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Uh Oh! I'm going to have to deal harshly with the King of Mud Sling, Karl Rove himself.

You see, these simple little discussions that Rove and Cheney and Bush and (enter your favorite Neo-Con here) are holding, while on their "Bush Legacy Tour: He Was Really Good At Keeping America Safe" really need to be refuted. Immediately. Harshly.

So, BushCo kept the USA safe? Well, except for that 9/11 thingy. Oh and that anthrax thingy. Oh, the disruption of cash flow into the average American citizens bank account. Um, there was also that spying on Americans thing. With a topping of torturing people.

I could go on, but you get the picture, right? RIGHT?


Billions Squandered on Abstinence in Africa

In addition to its catastrophically mishandled Global War on Terror, and the possibly even more worrisome campaign to erode our civil liberties, this administration should also be remembered for its inability to recognize the failure of government-mandated morality, and the human costs this ignorance brings about.

Numerous studies have shown the dismal failure of abstinence-only programs to curb teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases here in the U.S. While abstinence-plus programs have fared slightly better, it is plain to anybody whose judgment is not clouded by unrealistic faith-based expectations that stopping people from having sex is about as effective as blocking a flood with a couple of sandbags placed end-to-end.

Two Years After Katrina

Even More from Lurita Doan. Congress makes her nervous.

After she lies straight out to Congress, and is getting her stuff together to go back to her cushy job, she tells a flunky to "get my water glass, so they don't get my fingerprints."
You have to hear it to believe it.

SAIC and the Shadow Government Part II

This is the second part of a post based on a Vanity Fair Article called Washington's 8-Billion-Dollar Shadow which is a long, but good read.

Now, in part I we learned that

* SAIC stands for Science Applications International Corporation
* They are possibly the largest US federal contractor
* They have friends in high places
* Many times their work is substandard
* They were instrumental in the lies which led to the Iraq War
* They see the "Global War (on some) Terror" as a great revenue stream


* they are really, really good at getting contracts

So, now. On to today. We left off with outrage about their role in the run-up to the Iraq War.

Beat Generation or Defeat Copulation?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingFor each of the following boldtext quotes, it's up to you to decide which of these famous men uttered the words. Was it Jack Kerouac, American novelist, writer, poet, artist, and part of the Beat Generation? Or was it Eric Keroack, a Marblehead, Mass. obstetrician, gynecologist, and abstinence-only promoter, newly appointed by President Bush to oversee the federal Office of Population Affairs?

1. "My aunt once said the world would never find peace until men fell at their women's feet and asked for forgiveness."


3. "We turned at a dozen paces, for love is a duel, and looked up at each other for the last time."

4. "People who have misused their sexual faculty and become bonded to multiple persons will diminish the power of oxytocin to maintain a permanent bond with an individual."

Political Wish List for the Mid Term Elections

A big change is what I would like to see, no more of the Rubber Stamping that allows the Bush Administration to slash and burn our Constitution and our Civil Liberties. I want Checks and Balances back, I want all Americans allowed a voice, not just those with the most money.

Here in North Carolina, I'd like more people to understand exactly where the budget surplus went in the last session. Too many Republicans would have you believe that it was spent up. The truth of the matter is that it was not.....

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