the studio who was interrupting him.

A flustered Woodhouse, speaking from a monitor, told the professor, Christopher Chambers: “Sir, I am going to knock you for a loop if you’re not going to let me finish.”

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