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Voter confusion over Amendment One. Shocked! I'm shocked, I tell you!

Really interesting article in the News&Observer Craig Jarvis does a good job pointing out just how murky voter approval/disapproval is for A1 mostly due to a lack of understanding.

"...7 percent of those surveyed thought it would legalize gay marriage, instead of the opposite."
"...only about one-third of the respondents actually know what the amendment would do."
"The PPP poll showed 28 percent of voters think the amendment only bans gay marriage."
"Thirty-four percent acknowledged that they really don’t know what it means."

It is bad enough that the NC Legislature is trying to write discrimination into our state constitution,
it is bad enough they are using the constitution to infringe on the rights of part of the population,
it is bad enough they are insulting citizens of a "free" society by requiring further permission to form unions of love and affection;

2008 Blogging for LGBT Families day

Today is the Third Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day, an occasion to celebrate the beauty of non-traditional families. Kate and I are a child-free couple, but we're doting aunts, and completely out of the closet to those we love. It means that nieces and nephews will grow up knowing us without a thought to our orientation, that it's not a dark family secret or a guessing game.

The existence of thriving LGBT families of all shapes and sizes is a grave threat to the Dominionists who see life and love through a very narrow religious worldview, as if morality and good child-rearing is only present in a mother/father parented family. Even though all sorts of configurations of families exist -- grandparents raising children, single parents, etc. -- we have seen an obsessive focus by the right on denying LGBTs the ability to adopt or foster children, and to deny committed same-sex couples to marry, even though these are culturally and socially stabilizing institutions.

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