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Fracking brings jobs, for homeless t-shirt wearers

A new low for the mother frackers fossil fuel industry:

Another 18 or so men sported turquoise-colored “Shale Yes” T-shirts. Some of them expressed confusion about why they were in Cullowhee. A handful removed their shirts or turned them inside out after anti-fracking supporters quizzed them about their knowledge of fracking. One of the men told The Herald he stays in a Winston-Salem homeless shelter and came because he had been told it would help the environment. He said he felt misled. The man, an Army veteran receiving mental-health care, refused to provide his name or additional details, saying he didn’t want any trouble. To prove his story, he fished in his pocket and produced a Bethesda Center For The Homeless business card.

The men who would talk – none were willing to provide their names -- seemed nervous. They asked reporters to close their notebooks when other people approached. One warned another to be quiet. They denied receiving money to attend the hearing.

This was somebody's "bright idea," and that somebody needs to be splattered all over the nightly news and the front pages of newspapers.

FreedomWorks helps Koch Brothers manage North Carolina

Another astroturf tour headed this way:

FreedomWorks, a conservative group, will hold a series of town hall meetings, protests and discussions to urge Congress to defund the Affordable Care Act. The group plans to hold a lunch in Hendersonville Monday with Rep. Mark Meadows, a protest at the office of Sen. Richard Burr's office in Winston-Salem. FreedomWorks originated from a conservative political group called Citizens for a Sound Economy, which was set up by businessman David Koch. The group has been involved in the Tea Party movement.

It's no surprise that FreedomWorks is becoming (desperately) active again. They have several embarrassing issues that are in dire need of distractions:

AFP pushes the envelope on 501-C (4) restrictions

Jumping into the 2014 US Senate race in a most uncharitable fashion:

Americans for Prosperity is targeting Democrat U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan in a new web ad about renewable energy at the same time the conservative organization touts Republican Thom Tillis on taxes. The timing of the two ad campaigns is coincidental, said Dallas Woodhouse, the group's North Carolina director. "They have nothing to do with each other," he said.

Pardon our French, but that is a steaming pile of bullshit. Of course they're related; having the ads run simultaneously will make it much more likely voters will be able to connect the two candidates down the road. And behavior like this is also a big reason why the IRS focused on conservative "charities" in their recent crackdown:

Civitas holds astroturf convention

With a smattering of creepy nut-jobs to round out the mix:

James O’Keefe, the president of Project Veritas, a non-profit organization dedicated to training video muckrakers nationwide. From student newspaper editors to bloggers to video producers to journalists, enterprising muckrakers across the country look to James for inspiration, advice, and encouragement.

Jeez, I hope not. We already have more than enough sexual harassers exposing women to inappropriate and compromising situations in this country as it is:

Dick Armey's failed counter-coup

This borders on the surreal:

Richard K. Armey, the group’s chairman and a former House majority leader, walked into the group’s Capitol Hill offices with his wife, Susan, and an aide holstering a handgun at his waist. The aim was to seize control of the group and expel Armey’s enemies: The gun-wielding assistant escorted FreedomWorks’ top two employees off the premises, while Armey suspended several others who broke down in sobs at the news.

When I read the blurb for this story, I thought it was a spoof or some other form of journalistic fiction. But it's for real. My first assumption was that Dick used the gun-toting assistant in an effort to try to impress Tea Party loyalists. But (as usual) money talks and bullshit walks:

N&O comes to Art Pope's rescue

Even Pope himself doesn't lay it on this thick:

It's painfully hard to understand why detractors demonize a man for providing affordable goods in low-income areas and why they want to jeopardize the jobs of the 7,000 people he employs with a boycott.

Okay, Burgetta, let me explain it to you, since you apparently don't have the capacity to grasp how political influence impacts the lives of citizens:

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