U.S. Justice: Is The Joke On You?

Here's a neat get-out-of-jail trick. The secret is it doesn't usually work for ordinary crimes by flesh-and-blood people -- for smoking marijuana or selling food stamps for rent money, for example. No, those people we warehouse in taxpayer-funded Corrections Corporation of America for-profit prisons. This trick works best for those who have turned themselves into the unnatural, corporate persons they serve. Creatures of appetite and instinct. Bloodless. Soulless. Like vampires, but without the teen angst.

The former Blackwater Security, a North Carolina company with a history of legal troubles, this week walked away from 17 federal charges by paying fines: $7 million for arms trafficking and other charges on top of $42 million for other violations of the Arms Export Control Act and the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations.

Blackwater [Academi] contracts for War on Drugs in Latin America

We'll they have done it again. The revolving door between the DOD and private military contractors has resulted in Blackwater, aka Academi, being awarded a sole source contract for the war on drugs south of the USA border.

Yet again

When at first you don't succeed ... rebrand, and rebrand again. Since "Xe" didn't seem to work for them, Blackwater (I'm sorry, but they'll always be Blackwater to me) is at it again with a whole new image, a softer and gentler right wing militancy. This time it's "Academi."



It pays to have friends in high places.

A retired admiral and short-lived nominee to head the Defense Department has been named the director of the nation's largest and most controversial private security force. Retired Adm. Bobby Ray Inman, 79, who's legendary intelligence career includes serving as the vice director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, director of the National Security Agency, and most recently as deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, will lead the board of directors for Xe Services, formerly Blackwater USA.

The North Carolina-based firm best known for providing security in Iraq and Afghanistan is trying to reshape its image since being acquired by USTC Holdings.

Actually, the North Carolina-based firm is best known for murdering 17 unarmed civilians in cold blood.

Congress needs to end this now

God damned mercenary liars.

The Senate Armed Services Committee this week released a chart that identified 31 affiliates of Blackwater, now known as Xe Services. The network was disclosed as part of a committee’s investigation into government contracting. The investigation revealed the lengths to which Blackwater went to continue winning contracts after Blackwater guards killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in September 2007.


State department gives Blackwater $120 Million Contract

Blackwater has been THE mercenary outfit of choice by the Bush - Cheney Whitehouse to conduct operations in the Global War on Terror.
Recently the Justice department and FBI discovered Blackwater had committed unjustified homicides or perhaps outright assassinations in conjunction with the CIA under Dick Cheney's orders.

Furthermore, Blackwater paid millions in bribes to local officials to remain silent after a bloody massacre of civilians in Iraq.
Now, Erik Prince is moving to United Arab Emirates, a country with no extradition policy with the U.S. coming on the heels of further investigations.

Eric Prince wants to sell the company and flee

I just heard and confirmed with Jeremy Scahill's story today, that Prince, owner of infamous Blackwater, Xe, mercenariesRus wants to escape to the United Arab Emirates where there are no extradition treaties with the US. The big question is why would he let that info leak?

Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed

Erik 'the Crusader' Prince tried to bar the press from covering his appearance at the DeVos Fieldhouse as the keynote speaker for the recent “Tulip Time Festival” in his hometown of Holland, Michigan. But he failed. The Nation magazine obtained an audio recording of the speech. The speech, delivered by Prince to a friendly audience, provides a stunning glimpse into his views and future plans and reveals details of previously undisclosed activities of Blackwater.

Ex-Blackwater Prez + 4 others indicted!

Today Gary Jackson and four other ex-employees of Blackwater have been indicted on Weapon's charges.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- The former president of Blackwater Worldwide and four other former officials at the embattled security firm were indicted Friday on federal weapons charges, partially the result of a raid two years ago by agents that rounded up 22 weapons, including AK-47s.

The indictment issued Friday charges Gary Jackson, who left the company last year in a management shakeup, along with four other former workers. The charges against Jackson include a conspiracy to violate firearms laws, false statements and possession of an unregistered firearm.

Also indicted were former general counsel Andrew Howell, former executive vice president Bill Mathews, Ana Bundy, who at one point had oversight of the firm's armory, and Ronald Slezak, who was hired to oversee documents related to the company's status as a firearms dealer.

New charges could be posted against ex -Blackwater president

The AP is reporting that an Ex-Blackwater (Xe) employee, Gary Jackson, may be charged with having fully automatic guns on their property.

Multiple law enforcement officials familiar with the case said investigators are trying to determine whether Blackwater obtained the official letterhead of a local sheriff to create a false justification for buying the guns. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation.

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