Charles and David Koch

Koch Brothers' astroturf "veterans" org all-in for Gorsuch

Put on your hip-waders, the shit is getting deep:

As with many of these shadowy groups, their goals are almost the exact opposite of what they claim:

The Koch Brothers involved in NC beach access dispute

Attacking government religiously, no matter how small:

Some have suggested that the beach property rights case between Diane and Gregory Nies and the Town of Emerald Isle, now before the N.C. Supreme Court, pits property rights against public recreation. This is incorrect. The case pits constitutionally protected property rights against lawless government.

J. David Breemer is a principal attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation, a donor supported watchdog organization that defends property rights nationwide. PLF represents the Nies free in their litigation against the Town of Emerald Isle.

PLF dates back to the Reagan years, and has been propped up by the Scaife Foundation and the Kochs every time its finances dwindled to the point it was at risk of total collapse. And they've been the leading edge in some of the most disgusting anti-environment moves ever attempted, including trying to get the endangered manatees de-listed in areas down in Florida, so wealthy boat enthusiasts wouldn't have to worry about killing the few that are left. And they were the ones who targeted polar bears a few years ago, doing the dirty work for their fossil fuel masters:

The Koch Brothers' insidious propaganda machine

Coming soon to a University near you:

The 900,000 state employees in the North Carolina pension fund might face a bleaker picture than they realize.

According to a research report published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, the state’s main pension system faces a $34.5 billion shortfall, many times higher than what the state estimates through the Treasurer’s office.

Of course you won't see any of the following in the above article, because journalistic standards (in general) are in decline, and that goes triple for these "Biz" journals. But the Mercatus Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries. Not only does Charles Koch and at least two of his employees sit on the Board of Directors, Koch has donated close to ten million dollars to Mercatus to help him forward his various agendas:

Western Carolina just can't say no to the Koch Brothers

The Beatles were wrong, money can buy you love:

Western Carolina University’s chancellor has endorsed a proposal for a new center funded, in part, with money from the Charles Koch Foundation.

The new Center for the Study of Free Enterprise would be funded with $2 million from the Charles Koch Foundation. The total budget would be $3.4 million. The proposal for the center came from Edward Lopez, Western Carolina’s BB&T Distinguished Professor of Capitalism.

Republican cuts to higher education spending *and* their recent closure of several perceived left-wing centers is making even more sense now, isn't it? It's part of a well-choreographed dance to indoctrinate the tens of thousands of UNC System graduates every year into voters more amenable (susceptible) to Free Market talking points. Stalin would be impressed. As far as that "Professor of Capitalism," that is another very similar story of corporate influence over higher education:

Art Pope, the Koch Brothers, and their defense of polluters

Spending big bucks attacking environmental heroes:

The same day it donated to the RGA, Sept. 16, Variety Stores also gave $400,000 to the Freedom Partners Action Fund, the super PAC of the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, which has been called the "central bank" of the Koch brothers' conservative political spending operation.

Pope's business has continued making donations this year, giving the RGA another $50,000 on June 18 and $100,000 to the Freedom Partners Action Fund the following day.

That's half a million dollars to Freedom Partners, a tidy sum even for the silver spoon-fed Arthur. While a lot of these SuperPACs hide their donors and their corporate masters very well, Freedom Partners is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch International, with a super-majority of its board actual employees of the polluting monster. They do however try to get clever with their attacks:

The GOP will go off the deep end in 2016 - Here's why

If you've paid attention to politics the past few years, you've seen the Koch brothers build up an unprecidented political organization through a network of shady political action committees and dark money - the Kochtapus.

A key player in the Koch effort has been North Carolina's own Art Pope, coordinating with the Koch brothers to place their hand-picked candidates in state and local offices, pushing an agenda to kill public education, remove environmental protections, turn over the functions of government to private companies, and gerrymander the legislature, Congress, the state Supreme Court and even local races to ensure they stay in power.

Rewriting history care of the Koch Brothers

A little more freedom for teachers to choose:

The state school board on Thursday approved a state Department of Public Instruction document expanding recommended sources for the history course beyond material from the Bill of Rights Institute. The institute gets funding from David Koch, his brother Charles Koch's foundation and a family foundation. The Kochs are major donors to tea party and libertarian groups.

The state education agency is now encouraging teachers to pull materials on America's founding principles from sources that also include the National Humanities Center, the Library of Congress and the state Bar Association.

Which they should have been encouraged to do from the start. The taxpayers should never have footed the bill for a $100,000 contract with an astro-turf organization in the first place, and if there are still any dollars flowing to this "institute" the faucet needs to be turned off.

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