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We continually tweak BlueNC with the goal of improving the experience for readers and encouraging engagement. With that in mind, we made a small tweak to the site today: Community members can now publish directly to the front page. We're thinking of this as an experiment, with no commitment to permanence. If it works, great. If it doesn't, we'll find out soon enough. As always, we reserve the absolute right to delete any posts that are inappropriate or intolerably obnoxious. Enjoy.

What I learned about North Carolina from ten years on the political sidelines

After almost a decade of blogging, I'm stepping away from day-to-day oversight at BlueNC, leaving Steve Harrison to keep the lights on. It seems a good time to gather some thoughts about what I've learned, for posterity if for nothing else. This first installment covers things that have cemented themselves in the front of my mind.

Progressive State Blogs round-up this week

Meteor Blades at Daily Kos tirelessly covers state political blogs, year in and year out. I read the coverage every week to see what other state blogs are doing, even when BlueNC isn't featured. There are lots of good story ideas to discover, and it's always good to show a little blog love to our colleagues in other states. Here you go.

Random thoughts

Who would have thought North Carolina could fall so far so fast? From a paragon of moderation three years ago to a poster-child for extremists and elites today. How quickly the tide can change, and it always does.

Everybody has an opinion about sources of the Republican wave, and many of those opinions are right. Not only did Republicans make the election a referendum on President Obama, they were aided and abetted by spineless Democrats. Having mastered the politics of fear (ISIS, Ebola, brown people, black people, uppity women), the GOP did what the GOP does best, they divided and conquered. Divide and conquer, of course, is Thom Tillis' unique strength. The words will forever be synonymous with his approach to politics and governing. Darth Vader in an Armani suit. But he didn't win alone. He had the benefit of a helpful ally on the other side, Kay Hagan herself. While she ran a smart campaign, it simply couldn't overcome six lackluster years in office.

Larry Kissell, NC-08: The Politics of Barbecue

If you're from North Carolina you are familiar with the tradition of mixing politicking with barbecue. What could be more natural since North Carolina is known for its barbecue? Saturday, Larry Kissell, candidate for the U.S. House in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District held a fundraiser featuring barbecue from the Murphy House and sauces from eateries around the district. Close to 250 people showed to enjoy the politics, the barbecue and the band.

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