Why aren’t our legislators scrambling to get NC a piece of the hemp action?

Hemp is cannabis; it's the same species as the plant called marijuana, but thanks to selective breeding and different cultivation techniques hemp contains little or no psychoactive elements sought by medicinal or recreational consumers.

Hemp has numerous industrial uses, by some accounts upward of 2,500, perhaps the oldest as a textile. Cannabis fiber has three times the tensile strength of cotton and was cultivated up to 8,000 years ago or more by the Chinese. Cannabis is a hollow fiber, more breathable than cotton, and that translates to more comfort for the wearer, and clothing made from hemp far outlasts its cotton competition. What's not to love about that?

Yet another beneficial use of hemp

Despite mountains of evidence pointing to the enormous benefits both medicinal and industrial hemp offers our nation, most state and federal legislators steadfastly refuse to even discuss the issue. Including so-called free-market advocates here in North Carolina.

Why North Carolina must demand an end to hemp prohibition

Cannabis sativa; two words that never fail to draw strong opinions from those who know their meaning.

For the benefit of the three people left in the world who do not know, Cannabis sativa is hemp, also known as marijuana. Some people prefer to make a distinction between the two crops, noting that industrial hemp contains a very low level of THC, the intoxicating agent found in varieties more commonly used for medicinal and recreational purposes.

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